NPR logo Is It Possible To Reclaim Privacy On Facebook?

Is It Possible To Reclaim Privacy On Facebook?

As anyone who uses the site knows, it can be really, really hard to secure your Facebook profile, and constant changes make it a constant challenge. Reclaim Privacy is a new tool that claims it helps you scan and protect your profile, without "seeing" or preying on the data — your private information. I can't vouch for it, or recommend it any official way, so if you want, check it out for yourself. I will say I tried it, and it worked very quickly, pinpointed exactly where I had gaps in my settings, and helped me fix them. However, I have no way of knowing right now if it stole all my information, distributed it far and wide, and somehow promised my unborn children to the pimps on K Street (interpret that how you will).

Have you tried it? Did it work for you, and does it feel legit?