What Would Eve Do? Ketzel's New Garden

Name That Series!

What series, you ask? The series beginning today, right now, here it comes...as I reveal just how wretched my side garden looks, take you step-by-step through my re-design process, and emerge at the other end with an urban courtyard that suits all my criteria.

Criteria #1: A Life Without Shame.

garden disaster

So consider me "out", a plantswoman with a barren garden, which isn't just in its winter doldrums, oh no. It's looked this way since the fountain went in last summer. Alright, it's looked this way for a while. Two years, ya' happy now? I have nothing left to hide -- at least nothing left I'm crazy enough to reveal -- and so we begin to take stock of what we're working with and get started with our design process. But first, we need a design series name! photo credit: Ketzel Levine, NPR hide caption

toggle caption photo credit: Ketzel Levine, NPR

The garden seems the classic courtyard, only 12' wide and 30' long. Its centerpiece is clearly the three-spouted stucco fountain. That's a story unto itself, which I look forward to going into later in this series — the design team, process, pix, price, the whole shebang. Today, though, I'm meeting with my design collaborator Nani Waddoups — the woman who helped me choose my house colors, and who I must reveal as a very close friend — as we get a few ideas and considerations down on paper.

Nani is excrutiatingly organized and detail-oriented, so I'm going to our meeting with nothing more in my head than a few years' worth of fantasies and a strong desire for change, trusting her to scribble it down and turn it into the beginning of an action plan.

As for Criteria #1, consider it addressed by the launch of this series. No more shame! But now I need your help. What is this design series' name? Your options do NOT include:

A Garden Makeover
Designing A New Garden

or any such boring invitation to what promises to be a lively process for all of us (and a savings account buster for me). My first thought is The Druthers of Invention, but no way will my cheery/cheeky web producer (have you met Wright?) use it.

But he might use yours...



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Here's the new name for your series:
Le Vines De Lavine!

Sent by Gary White | 3:44 PM | 3-4-2008

Creating an Uncommon Courtyard
Ketzel's Uncommon Courtyard
Clever Courtyard

Sent by Pat Koepnick | 3:58 PM | 3-4-2008

what about, Stucc-o' with this space

Sent by Me Beyhan | 4:09 PM | 3-4-2008

Cheeky, Gary; classy, Pat; very clever MB!

Sent by Ketzel Levine | 4:24 PM | 3-4-2008

The Lonely Fountain Project

Sent by Marsha | 4:30 PM | 3-4-2008

Ok - here is my first go

Alley Allee
(there would be an accent on the first e of allee, can't seem to do it in my keyboard)

Why you ask? Well, you have a narrow bordered space - both words can apply. Alley has a vernacular, informal feel to it, while allee is a more formal and classical word/form. That way you have options and a full design spectrum to draw from. Further the word allee sounds the same as allay - which is what you are doing to this space - setting to rest the ugliness and disuse of the past. Also, it kind of sounds like the finale to a great song.
That's it for now...

Sent by Kailla in Portland | 4:32 PM | 3-4-2008

"Come into the Garden, Maude"

Sent by Elaine Richards | 4:38 PM | 3-4-2008

If Kailla seems like she knows what she's talking about, it's likely because...SHE DOES. Alas, my dear landscape architect friend, it just doesn't trip well off the tongue. Say it several times fast and it sounds like yodelling!!

Sent by Ketzel Levine | 4:38 PM | 3-4-2008

Dormancy to Exuberance

Sent by Herbert H. Morton, III | 4:57 PM | 3-4-2008

Bloom with a View

Sent by Anne Kay | 5:01 PM | 3-4-2008

You're right about the yodelling - or something you might holler at a bull who wandered into your garden. I'll keep thinking...

Sent by Kailla in Portland | 5:05 PM | 3-4-2008

How about The Icarus Project--it looks as though this garden got its wings burned by flying too close to the sun.

Along those lines, The Garden Phoenix would work, but people might associate that with the Arizona Phoenix. Either way, it's apropos. The garden's previous life cycle is obviously played out and the ashes are ready to give rise to the new phoenix.

Never ask a geek nothin'.

Sent by Belen Audirsch | 5:30 PM | 3-4-2008

How about:
Green Dreams
Garden Galactica

Sent by Wanda | 5:33 PM | 3-4-2008

Love Lies Blooming

I've always adored the plant name "love lies bleeding," somehow reminds me of a quiet medieval cloister garden; and you've got the nice juxtaposition of something coming alive - blooming - from where it lays in its current state.

