Morgan Freeman Travels 'Through The Wormhole' : Blog Of The Nation Morgan Freeman stopped by TOTN to talk about his new series on the Science Channel, Through the Wormhole.
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Morgan Freeman Travels 'Through The Wormhole'


I'm not gonna lie, there's something about Morgan Freeman's voice that just sounds better with each and every listen. Maybe it's that trademark baritone pitch. Maybe it's the way he annunciates words with authority, like he did so well in Invictus. Or maybe I'm swayed by the fact that he played God (twice!) on the big screen. Really, he could talk about anything — even time travel and other big theories about our universe — and I would be instantly engaged. As a matter of fact, he did just that on our show! After countless months of attempting to book the Academy Award-winning actor, he's been kind enough to share his latest project with us — Through the Wormhole.

This time around, he lends his narrating, production, and hosting skills to searching for answers to some of the great mysteries of our universe: Is there a creator? What happened before the beginning? What are we really made of? What is a black hole? Although the series doesn't premiere until next Tuesday, June 9th, you can click here for a preview of Freeman's fascination with the universe.