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Wonder What To Do With Your Fab Fall Photos?

If you're new to Talking Plants you may not know about our photo community. Given some of the stunning shots showing up there today, I wanted to be sure you take a look and consider delighting us with some of your own stolen moments from this 2008 fall.

Given what else this season has brought us, I suspect you'll find our photo album a very safe haven — and there can never been too many of them.

seedhead close-up

"Ready to fly" was taken by TP regular Aleth Matrone who tell me she moonlights as a professional skydiver "and/or" an insurance claims specialist. And you thought you were interesting? photo credit: Aleth Matrone hide caption

toggle caption photo credit: Aleth Matrone

The majority of our group is enamoured with macro shots, and having tried a number of my own I know there's more to it than hitting the old "macro" button and hoping for the best. I find I have better luck with the big picture, which of late has been fairly mindblowing as I continue to hike my favorite (nearby) places on the planet.

morning on a farm backed by mountains

I've been spending way too much time talking about the Wallowa Mountains and the nearby towns of Joseph and Enterprise, but now I can brag all I want without incurring the wrath of locals because the mountain passes involved in getting there have become quite formidable. photo credit: Ketzel Levine hide caption

toggle caption photo credit: Ketzel Levine

I'm going to give the last word to Aleth for capturing a moment we've all stumbled into but perhaps have never fully seen.

spider web backlit by sun

Aleth spied this moment on her 17 acre farm spread in Kutztown, PA. A little light, a hint of red barn, and suddenly I'm no longer in front of the computer but smelling the sun on hay. Thanks, Aleth. photo credit: Aleth Matrone hide caption

toggle caption photo credit: Aleth Matrone



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