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Oh the fame! and exposure! that await you if your stunning gardenesque moment is chosen as the Talking Plants Flickr Pix of the Week!

Or not. But at least it gives me something to post this dog-day of an August morning.

deep within a morning glory

This week's photographer is Elizabeth Yu Ellsworth, who captured this inner moment in the life of a flowering vine. And we'll have no political discourse, thank you, about this often unstoppable genus, Ipomoea, the morning glory. photo credit: Elizabeth Yu Ellsworth hide caption

toggle caption photo credit: Elizabeth Yu Ellsworth

Seriously, folks, there will be one photographer each week posted Monday morning, chosen from pix posted at the Talking Plants Flickr Group.

Congratulations, Elizabeth Yu Ellsworth.

And now, on another note ... TP is taking orders for Rove farewell bouquets. What would you put in yours? ;-}



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For Rove's farewell bouquet I thought maybe a bunch of Castor Bean Pods or NightShade but with his tough exterior he is most likely immune to either. No, since I come from the land of Cholla, I'd say an nice bouquet of, say, Teddy Bear Cholla with maybe some Jumping Cholla added in. Nice, cuddly, Jumping Cholla that ought to be perfect!

Sent by Angela Besemer | 3:50 PM | 8-13-2007

Like Angela, I feel he is deserving of something... perhaps some of Socrate's hemlock tea?

Or a tea made from an infusion of cherry laurel leaves??? mmmmmmGOOD for what ails him!

Sent by Mike Bush | 1:25 AM | 8-14-2007

Black Roses with a spritz of red devil's paint brushes! Wrap and hold together with a six bow white ribbon.

Sent by Thomas Moore | 6:00 AM | 8-14-2007

Have you ever seen those very tasteful arrays with pussy willow as the strong vertical element? I'd like to do one in a similar manner, with ocotillo instead of pussy has the vertical, the pretty orange flowers and really tough spines.

Sent by Lauren | 12:14 PM | 8-14-2007

Well, since Rove just told Paul Gigot that Bush's approval ratings WILL go up, I'd like to send him a beautiful bunch of fly agarics tied with a chartreuse ribbon. Keep hallucinating, Karl.

Sent by Michele | 4:41 PM | 8-14-2007

One good way to get this blog busted would be to veer off into a discussion of psychotropics such as those in your chartreuse-ribboned bunch of toadstool mushrooms. But I just couldn't resist sharing this description of Amanita muscaria's reported narcotic effects: " If a man is ordinarily talkative, his speech nerves are now in constant activity, and he involuntarily blurts out secrets, fully consious of his actions and aware of his secret but unable to hold his nerves in check". Now there's a Valentine's Day bouquet for any politician!

Sent by Ketzel Levine | 12:13 AM | 8-15-2007

Skunk cabbage.

Sent by Rurality | 8:23 AM | 8-15-2007

What gives?! No suggestions for a bit of common poison oak or poison ivy to accent the bouquet for Karl...?

Sent by HE Dawson | 10:27 AM | 8-15-2007

Poison Ivy.

Sent by Xenu | 1:52 AM | 8-16-2007

Wouldn't giant hogweed, maybe accented with poison sumac berries, make a nice statement?

Sent by Christine | 11:35 AM | 8-16-2007