Get Clipping People! : Blog Of The Nation Want an easy way to earn four times the hourly pay of the average U.S. worker? Start clipping coupons!
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Get Clipping People!

Coupons are back in fashion. You can thank the recession for that. But the vast majority of coupons are still recycled without ever being used. So, if you're still coupon-challenged, consider this tidbit from Brett Arends in the Wall Street Journal:

Average saving per coupon: Just $1.44, according to the Inmar report.

Let's assume you spend a minute per coupon.

Saving $1.44 for a minute's effort is the equivalent of saving $14.40 for 10 minutes'.

Hourly rate: $86.40.

Brett Arends also points out that it's tax-free money, and that the average salary for American workers right now is about $20 an hour. In other words, get clipping!