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BEN STILLER is on our show today. Ben Stiller. I can't say I'm his biggest fan — the characters he plays, like Greg Focker and Reuben Feffer, have me constantly cringing as I watch them bumble from one mishap to another. I spend so much time worrying about the guy that I sometimes finish the movies with a tense neck and clenched fists. But you know what? I care about Reuben, and I care about Greg, and I care about Ben Stiller. There's something so appealing about him that in spite of my spiking blood pressure, I keep watching his films. Now he's starring in Greenberg, a movie I expect to enjoy, as a fan of Noah Baumbach, and, yes, Stiller. So if you love Stiller, get your dialing fingers ready, you just might get a chance to talk to him. But only if you've got a good question — as Neal is wont to say, "We know you love him, but what would you like to ask him?"