Sent by Genia | 5:37 PM | 3-4-2008

Backyard Renaissance

Or, if you put in veggies,
The New Garden of Eatin'

Sent by Shira | 5:45 PM | 3-4-2008

Dirty Designing Woman

Sent by Anne | 5:52 PM | 3-4-2008

Clematis Envy
This Good Earth
Dirty is the New Thirty
My Other Yard is Fabulous
Talking Dirty with Ketzel Levine

Sent by Marla Cantrell | 6:01 PM | 3-4-2008

Green Incarnation

Sent by Ted Gellar | 6:04 PM | 3-4-2008

What Would Eve Do?

Sent by bobbie | 6:14 PM | 3-4-2008

Ketzel's Transcendental Vegetation

Sent by L.K. | 6:18 PM | 3-4-2008

Coming To Terms with Terra-Firma
Terms of En-dirt-men(In-Dirt-Ment)

Sent by Padraic Gallagher | 6:18 PM | 3-4-2008

Finest Bliss

Sent by Sandra Peek | 6:26 PM | 3-4-2008

Hmmm, I gotta say, I'm leaning towards WHAT WOULD EVE DO as a series name. Just leaning, mind you, no decision yet...

Sent by Ketzel Levine | 7:00 PM | 3-4-2008


Did you move? Didn't you engage us in a site design of your property back in 2001?

Sent by Gman | 7:00 PM | 3-4-2008

-you get it...teehee...

emmmm...that's all I got

Sent by Jenn | 1:43 PM | 3-5-2008

Neglectful Gardener
I always thought this would be a good idea for a show about low maintenance gardening.

Sent by Renee | 2:07 PM | 3-5-2008

Garden of the resplendent Ketzel

Sent by Louis Davis | 2:11 PM | 3-5-2008

The Garden Phoenix -- Rise Up from the Ashes!

Sent by Cynthia Stevenson | 2:26 PM | 3-5-2008

From Blight to Bliss
But really I like the one about Eve.
Such pure potential in that space, beautiful.
Does Ketzel translate into something? Levine, the vine is kinda cool.

Sent by Erin Minta | 2:32 PM | 3-5-2008

Green expectations: a fountain diary

Sent by sgweaver | 3:15 PM | 3-5-2008

Saving the Dogged Garden

Sent by DC | 3:21 PM | 3-5-2008

The Awakening Garden

Sent by Mary Katherine | 3:30 PM | 3-5-2008

I understand not wanting anything too mundane, but please don't over complicate things either. While I know NPR listeners are of above average intelligence, many of us are just normal folks leading normal lives.

Many of us have spaces in our yards, especailly side yards, that are nasty little areas. Good luck turning yours around.

I put forward: Pardon This Garden

Sent by Thomas Dodson | 3:55 PM | 3-5-2008

Aside Project
Holding Court

Sent by Steena | 3:56 PM | 3-5-2008

My secret garden
How does my garden grow?

Garden garden of my
How do thy vines grow
Where do thy flowers go
Somewhere there is a trellis to climb
Somewhere there is a ray of sunshine
Sweet garden divine

Sent by Michelle Montano | 3:58 PM | 3-5-2008

how about, "make it grow"

Sent by Justin Goodkind | 4:00 PM | 3-5-2008

Green by Design

Sent by Jeanette Nakada | 4:34 PM | 3-5-2008

A Garden is a Journey

Sent by Cynthia Stevenson | 4:40 PM | 3-5-2008

name that series...
possible name:
repairian zone

Sent by marsha fowler | 4:41 PM | 3-5-2008

How about "From the Ground Up"? Although "What Would Eve Do" is quite amusing.

Sent by Larisa | 4:57 PM | 3-5-2008

dirty hands are the gardener's work

Sent by jocelynn | 5:05 PM | 3-5-2008

A New Leaf...

Sent by Rob Condon | 5:18 PM | 3-5-2008

Possible name for the show:

The Miracle Garden

Sent by JF in Texas | 5:47 PM | 3-5-2008

Courtyard Renaissance

Fountain of Ideas

New Leaves (Turning)

A Shade Newer, or, A Shade Brighter

Sent by Callie Bertsche | 5:51 PM | 3-5-2008

A gardener I wish I were, a wordsmith I try to be. Humbly I submit:
Order in the Courtyard
Garden on the Side
A Sideyard Reborn
From Plain to Perfection
Sideyard Glance

And good luck with the project!

