NPR logo Happy Holidays (And Don't Forget Me Come November)

Happy Holidays (And Don't Forget Me Come November)

Trust Slate to provide the perfect bit of holiday cheer for Political Junkie Wednesday. Christopher Beam collected some of what he considers the best of this year's crop of political holiday cards. In the slideshow, he starts with the Obama card, which is nice, but simple. Things quickly get more interesting, however, as enormous families, sheet music, Bible verses and "personal" notes take the screen. My favorite is Ohio Sen. George Voinovich's card, which appears to feature the Senator and his grandkids, who look the most appealingly real (read squirmy and full of mischief) of any of the card kids, to me. Be sure to make it all the way to the end for a cat and a punchline — "Tom DeLay, eat your heart out!"