November 9th show : Blog Of The Nation In today's first hour of Talk of the Nation, Arizona's immigration law, and the Beast of Balzano.  In our second hour, performance reviews, and jazz pianist Randy Weston.
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November 9th show

In our second hour, guests review the performance review--how they are done and ways to improve the process. hide caption

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In our second hour, guests review the performance review--how they are done and ways to improve the process.

Arizona's Immigration Law
Arizona's controversial immigration-enforcement law has received a lot of attention from critics who say it encourages racial profiling, and supporters who argue it is a bold step at stopping illegal immigration.  The story of how that law was written involves more economics, than politics.  NPR's Laura Sullivan talks about her months-long investigation examining the corporate interests that played a key role in how Arizona's law came about.

Beast of Balzano
For more than fifty years, Michael Seifert lived a quiet life in Canada. He worked at a lumber mill until he retired in a small white stucco house in Vancouver, British Columbia. But Seifert hid a dark past.  During World World II, he was known as the "Beast of Bolzano," infamous for his heinous crimes as a prison guard at the Nazi concentration camp in northern Italy. After his true identity was revealed, a long legal battle ensued and he was sent to an Italian military prison in 2008. He died there on Saturday at the age of 86. Host Neal Conan talks with Bernie Farber, CEO of the Canadian Jewish Congress, an organization that works on behalf of the Canadian Jewish community, about the history of war criminal prosecution and the value of hunting now-elderly war criminals.

Performance Reviews
The employee performance review is getting a review itself, and some business leaders argue they're all but worthless. Managers don't offer useful criticism, according to many HR professionals, while workers refuse to talk about doubts or weak points. But don't fire the review system yet. Many HR managers and consultants believe performance reviews can be done better. Neal Conan talks with UCLA business professor Samuel Culbert and with Allan Polak of ALP Consulting Resources about the lousy performance of most performance reviews, and how to improve the process.

Randy Weston's, African Rhythms
Jazz pianist and composer Randy Weston grew up surrounded by some of the greatest musicians in jazz.  But it was his deeply rooted connection to Africa that inspired his own personal style of music.  Weston joins host Neal Conan to talk about the importance of retaining the connection between West African music and American jazz, his new autobiography, African Rhythms, and the 50th anniversary of his ground-breaking album, "Uhuru Afrika."