Sent by Liz Denius | 5:53 PM | 3-5-2008

Tapping earth's gifts: a backyard eco-revival

Sent by Dustin Herrmann | 5:56 PM | 3-5-2008

A few name ideas:

Fertile Edges
Blooming Wonders
Urban Earth
Green City
Garden Scape

Sent by Christy | 5:59 PM | 3-5-2008

WOW! Good stuff. I'm completely enamoured with ORDER IN THE COURTYARD! Whadya'll think of that? Riperian Zone is awfully clever but Mr. Dodson will never go for it ;-}

And yes, I did engage the NPR audience in helping me decide on a design for my front yard fence. We're not going there until I get it cleaned up, if only to prove I am not a total slug.

Although I am certainly qualify for a supporting role in The Negligent Gardener...

Sent by Ketzel Levine | 6:03 PM | 3-5-2008

How 'bout

Byline Botanical

Sent by Mike Duffy | 6:04 PM | 3-5-2008

Garden 360 (allusion to the square footage of the space)

Apologies to Kurt Andersen

Sent by Chris Zuniga | 6:09 PM | 3-5-2008

Rebirth: A Garden in the Remaking

Sent by ben | 6:24 PM | 3-5-2008

How about "How Green Was My Alley"

Sent by Ann | 6:34 PM | 3-5-2008

call it the Nani Diaries

Sent by barb | 7:20 PM | 3-5-2008

Whether it's the process or the price, I'm betting there will be lots of "Agony and Ecstasy", so that's my suggestion....
A fellow avid gardener

Sent by Susanne Heeschen | 7:38 PM | 3-5-2008

The Plot Awakens - One woman's quest to revive her backyard.

Sent by Laura Hartner | 7:57 PM | 3-5-2008

Here's another:

The Prodigal Gardener

Sent by Rob Condon | 8:04 PM | 3-5-2008

Oh man...The Plot Awakens, or even THE PLOT BEGINS (not literally true but unforgettable, yes?). I fear this part may be more fun than the process itself!

Sent by Ketzel Levine | 8:07 PM | 3-5-2008

"From the Ground Up"

Sent by John Watson | 8:12 PM | 3-5-2008

Ketz's Litter Box
Litter Box MakeOver
Ketz's Litter Box MakeOver
Get Down and Dirty with Ketz

Sent by Sherry (Nancela's friend Sherrold) | 8:23 PM | 3-5-2008

"Speaking of Faith" is already taken by another program, though it does seem somehow appropriate, but how about "On the Trowel with Ketzel" or "Troweling Around"?

Sent by Susan | 8:25 PM | 3-5-2008

Mothers of Reinvention

Sent by psoliday | 8:28 PM | 3-5-2008

Lo a Rose Er Blooming. It's the title of a Christmas Carol.

Sent by Greg Schano | 8:31 PM | 3-5-2008

"Everything's Coming Up......... (whatever happens to be coming up or happening in that episode.)

Sent by Carrie Carlin | 8:42 PM | 3-5-2008

Outer Space

And you can open with "Greetings from Outer Space"

Sent by jane | 8:51 PM | 3-5-2008

American Idyll

Sent by Gita | 9:18 PM | 3-5-2008

How about...Laisses le vert temps rouler!

Sent by Max | 9:26 PM | 3-5-2008

Since I belatedly discovered that my first choice had already been suggested (you go, Larisa!), how about:
How Grey Was My Garden
The Urban Courtyard Experience
Pimp My Yard

Sent by John Watson | 9:35 PM | 3-5-2008

How does my garden grow?
-a nice play on the song/nursery rhyme and a good way to start the segment by, you know, asking the question

other options:
Fountain in need of friends.

Ketzel Levine has a bad garden?

just some ideas...from a tired mommy that awaits the laundry to be done...

