NPR logo What's Worse Than A Double Down? A Triple.

What's Worse Than A Double Down? A Triple.

Kentucky Fried Chicken's seething pile of lunch has been the talk of my house, our morning meeting, and several checkout lines for the last few weeks. The sandwich is called the Double Down, and no, it does not have bread in it! Instead, it has two fried chicken filets stuffed with bacon, cheese and a mayonnaise-based sauce. It does, obviously, double down on the arterial blockage, but it could be worse! A lot worse. The Double Down has 540 calories and an insane amount of sodium, but as the Daily Beast points out, it's not even near the top of the fast food offenders as far as calories. The worst? WENDY'S BACONATOR TRIPLE. Which has to be spelled in all caps. It has 1330 calories. For more, check out their slide show of the 40 Deadliest Fast Food Meals. And then go eat some mesclun. (Which you could deep fry and still not come close to doubling down, as it were.)