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Starlet The Beagle Is Missing

Not that I think it will help me find her since none of you reading this blog entry are likely to live in my Killingsworth Ave/North Portland neighborhood, but since I can't think about anything else, I thought you should know that my beagle has been missing for 15 long hours.

This is Starry, aka Starlet, the beagle I rescued two years ago. She's often mistaken for a puppy because she's so slim and jaunty, but in fact she's probably 9 yrs old. I was out for a few hours last night (serves me right, not taking the dogs with me, how could I even think of having a life?) and when I came home, my big dog had managed to open the French door in the dining room (she's learned to jump up and land hard on the long handle) and the little one was nowhere to be seen. photo credit: Ketzel Levine, NPR hide caption

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photo credit: Ketzel Levine, NPR

The worst of it is, she's not wearing her collar. It was in the wash. My one chance of seeing her again is that she's microchipped. Now I have to pray that whoever's found her (and I bet someone has, she's awfully adorable) knows to have her scanned.

Meanwhile, I've done what a good owner's supposed to do: gone to various websites, filled out online forms, called all the local vets, called the microchip company, and put up a few posters along the nearby busy street.

What I hadn't expected was the unsolicited e-mail that's resulted from my online search. I shouldn't be surprised. The "TOP LOST PET TRACKER IN THE US" is now in my inbox, plus a special offer for PREMIUM SERVICE from the otherwise free Petfinder.

Of course if I'd been registered with THE PET RESCUE INTERNATIONAL REGISTRY premium service would be free. But the fact remains ...


Starlet is definitely the kind of beagle to stop and smell the anything, everything else. photo credit: Ketzel Levine, NPR hide caption

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photo credit: Ketzel Levine, NPR

I don't suppose you know someone who knows someone who's seen Starlet?