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Call it a Placesaver

It's Tuesday morning 1:45 am and I'm not entirely sure why I've stopped by at this Hour of the Snoring Beagle except to confess I took a vacation last week and did not bring you along.

I figured I'd just slip away quietly without my computer to hike and to sleep with abandon, then sneak back online like I'd never been gone. But now I find myself on the verge of feeling guilty for just taking off "without so much as a by your leave" (what does that mean, anyway?).

So I'm thinking this is a challenge in need of a solution since I will certainly go away without you again (it's not personal). Perhaps what we Guest Blogger.

But who? You? So introduce yourself to the community and let us read some of your stuff.

Meanwhile, this is going to be a big week, the week we find out what Eve would do with my sorry side yard. Based on the trucks parked on the street outside my house, she would hire young men with big shoulders and get out of their way. Really, though, I am ready to take you along for my garden remodel which...has...begun!

Just let me get a few hrs sleep (it's now 2:38am; this meager offering took an hour?) and I will start the tale, What Would Eve Do, tomorrow...