Fallows, On The State Of The Union

Whenever the president gives a big speech, we usually turn to two smart — and incredibly kind — former presidential speech writers: Paul Glastris, who wrote for President Clinton, now the editor of The Washington Monthly; and Peter Robinson, now at the Hoover Institution, formerly a member of President Reagan's writing staff.

Yesterday afternoon, both of them joined us, to preview President Obama's first State of the Union. (If you didn't get a chance to hear their conversation with Ken Rudin and Neal, you can listen to it here.)

Aside from their analysis, I always like to hear what James Fallows — another former White House speech writer — has to say. I'm eagerly awaiting his annotated version of last night's speech, which he promises is coming soon. I promise I'll update this post when Fallows posts his assessment. 'til then, you can watch his post-speech analysis on Charlie Rose.



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