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Living in the Studio...

An NPR "MIC" light seems to always be lit outside the studio as the new show with Michel Martin pilots away. Lee Hill, NPR hide caption

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Lee Hill, NPR

As you can see, the momentum of our pilot production has picked up quite a bit. We've practically been living in the recording studios here doing "intros," "outros" and lots and lots of engaging interviews. Our mornings are early (...almost beyond reason) with nights known to sometimes go later than we'd like.

But no complaining here.

We've developed an insatiable appetite for our growth. And the journey, so far, has been nothing short of amazing! Besides, spending so much time together "building" has helped our staff to bond... after we fight, of course.

For each pilot hour produced, our team chooses a sample group of segments to share with you, here on our blog. We try to select those that reflect what we're attempting to do with the program — our tone, our focus, our mission.

Today's lineup:

Political Blogosphere — Bloggers Kim Pearson and Josue Sierra discuss this week's news: Bush's visit to Latin America, the recent controversial firing of U.S. Attorneys and the biggest election of all right now... American Idol.

Frog Princess — Commentator Kim McLarin dishes on an upcoming film that will be a unique first for Walt Disney Studios. McLarin is the author of Jump At The Sun.

BackTalk — If you think we're not reading your Rough Cuts blog comments, think again. We put the spotlight on your feedback and try to find answers to your questions.

Divas Uncorked — Callie Crossley from a Boston wine-tasting group shares how to get your wine savvy on — not wine snobby.

March Madness — It's that time of year again and folks are going mad. Obsessed with the "brackets?" Listen to my viewpoint...

There. We've given you plenty to chew on. As always, savor, swallow, digest. And let us know what you think. Back to the studio...