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Waking Up

I feel like I've been hibernating. I'm back from three weeks working overnight — that's how you get that delicious morning news so early in the morning — and so I'm now completely preoccupied with sleep. Flipping your schedule is a particularly nasty thing to do to your body (it's like running a marathon without the health benefits). I found that all I thought about during my waking hours was sleep. When I could get it, what it would be like, and what would happen if I couldn't achieve it. I've always been a good sleeper, so the obsession was new to me, as if I'd flipped a switch and suddenly become a raving insomniac. (I am usually a raving somniac.)

The New York Times has been featuring a blog about sleeplessness — it's called All-Nighters.The writing is, like sleep itself, oddly indistinct, but wonderful and wistful, too. Well worth reading on a sleepless night.



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