NPR logo It Only Happens Once: Happy 90210 Day!!!

It Only Happens Once: Happy 90210 Day!!!


You know you watched it.  You know the names Brenda, Kelly, Dylan and Brandon are etched on your brain.  Donna's a virgin, Steve's a jock, Andrea's a brain, David's ... OK, I'm still not sure what David is.

Today's September 2, 2010, also known as 9/02/10, if you inconsistently format the date (the insanely detail-oriented slightly OCD part of me wants to scream "come on, if that's the rule, isn't it either 9/2/10 or 09/02/10?!"). Since I doubt Earthlings will care in September 3010 and I certainly won't be around to see it either way, here are the opening credits from one of the early seasons. Air guitar along, debate pegging your jeans, and marvel over Brenda's floral dress, which is strangely fashionable again.