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Now Boarding the 'Money Train'

If you've been with us from the beginning, you might remember our first series, Hip Hop: Under Fire. We talked about the post-Imus focus on hip hop lyrics — the role of the "video vixen," how white folks (the majority of hip hop consumers) engage the music... Now, we've got another one on our agenda and this time we want your help. Or, rather, we want to help you...

"Money Train: How to Get (And Keep) Your Finances on Track."

Consider this a call-out. We're looking for participants in three distinct areas: we're looking for someone who wants to start a business, we're looking for someone who wants to buy a first home...and we're looking for someone who struggles with "all things budget" For the latter, we're talking debt, overspending, name it.

This summer, one of our coaches, best-selling author Alvin Hall, will "drive the train" and walk a select group (chosen from our blog) through the ins and outs of their greatest financial challenges. Tell Me More and our listeners will keep track of the progress through weekly check-ins with Alvin.

The goal is to help put you on the road to fiscal responsibility and freedom. (Uh, no, we won't be paying your bills...still paying our own). Personal attention can be hard to come by these days, so consider this opportunity knocking at your door!

We're standing by to read your stories. The more descriptive you are, the better your chances at being selected to participate.

Let the submissions begin!

Added note: please remember, your experiences will be featured on a national stage (our show and blog), so don't sign up unless you're comfortable with your story being immortalized by our program. We're looking for details.