March 25th Show : Blog Of The Nation In our first hour, culture wars, and the state of Black America. In our second hour, reconsidering Walmart and women's UCONN basketball.
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March 25th Show

This picture by the Monroe County Democratic Committee in Rochester, N.Y. shows damage to their office after a glass door was struck last weekend with a brick and a note reading "Exremism in Defense of Liberty Is no Vice". In our first hour, historians talk about the reported threats received by some Democratic lawmakers, and whether or not Americans are more divided today than in the past. AP Photo/Monroe County Democratic Committee hide caption

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AP Photo/Monroe County Democratic Committee

How Divided is America?
The country appears deeply divided. While Congress debated the health care bill last weekend, passions flared among protestors outside the Capitol building, with some shouting slurs at Democratic congress members. Since Sunday, doors and windows have been smashed at the offices of several Democrats who voted in favor of the bill, and the FBI briefed lawmakers on threats to their security. Historians examine the depth of our divisions, and whether or not the American public today is any more divided than in prior periods, including the tumult of the 60s, and the Bush and Clinton eras.

The State of Black America
The State of Black America report released yesterday shows a dismal economic picture for many black Americans. On its 100th anniversary, the National Urban League report shows the unemployment rate for African Americans is almost twice the white unemployment rate. But in other areas, there's positive change. Marc Morial, CEO and president of the the National Urban League, explains the changes and challenges facing African-Americans and Hispanics, who were included in this year's report for the first time.

Reconsidering Walmart
Walmart often inspires an intense love/hate reaction. Now, recent studies suggest it might be time for critics to look at Walmart in a more positive light. These days, the world's largest retailer works with local farmers to supply cheaper, more affordable food. And its sheer size allows it to drive positive changes in other areas—from energy to transportation. Two reporters who've covered the retail giant — Corby Kummer of The Atlantic and Betsy Schiffman of — about whether or not it's time to reconsider Walmart.

The Unbeatable Women of UConn
With a 74-game winning streak, the University of Connecticut women's basketball team leads the NCAA tournament, and appears to be unbeatable. Jen Rizzotti was starting point guard on the Huskies first national championship team in 1995. She spent five seasons in the WNBA, and is now head coach for women's basketball at the University of Hartford. Rizzotti talks about the UConn dynasty, the Huskies current winning streak and what's changed in women's basketball.