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The Human Body Ain't Got Nothing On This Plant

First and foremost, this breaking news...


I'd like to celebrate all next week by posting some of the best pix from our TP Flickr Pool and I need YOUR nominations.

Why not take a few minutes and either scroll through former posts or walk through our garden of, count 'em, nearly TWO THOUSAND submitted images and send me the best spring, summer, winter and fall TP Pix of the Year.

As a token of my thanks for your continued interest in Talking Plants through rain sleet and inexplicable absence, I'm posting a great big ol' Flickr pix that says more than I can legally say.

This is only one of the sumptuous images TP photographer Chris Stamboulis recently taken at the Kenilworth Park and Aquatic Gardens in Washington, D.C. Talk about an inside-the-beltway scandal. And let me add a personal note: HAPPY BIRTHDAY WONDERFUL BEAUTIFUL MAGGIE. Add it to your birthday bouquet. photo credit:Chris Stamboulis hide caption

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photo credit:Chris Stamboulis