Farm Eggs Are Tastier Than Store-Bought, Right?

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Beautiful eggs, but do they taste different than store-bought? woodleywonderworks/Flickr hide caption

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Basket of eggs

Beautiful eggs, but do they taste different than store-bought?


I've long sworn the eggs from my Grandmother's farm know no equal.  Their beautiful shells, that range in color from creamy blue to dark rich brown, conceal bright, nearly orange yolks, whose rich flavor is unparalleled.  Right?

Turns out I might just be full of it.  Tamar Haspel's been raising her own chickens and eating their eggs for two years, and no doubt she'd agree with me ... Until recently.  She knew her home-laid eggs tasted great, but she started to wonder if they really tasted better than store-bought.  So, with some trepidation, she conducted a taste test.

Her group of testers tasted four varieties: "ordinary supermarket-brand eggs, organic supermarket eggs, high-end organic Country Hen brand eggs and ours." Her results will disappoint passionate chicken owners and farmers market egg devotees everywhere:

One hour, two yolk-stained shirtfronts and eight exhausted palates later, we were all coming to grips with the idea that, tastewise, there was very little to distinguish between the eggs from the factory chickens and the eggs from the overindulged hens who were marauding in our window boxes and peering into the kitchen, observing the proceedings.

Boo!  So while experts allow that if egg tasters can see the eggs, they'll perceive a difference, on taste alone, the difference is undetectible.

Harrumph. My mind might buy it but my heart sure doesn't.  Eggs from my Grandma's farm are still the best.




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