Holiday Cards For 'Difficult Times' : Blog Of The Nation It's been a rough year, but you feel you must send out a holiday card. How do you come up with just the right words for a holiday in a recession? Hallmark's got your back.
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Holiday Cards For 'Difficult Times'

What to do when it's been a terrible year and it comes time to send your holiday cards? Hallmark has your back. According to a story in the Wall Street Journal:

A Christmas-card category known as "difficult times" has undergone significant expansion since last year. About two dozen such offerings are on display this season from Hallmark Cards Inc., up from five last Christmas. "We can say it," says one new Hallmark message: "This wasn't the year that any of us had hoped for."

Here's your assignment: pretend you work for Hallmark and come up with a holiday card for "difficult times."