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What Would Eve Do? Ketzel's New Garden

Name That Series!

What series, you ask? The series beginning today, right now, here it I reveal just how wretched my side garden looks, take you step-by-step through my re-design process, and emerge at the other end with an urban courtyard that suits all my criteria.

Criteria #1: A Life Without Shame.

So consider me "out", a plantswoman with a barren garden, which isn't just in its winter doldrums, oh no. It's looked this way since the fountain went in last summer. Alright, it's looked this way for a while. Two years, ya' happy now? I have nothing left to hide -- at least nothing left I'm crazy enough to reveal -- and so we begin to take stock of what we're working with and get started with our design process. But first, we need a design series name! photo credit: Ketzel Levine, NPR hide caption

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photo credit: Ketzel Levine, NPR

The garden seems the classic courtyard, only 12' wide and 30' long. Its centerpiece is clearly the three-spouted stucco fountain. That's a story unto itself, which I look forward to going into later in this series — the design team, process, pix, price, the whole shebang. Today, though, I'm meeting with my design collaborator Nani Waddoups — the woman who helped me choose my house colors, and who I must reveal as a very close friend — as we get a few ideas and considerations down on paper.

Nani is excrutiatingly organized and detail-oriented, so I'm going to our meeting with nothing more in my head than a few years' worth of fantasies and a strong desire for change, trusting her to scribble it down and turn it into the beginning of an action plan.

As for Criteria #1, consider it addressed by the launch of this series. No more shame! But now I need your help. What is this design series' name? Your options do NOT include:

A Garden Makeover
Designing A New Garden

or any such boring invitation to what promises to be a lively process for all of us (and a savings account buster for me). My first thought is The Druthers of Invention, but no way will my cheery/cheeky web producer (have you met Wright?) use it.

But he might use yours...