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An Ode To The Gift Card

'Twas the end of the holiday season, and all through the shops,
Neither a gadget or sweater looked appealing, not even for Pops.
You search and you seek for that gift — the perfect holiday treat,
Until you spend four hours in the mall, ending in agony and defeat.
Alas, worried shopper — never fear;
A brief history of the gift card from Slate's "The Big Money" is here!

Don't doubt the power of the plastic, especially when in a bind,
We spend nearly $87 billion on these things to make up our minds!
Some see them as a cop-out, and our economy is in shambles.
But with creations from Target and Best Buy , how could this be a gamble?
Although we all want the "it" gifts, something practical that's not worth too much dough,
Did you know that 1 in 7 of us use Starbucks cards to buy our cups of joe?

As you do your last-minute rounds before the relatives leave town,
Choose wisely, make your decision - and turn that frown upside down.

Happy Holidays from Talk of the Nation!