Plants and Climate Change

Rosario's Jungle: a Brazilian Adventure

If I let go of my Amazon adventure, I might find myself in Washington, D.C. And you wouldn't wish that on anyone, right?

So here's to living in the moment ... just not this one. Instead, I've collected a few of my favorites — some in sound, some in pictures, some in words — and buoyed by the stunning skills of my digital media colleagues, I invite you to visit the Rosario family on the Mazagao River in nothern Brazil.

The trip's on me.




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Take Me, Take Me, I wanna go...
Thanks, Ketzel for the great experience of "meeting" Rosario and her family.
Lovely, And Amazing.

Sent by Sondra | 7:15 PM | 2-6-2008

Fantastic work, thanks.

Sent by Jason | 2:29 PM | 2-7-2008

What a fascinating article. How amazingly adventurous you are, Ms. Lavine. Want to come explore the jungles of Salt Lake City sometime?

Sent by Kathryn | 2:35 PM | 2-7-2008

Awesome!Im vegetarian as well (and a mighty fussy one at that)- so I probably would find it a bit difficult to survive in Rosario's house for more than a few days. Her mother barely loks 50, never mind 80. It is so interesting that Rosario has such a fabulous toned body - Im sure most 50 year women would give an arm and a leg (and lots of money in trainers fees) to look like that - yet, there she is- in the middle of the Amazon jungle with nary a dumbell in sight:)..
Great piece, thanks once again

Sent by Aarti Ramachandran | 11:05 AM | 2-8-2008

Gracious! I was lucky enough to travel deeply in the jungle and this brings that experience back-its smells-its sounds. Bravo. Nice piece of work. I hope to see many more. Lovely indeed.

Sent by Diana MOORE | 7:36 PM | 2-8-2008

That was so amazing...I want to go to every conrner of the world. The amazon is definitely one I would simply love to visit. Thailand and Hawaii were tropical and fun....and a jungle on its own. To be in the middle of nowhere and let the land feed you would simply be life changing. I'm 25 and ready for more travel, patience is required and saving money.

Sent by Gem | 6:08 PM | 2-12-2008

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