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TP Fall Photo of the Year

The dogs and I have survived another 4th with the help of Benadryl (for them) and two loud movies (for we three). Managed to get a hike in and saw our lovely native lily, Lilium columbianum. Always leaves me a bit wistful.

D'you garden? High time we started swapping notes about the living, the slugged and the dead.

But when last we met, I was in the midst of celebrating Talking Plant's first anniversary with an array of particularly fabulous photos that premiered on the TP Flickr site. And yes, I now realize I was largely celebrating alone.

Yet in the hopes you're still stopping by as things far more pressing compete for your attention, I thought you'd enjoy a memorable blast of vivacity from last fall.

Titled "Setting Them Free," the shot of this milkweed spilling all was captured by TP Flickr member Camera Slayer. As it turns out -- and I didn't know this until recently -- said Slayer is actually our own Harold Neal, who works as a web application developer for NPR. I asked him what camera he used for his wonderful shot; his answer, "a very thin Casio EX-V8 that I keep in my pocket for those 'unexpected' shots when I didn't bring my bigger cameras." Check out what he can do with his entire array. photo credit: Camera Slayer hide caption

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photo credit: Camera Slayer