Getting Jabby In Paris : Blog Of The Nation Though the photos make it look like a jovial time, Frederic Mitterand actually pinned a medal into Marion Cotillard's chest. Oops!
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Getting Jabby In Paris

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Martin Bureau/AFP/Getty Images

I'm stabbing you! It's funny!

Martin Bureau/AFP/Getty Images

Aww, look! Isn't this nice? French Culture Minister Frederic Mitterand is awarding Marion Cotillard Officer of the Order of Arts and Letters, in Paris, and they're having so much fun! She's so excited! He's hamming it up! Right? Not exactly. Per ABC's Christophe Schpoliansky:

This was no movie scene. Frederic Mitterand had accidentally pinned a medal into her chest as he was making her a knight in the Order of the Arts and Letters yesterday in Paris. The two burst out laughing as the culture minister quickly apologised. Perched on silver stilettos, the 34-year-old Oscar-winning actress then grabbed the minister's arm as she almost fell off the stage on which the ceremony was taking place.