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436* Outfits In One Carry-On Bag

An expert packer can help you avoid this. hide caption

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An expert packer can help you avoid this.

Once my fiance and I make it official, we're taking off for three fabulous, long weeks in a foreign land. He has already begun to make noises about "packing light" and "maybe not taking too much stuff" so we'll be nimble as we travel. The last time I went on a trip that long, I took a huge suitcase and a sizeable carry-on. We were staying in one location the whole time, so I didn't see a strong argument to edit. This trip, however, I've taken it into consideration.

And then I saw The New York Times' "10 Days In A Carry-On" feature. LA-based flight attendant Heather Poole knows how to pack a rollie bag. I've always heard that rolling clothes conserves space, but she got all of this into her carry-on:

Three pairs of shorts, three pairs of dress pants, one skirt, three pairs of casual pants or jeans, three nightgowns, three bathing suits, one sarong, three lightweight sweaters, four dresses, 10 casual shirts, six dress shirts, a clutch, toiletries and two pairs of shoes.

And she zipped it shut easily. She looks to be of average (petite, but not wildly so) size, and we'll be packing for warmer climates as well... I'm starting to believe I can make this happen. So to all of you boarding planes for getaways, long or short, take a look at her tutorial... And avoid checked-bag fees!

*OK, no promises on that number. I multiplied the shorts, dress pants, skirt, pants, sweaters and shirts to come up with that, but I think that means you're wearing shorts and a skirt and no top sometimes, or whatever. But you get the point — lots of options in one little bag!