Shred It And Forget It : Blog Of The Nation Want to forget about 2009? Shred it away like New Yorkers did at the Third Annual Good Riddance Day.
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Shred It And Forget It

With the start of the new decade only days away, my mindset is completely focused on 2010 being a great year. It's not that 2009 was completely horrible for me, but there were some rough patches: car troubles, being broke, post-grad anxiety. However, my current Facebook status is quite positive: "John Asante is looking forward to big things poppin' and little things stoppin' in 2010. DO IT."

Hopefully, this isn't all talk and no walk on my part. And with a year chock full of schemes and scandals, to war and low wages, it seems like everyone is ready to wave goodbye. Well, New Yorkers are doin' it a little differently — by shredding.

The Third Annual Good Riddance Day — organized by the Times Square Alliance — brought residents of the Big Apple together to shred bad memories (writer's block, bad politicians, extra weight, for example) into confetti for Thursday's New Year's Eve celebration in Times Square.

And for annoyances too large to fit in the shredder, well, a sledgehammer was available. To top it all off, a $250 prize was awarded for the most clever memory — a young girl from L.A. shredding the memory of a counselor on a school trip who was later featured on "America's Most Wanted," according to MSNBC.

The 'Teens await us. See you next year. And try not to get any paper cuts... Pretty sure you can't shred those!