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Dirt Nerd's Gotta Pea

Dirt Nerd gardens above 5,000 feet in Boulder County, Colorado. "In this dry climate," he says, "seeing a rain drop stick around makes my day." photo credit: Dirt Nerd hide caption

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photo credit: Dirt Nerd

The lead story this morning in the Talking Plants world (I didn't hear from you so what else could I lead with?) is Dirt Nerd's pea seedling. Isn't she sweet?

Well if that doesn't work for you, perhaps the thoughtful musings over at A Thinking Stomach will:
"What possible kinds of salad greens can one grow when it is 105 degrees Fahrenheit on Monday and 50 degrees Fahrenheit (and spitting hail the size of nickels) on Thursday of the same week?" asks blogger Christina from Pasadena. Check out her answers.

OK, how about...

An old friend showed up in the Talking Plants inbox the other day. If you'd like to meet one of the people in the world I most envy, check out the latest from the fabulously talented (and obscenely young-to-retire) Margaret Roach. Her blog is Away To Garden.

Sure I wish I had a couple acres in upstate New York. Poor me, all I've got is this:

It was another dark, rainy morning when I left Portland and headed East along I-84. Sixty or so miles and a hundred minutes later, I was climbing up through lupine, balsam root and penstemon, making my way to the top of the Tom McCall Preserve. What you see here is the view from mid-way up, looking north across the Columbia River towards Washington State. The spills of yellow and purple you're seeing? Wildflowers, my friends. Wildflowers. More pix from this magical place tomorrow. photo credit: Ketzel Levine, NPR hide caption

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photo credit: Ketzel Levine, NPR