The Hunter-Edwards Debunking Begins : Blog Of The Nation Everyone's talking about GQ's interview with John Edwards' mistress, Rielle Hunter. But how much of what she says is true?
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The Hunter-Edwards Debunking Begins

One of the most-buzzed about stories in today's morning meeting was Rielle Hunter's interview in GQ (and the accompanying, mildly risque photographs). It's been excerpted just about everywhere, and inevitably, the debunking has begun. Per The Huffington Post, what they're calling "The First Big Lie," no John Edwards did not star-69 Hunter from the Regency Hotel the night they first met. Martin Lewis called the Regency,

I spoke to a very nice lady on the Front Desk. Juliet Bird. I inquired about the telephone facilities in the guest rooms. "Are the telephones at the Regency Hotel equipped with "caller ID" or "star-69" facility?"

She told me that she had never been asked that particular question before and would need to check with a supervisor familiar with the hotel's telephone system.

She checked. The answer was — as I suspected — no.

What next?