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I get a zillion pitches in my inbox every day, and many hit the trash without a glance. But some publicists send along good stuff, of course, and Jessica E. Gioglio from TripAdvisor can generally be relied upon to catch my eye. Monday, she called my attention to something pretty hilarious:

After Dwight Schrute of NBC's "The Office" turned his beet farm into a B&B in a September 2007 episode, more than 600 reviews and 200 photos have been posted on TripAdvisor. TripAdvisor was inspired to create the listing for the faux B&B after Dwight called us, "the lifeblood of agrotourism," and welcomes travelers to share their reviews and photos chronicling their "visit" to Schrute Farms.

So check out the reviews — 711 of them, as I type — or enjoy this sampling:

Proprietor told us it was the perfect beatnik getaway. Once we arrived we were taken to a field to pick beets. We were told to give Excellent reviews in order to get out car keys back.

For the best experience, be sure to schedule your visit for harvest time. For a small fee, the Schrute family will let you actually participate in the beet harvest. The 12-hour days in the field, under the watchful tutelage of Dwight "taskmaster" Schrute, with limited breaks for food and water, really gave our kids the experience of being a real "beet farmer". We slept like babies in our straw-filled beds.

Happy April 1, all!