NPR logo Wine Dispenser,With Breathalyzer And Winwood

Wine Dispenser,With Breathalyzer And Winwood


OK, I've tried about 37 times to get this video to embed in this post*, but it won't, or I can't make it, so you'll have to take my word for it: This is strange.  In Pennsylvania, two grocery stores have installed wine dispensors — elaborate machines that help you select the bottle you want, then scan your identification, and then it gets weird.  Someone from the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board looks at you on camera, standing at the machine, and ascertains that you are the person reflected on the ID.  And then you blow into a hole in the machine — a breathalyzer — to make sure you're sober**. When the stars finally align, a light on the door to the wine cooler blinks, and your bottle — and only your bottle — is magically produced.

*Since I failed to embed the pertinent video, you get, instead, the store playing over the Wegman's PA as Liam Migdail-Smith of the Patriot-News filmed the segment. Dare you not to sing along.

**I know there are issues, like in bars, about not over-serving a patron because then the establishment's liable for the havoc said patron wreaks. But do you have to be sober to buy a bottle of wine?  What if you took a bus to get there?