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Eileen Vennum sent in a pix of a mystery plant she and her husband have been seeing in spring along the roads of east Texas. Before reading any further, wanna hazard a guess?

Nice to know that healthy stands of native elderberry are thriving along the roads of east Texas. But what am I missing: can anyone tell me why the county mowed it down a week after this pix was taken? A plant that feeds countless birds and deer? photo credit: Eileen Vennum hide caption

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photo credit: Eileen Vennum

The answer's Sambucus canadensis, good old elderberry, a beloved and sentimental native plant used for everything from pies and wines to whistles. Chances are just about everything you want to know about elderberries you can find here.

So what else you got for us, folks? We love playing matchmaker, introducing you to the mystery plants in your world.