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Annoying People At The Movies

As I mentioned, I went to see Greenberg at the E Street Cinema a few weeks back. It was a good movie. It was fun to have Ben Stiller on TOTN later that week. Etc.

The movie theater was packed, and after the movie, my girlfriend and I overheard some of the worst, stupidest, annoying-est post-film banter ever. Truly.

On the Sundance Channel's website, Michael Musto has come up with a great list of "The 10 Most Annoying Tales of Customers at the Cineplex." Reading it, I'm fairly certain Musto and I were at the same screening.

Here are a few of my faves. Not favorite customers at the cineplex, of course. Items from Musto's list.

The ones that climb over you to go to the bathroom. Eight times!! Wear diapers!

People who ask obvious questions all through the film, blaring out their ignorance with every query. "Who's that?...Why is she looking at him like that?....Where's he going?..." I'm still emotionally scarred from the time decades ago when my brain-dead companion seriously screeched, "So what IS Sophie's choice, anyway?"

Ding dongs who text all through a film, with no sense that this might not be the proper place for the frantic communication of inanities. It's deeply depressing that people can't even prioritize enough to know that they should wait till the entertainment they just paid for is over before they start discussing the next entertainment they're going to pay for.

You can read the rest here.