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EZ Guide to Sharing Your Plant Pix

Just got a note from Ken Banks who's new to Talking Plants.

I'm a Hawaii plant guy and would like to be a part of this blog and pix scene, but I dont understand how it works. How do I become involved? I apologize for my ignorance, but a brief step-by-step guide might help.

Much aloha to you, too, Ken. Here's your step-by-step guide, courtesy of Andy Carvin.

Step 1: If you're not a member yet, join Flickr. It doesn't cost anything to join, though if you want to use it to share a lot of photos - ie, hundreds or thousands - you may want to purchase a Pro account.

Step 2: Upload some pics you'd like to share with the Talking Plants group. (If you're having trouble uploading, consult Flickr's help guide.

Step 3. Go to the Talking Plants group on Flickr and click "Join this group." You'll then have to click another button to confirm your membership.

Step 4: Find a photo from your personal collection that you'd like to add to the group. Between the title of the photo and the photo itself, you'll see a series of tabs. Click "Send to Group" then Select "Ketzel Levine's Talking Plants."



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Hi there Ketzel :-)

Interesting post - I tend to use a lot of photos montages on my gardenwatch blog however I may take a look here too. Thanks :-D

I believe you were asking about Cameras in Nestboxes in March. Layanee mentioned mine. I have an update nowif you are still interested :-)

My garden is in Scotland and I have blue tits nesting in my Nestbox with a camera. After a very slow start this year we are now at the egg laying stage. We now have 3 eggs (last year we had eight) and the female is laying one per day. The brood sadly died last year after a week so our fingers are crossed that they will survive this year.

You can see my posts through the link for Camera Nestbox 2008 at I have photos and video footage. Yesterday I recorded the second egg being laid which I have shown on my posting. It really is fascinating to be able to see nesting as closely as this :-D

Sent by Shirl | 12:08 PM | 5-10-2008