Demonstrators with Guy Fawkes masks protest changing privacy policies on March 31, in Vienna. Ronald Zak/DAPD/AP hide caption

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Even as more people rely on cellphones to tell time, retailer American Apparel has found that novelty watches are selling well. Kaomi Goetz for NPR hide caption

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The FlyRights mobile app, created by The Sikh Coalition, will be available for download on Androids and iPhones starting Monday, April 30. Courtesy of The Sikh Coalition hide caption

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Cybersecurity experts say Iran has the resources necessary to be a major player in cyberwarfare. hide caption

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A group of experts faced off on the motion "When It Comes to Politics, the Internet Is Closing Our Minds" at an Intelligence Squared U.S. debate on April 17 in New York City. Samuel LaHoz hide caption

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