NPR logo Tom Hanks, White House Press Corps Caffeinator

Tom Hanks, White House Press Corps Caffeinator

This weird — but sweet — little saga feels right for Political Junkie day*. Per FishbowlDC, actor Tom Hanks bestowed an espresso maker upon the White House press room about six years ago. Last month, on a visit to the White House, he noticed the machine was "on its last legs," and joked with the assembled corps:

"Let me see what I can do for the poor slobs in the fourth estate here... You know, you are supposed to clean this after every use!"

Today, Hanks delivered — or Tammy Haddad did, on his behalf. Click here to see Bloomberg's Ed Chen, Caren Bohan from Reuters and Fox News' Major Garrett putting the new espresso maker through its paces.

*Beloved Political Junkie Ken Rudin is out sick today — feel better, Ken! But fear not, you'll still get your dose of politics. NPR's Mara Liasson and Don Gonyea are stepping in for Ken.