Need An Excuse To Break Your Resolutions? : Blog Of The Nation James Parker calls himself an amateur psychologist and gives us the perfect excuse to break those New Year's resolutions.
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Need An Excuse To Break Your Resolutions?

Can't say I made any resolutions this year. I'd just break them all anyway. But perhaps in breaking the resolutions we actually make ourselves more open to succeeding at them later on. It's a thought put forward by James Parker over the weekend in the Boston Globe's Ideas section. His hypothesis: making resolutions and setting up a "showdown, a big production" doesn't work. What works: deft, spontaneous moves, quick swivels of the spirit.

If you really want to quit the cakes, or write an award-winning screenplay, you probably will at some point. People do these things, after all - why shouldn't you? But let us put aside these noisy resolutions, these petty contractions of the will. Let us rather sit in the cold gatehouse of the year and cheerfully contemplate the futility of such efforts. Whatever it is that you have resolved to do or not do, accept your inevitable defeat. Laugh about it, if you can. And then try it again, if the whim takes you, on an unimportant day, when no one's looking.

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