NPR logo Old Spice Man: From Gridiron Goof To Commercial Cult Celeb

Old Spice Man: From Gridiron Goof To Commercial Cult Celeb

For weeks, I've been chortling (yes, chortling) at this "Old Spice: The Man Your Man Could Smell Like" ad uncontrollably. Ever since its debut during this year's Super Bowl, this commercial has garnered over 6 million views on YouTube. And I keep wondering, "Who's this guy persuading women to buy body wash for their male counterparts, and why did it take THIS long for Old Spice to capitalize on his catchy delivery?" Well, Advertising Age did a profile on Isaiah Mustafa, the squeaky-clean manly-man — and his work origins are all over the place:

It's all pretty good for a guy who was on four teams in four NFL seasons from 1997 to 2000 but apparently never caught a pass in a regular-season game. Since then, he's also been a middle-school math teacher, run a barbecue restaurant and played a variety of small roles in three feature films and seven TV shows, including "Ugly Betty."

Since then, he's been — or will be — on all the top talk shows, from Ellen to Oprah to talk about the video done in one take AND with very little CGI. Funny how far a confidence booster from an old teammate (former NFL quarterback Jake Plummer) will go.

Mustafa's quick lines and cool cat persona have scored him one more gig. With Old Spice competing with Dove for the "fresh-smelling man" market, the man randomly riding a horse may be sticking around for a while.