Sent by Jessica | 9:44 PM | 3-5-2008

How about "The New Urban Renewal"

Sent by Gordon | 10:08 PM | 3-5-2008

"Growing Up"

Sent by Karl Babij | 10:40 PM | 3-5-2008

Repairian Garden
Repairian Zone

("A riparian zone is the interface between land and a flowing surface water body. Plant communities along the river margins are called riparian vegetation, characterized by hydrophilic plants. Riparian zones are significant in ecology, environmental management, and civil engineering due to their role in soil conservation, their biodiversity, and the influence they have on aquatic ecosystems. Riparian zones occur in many forms including grassland, woodland, wetland or even non-vegetative." WikiDef)

Sent by marsha fowler | 11:12 PM | 3-5-2008

Feel free to use the name that we master gardener ladies call ourselves here in central Alabama -- Dirty Girls

Sent by Gita | 12:00 AM | 3-6-2008

Death of a Gardener.

Sent by Roxanne Mobley | 12:05 AM | 3-6-2008

"Green Thumb Rehab"

Sent by Elizabeth Carlson | 2:35 AM | 3-6-2008

How about "From the Ground Up" ?

Sent by William Owen | 6:40 AM | 3-6-2008

Reading over you intro, I come up with "The Barren Garden"
or even
"The Barren Garden: Neglected Fantasies"
For something complete different, with a hit of zen,
"Awakening the Hidden Garden"

Sent by Johanna | 6:53 AM | 3-6-2008

I was trying to think of a clever name and can't think of anything to beat "What would Eve Do?". That's a winner for sure.

Sent by Pat | 7:04 AM | 3-6-2008

Ann beat me to it, "How Green Was My Alley."
Maybe another idea on my second cup of coffee.
Ketzel, you always brighten my day when I catch one of your reports! Thanks!

Sent by Al | 7:44 AM | 3-6-2008

Hmmm, some suggestions:
Plant Parenthood
The Ketzel Project
Fountain of Mirth
Save My Garden
Tame This Garden
Re-designing Dirt
Don't Look Yet, It's Not Done!
Garden, What Garden?

Sent by Bill Flather | 9:10 AM | 3-6-2008

"Evolution of a Garden - Straight and Narrow" This picture actually reminds me of the back yard of the house our family lived in in VietNam in early '60s. We had baby ducklings that would paddle around in a rectangular cement trough like the basin of your fountain.
It will be lots of fun to work vertically in such a lovely shadey, tucked away santuary. Have fun! MRM

Sent by M. Miller | 9:13 AM | 3-6-2008

Fertile Ground

Sent by Astrida | 9:31 AM | 3-6-2008

How about 'Reincarnating Eden'- it would most certainly germinate attention.

Sent by Ami Pearse | 9:46 AM | 3-6-2008

"Let There Be Life: One Woman's Attempt to Birth a New Garden" by Ketzel Levine

Sent by Margarita | 10:01 AM | 3-6-2008

The Pyrrhic Victory Garden

Sent by Deborah Bancroft | 10:16 AM | 3-6-2008

Blooming Abandon
My Vacant Garden

Sent by M Mitchell | 10:28 AM | 3-6-2008

what about a one word show... either "rebirth" "renewal" or "revive"

or maybe something like "backyard revival." i'd listen to it...

Sent by liz albertson | 10:35 AM | 3-6-2008

Not in my backyard!

Sent by Toni Lyn | 10:44 AM | 3-6-2008

How about "The Garden of Pleadin"?

Sent by Brad J. | 10:47 AM | 3-6-2008

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

Sent by Julia Book | 10:49 AM | 3-6-2008

Blooming Potential

Sent by Cynthia Stevenson | 11:00 AM | 3-6-2008

Paradise Found . . .

Sent by Marla B. | 11:36 AM | 3-6-2008

Digging for Beauty

Sent by Brenda | 11:58 AM | 3-6-2008

I like this French spin:
"Jardin de Levine"

Sent by Jan Heflin | 12:00 PM | 3-6-2008

till tomorrow

Sent by adam | 12:03 PM | 3-6-2008

ooh, I've got one. How bout:

The Garden Hoe


Sent by JP | 12:39 PM | 3-6-2008

"Will someone please pick up that watering can?"

Sent by Chris Lyke | 12:41 PM | 3-6-2008

You are correct, my green-thumbed friend. RIPERIAN ZONE & WHAT WOULD EVE DO are both way too intellectual, sorry.

If PARDON THIS GARDEN didn't make your flower bloom, how about HOEING IT OUT.

I am sure your producers would love the ratings this title would generate.

Sent by Thomas Dodson | 12:49 PM | 3-6-2008

Garden Hoe? Hoeing It Out? I think it's time to close the contest! Thomas, I'm leaning towards Order in the Courtyard. Surely that's not too erudite for the likes of you...

