NPR logo Biologist Pins Big Bird's Genus And Species

Biologist Pins Big Bird's Genus And Species

I feel like I should start out this post by saying that if Cory Doctorow thinks something's interesting enough to post, it just is. I keep reading the amazing things he highlights, and I worry directing y'all to them here is becoming excessive.  But he's just that good!  I should have a whole category called "Cory Doctorow Says This Is Interesting." Because it is.

So, you must watch the above video. As a tangent to his PhD research, biologist Mike Dickison has determined what kind of flightless bird Big Bird must be. I'm not going to blow his reveal — watch it yourself, it's funny, and it's actually real science!  Too awesome. Thanks, as ever, to Cory Doctorow.



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