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As summer marches on, our legions of Talking Plants Flickr Pix members continue to document moments in both their own and in other peoples' gardens. Most folks are enamoured with macro shots so we've got a lot of sexy plant porn, but I've also noticed some nice one-word captions that help transform a pix into a story. And I do like stories.

Once TP regular Blathanna called this, "Hanging On", her photograph took on a poignancy that reminded me of a much-loved piece of art on my own wall. It's a charcoal drawing of an elephant in a fanciful kind of harnass, hanging mid-air; I wasn't sure why it spoke to me till I saw the title, "Reluctant Departure". Then, I cried. Turned out the artist Christine Bourdette created it during the last days in the life of her beloved dog. Does "Hanging On" speak to you? photo credit: Blathanna hide caption

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photo credit: Blathanna

Another recent post by a TP photographer I'm less familiar with, djFargo, gained a little something with the addition of a title. It's a good picture of a moment in time that takes place every year, every place, coast to coast — but with little fanfare.

"Awakening" may not be a new take on emerging buds, but the title did make me take a second look. With a little imagination -- and whatever else gets you through the night -- you can see the slow-mo unfolding and awakening sepals yawning on a brand new day. photo credit: djFargo hide caption

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photo credit: djFargo

OK, enough with the corny stuff. Thanks to the more than 400 of you! who are playing in our Flickr pool. I would enjoy getting a wider perspective on your growing, ageing, drying or dying garden. As always, all stages of beauty and decay are welcome here.