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Miserable Gardener Needs Company

Loving your garden as I am? Then spare a generous thought for our fellow gardeners in Hades.

Came across this post from Zanthan Gardens in Austin and loved both the shout-out for sympathy and the outpouring of kvetching from fellow heat-stroked gardeners.

Also couldn't resist observation that some local gardeners were "eschewing plants altogether." I do love that word.

Here's a heart-breaking teaser from M Sinclair Stevens' post:

This summer just tied the third-place record set in 2000 for the most 100 degree days...

I'm not looking for encouragement or sympathy. I don't need uplifting speeches from people who live in more temperate summer climes...Nor am I looking for strategies to garden in this heat. There are many gardeners in Austin who are more successful than I am. Good for you...

If, on the other hand, you want to tell me how miserable you are, please join in. Misery does love company. I took a little walk around my neighborhood to see how other people were coping, or not. And it cheered me up.

Pathetic pix then follow.

Meanwhile, here in temperate heaven, I'm still buying and planting and mulching and watering. But I'm off to Seattle tomorrow to see an old friend and his garden and you better believe you are going to want to check back Monday and get the inside scoop on that...