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Plants and Dogs

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It's working pretty well for the New Yorker, so I thought I'd try it here.

brown dog lying in black mondo

Why is my black mondo grass dying? photo credit: Ketzel Levine, NPR hide caption

toggle caption photo credit: Ketzel Levine, NPR

If you've got a plant-related pix that begs a smart-ass one-liner, send it to me.



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Here's a beggar for a one-liner...
check out my newest Flicker group addition (I can't seem to grab the URL and paste it here)

Sent by bear.bonnell | 1:46 PM | 7-12-2008

must be the dog days of summer

Sent by Harold Neal | 9:03 PM | 7-16-2008

Ketzel, your dog looks just like ours! Do you know what kind he is? We got our pup from the Humane Society, so it's a mystery breed. I could send the same picture with our dog resting on a crocosmia patch....

Sent by silke orem | 4:09 PM | 8-5-2008

Silke - Zoe Mae seems to be, and I quote from people who've stopped me on the street and told me so, "an F-1 Labradoodle cross). Send a pix of Silke to me!

Sent by Ketzel Levine | 7:31 PM | 8-5-2008