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Starlet Still Missing Day 2

If you read yesterday's blog, you'll know that my 9 yr old beagle Starlet is missing. And if you're among the kind people who wrote w/advice and various OMG's!, I thank you from the heart.

I don't believe she's dead, but I do think she's with someone who might not know about microchips. That would explain why she hasn't shown up on anyone's radar. Actually, she has shown up — I've gotten a few calls in response to the posters around the 'hood — but they're all telling me where she was last seen, not where she is.

Starlet and I on one of our botanizing trips; doesn't she look the quintessential devoted animal? NOT! photo credit: Troy Nave hide caption

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photo credit: Troy Nave

Anyone with a beagle will not be surprised to learn that Starry was last seen by the dumpster of a nearby convenient market. So the good news is that whether she's still free-range or tied up in someone's yard, she's still very likely within a half-mile of home.

Cascade Beagle Rescue is coming over this afternoon to help canvas the neighborhood.