Sent by Ketzel Levine | 12:53 PM | 3-6-2008

Obviously it's your call, but if I heard a tease that went something like this, "Join Ketzel Levine for Hoeing It Out", my radio dial is staying put!

Best of luck.

Sent by Thomas Dodson | 1:02 PM | 3-6-2008

Second Nature with Ketzel Levine
Ketzel's Eden
From Gloom to Bloom
A Place of Her Own!
Herbaceous Engineer

Sent by Barbara Burns | 1:12 PM | 3-6-2008

How about "The Lazarus Garden"

Sent by Craig Rheaume | 1:15 PM | 3-6-2008

How about "The Red Queen's Raceway"?

Sent by Ted Maclin | 1:19 PM | 3-6-2008

The Eden Chronicles

Sent by Maria Payne | 1:37 PM | 3-6-2008

How bout something like:

Doomed if I Don't


From Downtrodden to Divine,
My Garden Redesign


Miss Swift

Sent by Miss Swift | 1:39 PM | 3-6-2008

so what's it gonna be?
something n-p-r-ey

Sent by Erin Minta | 1:56 PM | 3-6-2008

How about Morning Glorious Garden
(A play on morning glories which would look amazing climbing up and arching over the fountain if you have enough light.)

Sent by TD | 1:59 PM | 3-6-2008


The thought that popped into my mind was "Paradise Regained:Restoring a once proud garden"

Sent by Adam Browning | 2:17 PM | 3-6-2008

I thought "From the Ground Up" was among the best, though "Pardon this Garden" was a close one!

Sent by Shay | 2:19 PM | 3-6-2008

Ketzel runs with Clippers

Sent by Anne Kay | 3:00 PM | 3-6-2008

The Grateful Bed

Sent by Linda V. | 3:53 PM | 3-6-2008

Ketzel's SideScape

Sent by David Mann | 4:05 PM | 3-6-2008

The Grateful Bed, wow. I'm starting to think that these can all be "chapter" titles (Chapter One: The Lonely Fountain), they're just too good not to use. I'm weeding, whiddling, closing in on a decision...

Sent by Ketzel Levine | 4:05 PM | 3-6-2008

A Gardener's Work is Never Done -- because it isn't.

Sent by Nancy C. | 4:16 PM | 3-6-2008

You already came up with it in your discription -- Garden without Shame

Sent by Paula Cox | 4:20 PM | 3-6-2008

How about
The Fountain Revisited?

Sent by Janet | 4:22 PM | 3-6-2008

What about "Spring to Life"

Sent by Shawn | 5:14 PM | 3-6-2008


Sent by xar | 5:22 PM | 3-6-2008

beloved be latent

Sent by Julie | 5:28 PM | 3-6-2008

I fell for 'What would Eve do?". But something with dirt in its title would seem a good start: a patch of dirt and a promising fountain.
How about?
From Dirt to Eden in one season flat
From here to blooms in my alley.
Good luck with the titling, the series, and the garden rehab.
That's it: one last suggestion.
Garden rehab.

Sent by RH | 5:29 PM | 3-6-2008

This I BeLeaf

Sent by p.a. | 5:39 PM | 3-6-2008

"The Chronicles of L V Ally"
I. "In the Beginning the earth was void".
described present state of affairs.
II. "In the middle flowed three rivers" from a fountain!
III. What will Eve do.
IV. The earth crys out. (how to nourish the soil info)
IV. Am I my gardens keeper?
V. Levines vision
V. Planning the plot.
VI. "The greatful bed"
VII. Herb Alfalfa and the Tiawanna Grass
VIII. "Flowers for" A-linda
IX. The hanging gardens of Bab-ally
Last chapter
Life after rehab
blessings DOC

Sent by DOC Harmony | 5:50 PM | 3-6-2008

The Living Landscape...or...Landscape's for Life!

Sent by Alva C | 5:57 PM | 3-6-2008

"Her Garden, Herself"
"Levine's Green Scenes"
"Ketzel Logic"
I do think that the theme music should be "The Golden Afternoon' which was in Disney's "alice in wonderland", where alice was serenaded by a chorus of flowers.

Sent by Richard Beres | 6:29 PM | 3-6-2008

Ketzel, with your love of food and the high probability that some edibles, a few herbs at least, will find their way into your courtyard, is there really a more fitting name than "My Garden of Eatin'"?

