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By now, you've heard the news... Rue McClanahan, best known for creating the big-hearted character of Blanche Devereaux on The Golden Girls, has died.  Our colleague, David Gura, has posted my favorite Blanche clip over at The Two-Way, but there's one more I'd forgotten about until the TV Squad unearthed it.  Blanche's laugh-out-loud mix-up over Dorothy's friend Jean.  Scroll to 2:57 to find out that Jean is not, as Blanche thinks, Lebanese.

I also want to point to this nice piece over at Newsweek, singing Blanche's praises. In a week when the odious Sex and the City 2 is inexplicably still in theaters, it's nice to remember that Blanche is the original Samantha: warm-hearted, libidinously charming — the kind of girlfriend that everyone needs.