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Secretariat: A Tremendous Machine

Secretariat's burial place at Claiborne Farm. Julie Rovner hide caption

toggle caption Julie Rovner

Secretariat's burial place at Claiborne Farm.

Julie Rovner

Today we're talking with Julie Rovner — she's TOTN's unofficial equestrian correspondent (as well as having a regular day job that's pretty fancy) — about the new movie Secretariat. Julie's one of the few people who's been able to go to Claiborne Farm, one of the most famous horse farms in the United States, and see Secretariat's final resting place.  She snapped this great shot of the great thoroughbred's grave.  If you want to see a trailer for the movie, check this out.  I warn you, it has swelling music and some serious uplift.  And if you want to get goosebumps without the music — you must watch Secretariat's amazing race at Belmont.  "He is moving like a tremendous machine!"

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