Sent by Melissa | 8:48 PM | 3-6-2008

I like 'the plot awakens'

Sent by barb | 8:48 PM | 3-6-2008

What love of food? I'm eating peanut butter out of a jar right now for dinner. Check it out: www.npr.org/talkingplants

Sent by Ketzel Levine | 8:58 PM | 3-6-2008

Paying Court to Elegance

Sent by Marc | 9:33 PM | 3-6-2008

How about A Rose City Garden not Living up to its Name.

Sent by Jon Meier | 10:58 PM | 3-6-2008

How about: Ketzel Re: Vine ?

Sent by laura | 11:38 PM | 3-6-2008

I recently moved to Portland (Oregon) and developed a bad case of garden fever. Who knew what a crazy group I entered into.
I vote for 'pimp my yard'

Sent by Renee | 12:13 AM | 3-7-2008

It's all about the GREEN!

Sent by J. Ty Dibble | 12:16 AM | 3-7-2008

How about "Pimp My Fountain"

Sent by Steve | 7:07 AM | 3-7-2008

Genesis 101 (after all, in this corner of your world, you are god-like)
But, so you don't get the Big Head, you can play the part of Lilith.

Sent by Bill Lowe | 7:50 AM | 3-7-2008

I like Pimp My Yard submitted by John Watson, but what about "Primp My Yard"?

Sent by meg | 8:26 AM | 3-7-2008

paradise found

Sent by jessica hogue | 8:28 AM | 3-7-2008

How about:

Pimp my courtyard
The Green Life-TGL
Who Let The Dogwoods Out?
The Daylily Show
Ace of Spades
CSI-Neglected Gardens Unit
No Garden For Old Zen

Sent by Margarita | 9:25 AM | 3-7-2008

Backyard Contessa

Heard it under the grapevine

Porch Breakers

Gin and Garden Tonic

Sent by Kathleen | 10:04 AM | 3-7-2008

Barren to Beautiful

Sent by Cynthia Stevenson | 10:48 AM | 3-7-2008

How about, The paradise lost but found project. It doesn't roll off the tongue but I think that's what's going to happen here. Good luck and have fun.

Sent by Jackie in Vermont | 12:14 PM | 3-7-2008

Back from Brown

Sent by Joe Schmidt | 12:22 PM | 3-7-2008

Yes, loved Order in the Courtyard, What Would Eve Do (WWED), and The Plot Awakens....
My first thought was "UNEARTHED-A Garden Rebirth", but The Plot Awakens is clearly descriptive and engaging.
Have fun and get dirty!

Sent by Colette | 12:38 PM | 3-7-2008

"Order in the Courtyard" should be reserved for Nina Totenberg's garden.

Sent by Chris Zuniga | 12:47 PM | 3-7-2008

Okay, last one: Living La Vida Verde.

Sent by Margarita | 1:24 PM | 3-7-2008

The promise of a garden without shame.

Sent by Linda Shanno | 1:25 PM | 3-7-2008

i love that this is getting so much response. i like "what would eve do?"

Sent by regina reyes | 1:53 PM | 3-7-2008

The Guilt Strip

Sent by Miss Swift | 2:07 PM | 3-7-2008

With no water flow in that fountain consider calling your series "Mosquito Lake." BTW Mosquito Lake was a result of a federal project to dam the Mosquito Creek. Its goal was to reduce flooding in the region and provide water to my hometown, Warren, OH. Now it serves as a water reserve and wildlife preserve. Beautiful!

Sent by Alex | 2:13 PM | 3-7-2008

I'd be amazed if someone hasn't already suggested "Roots."

Sent by Greg Wessel | 2:23 PM | 3-7-2008

How about:

Botantical Resusitation
Garden 911

Sent by Bill Miras | 3:14 PM | 3-7-2008

The NIMBY Chronicles! (A nod to Toni Lynn)
or just "NIMBY."

Yes, I like it.

Sent by Belen Audirsch | 3:39 PM | 3-7-2008

It seems like Ketzel Starts Over is very plain, however it always catches my attention. As does: Ketzel's Dirty Plot (with all connotations) if there's a need to get cute. The real reason this old dirt girl listens is because I hear the NAME: Ketzel. So please include it in the title or the tease if possible.

Sent by Ginny (Gardenkeeper) | 2:23 PM | 3-8-2008

How about "Secrets of my Garden"

Sent by Gayle K. | 4:00 PM | 3-10-2008

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