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Face First into the Raspberries! Wanna Share Your Garden Pix?

Earlier this week, I made a promise I didn't keep — to explain the Talking Plants Flickr group and show you how to play. Much to my chagrin, even the Flickr folks noticed I hadn't followed through and sent me a crib sheet in case I was the one who needed the explaining.

But first let me get you up to speed.

As you may have noticed on the right side of this blog entry, I've set up a Talking Plants photo group on the Flickr Web site. I'm hoping those of you who are photographers will want to post your plant and garden pics to the group. (NOTE: All dogs and cats must be accompanied by something chlorophyllic.) That way, we can see what we love, hate, envy, can't identify, and wish we could dive right into.

Is there anything more enticing and legal than a Flickr group that posts such voluptuous eye candy? photo credit: Barbara Galasso hide caption

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photo credit: Barbara Galasso

As for what the Yahoo! company Flickr is — on a strictly need-to-know-basis — it's a free way to both store and share your photographs that is incredibly painless to use. All you need to do is sign up, create an account, and start uploading pix.

Lest you think that Talking Plants is a shill for Flickr, let me assure you that we are just users of the service. We don't have any special relationship with Flickr.

Most important — to me, anyway — is that you then join the Talking Plants Flickr Group. Then you can introduce yourself (or not; all curmudgeons welcome), and join the other kids who've been playing in our photo pool.

Stay tuned for weekly photo winners and other incredibly cheap thrills...