NPR logo By The Way, Did You Hear? Domino's Back! Sorta.

By The Way, Did You Hear? Domino's Back! Sorta.

If you're into shelter magazines this is old news to you, but if you're a more casual observer of the home design world, you may have missed it: Domino magazine, whose demise sent quite a few Talkers into a tailspin, is back. Or, rather, its archives are, on The site's editor-in-chief Julie Raimondi tells Shelterpop: has been granted access to all of the stories from the late, great Domino magazine. It was my favorite magazine, and I feel so incredibly lucky to be able to turn its pages into a digital archive for our users. We have a number of Domino stories now, but will be adding more and more in the weeks and months to come, so keep checking back.

This is thrilling news.  Not quite as great as resurrection of the print form would be, but great nonetheless. So click over here to see the list of articles they've got so far, and check back later for more!