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Can I just tell you? The Terrence Howard interview surprised us in many ways. I'll let you in on something: last night, we actually thought about canning it. Obviously, we decided not to. I'm glad we didn't. This afternoon the story was at the TOP (my web producer wants me to shout here) of NPR's list of "Top E-mailed Stories" fact, it still is.

So, what happened 'behind-the-scenes' at Tell Me More? Let's backtrack a bit...

We approached the interview with Terrence believing him to be a Jehovah's Witness. (It's in the papers and on websites — incorrectly — that this is true. Even he acknowledged the common misconception in the interview). We're thinking: he's introducing this documentary on PBS on this religion...his religion...that some people, quite honestly, find strange and it would be good to talk to him about the project. Then...things head in a different direction. Before we knew it, deep strokes of intro- and retrospection began to flood the conversation. We had no idea about his..."conflict."

In the end, what came through clear was that he really is having an interesting time reconciling his faith with his everyday life. I mean, to most people he's "award-winning-actor-who's-living-the-life, Terrence Howard." He's the debonair man, although known to sometimes play "gritty" roles, who we all see on the big screen and on the red carpet doing his thing.

Now, we're saying who knew?

But after thinking about it...haven't we all experienced this reality at some point in life?...When the matters of the heart conflict with our will — that stubborn will? It's like tug-of-war and, of course, the "you" involved seems to always be trapped in the middle.

The lesson for us: if something doesn't turn out the exact way you expected, that doesn't necessarily mean it's a total loss. Go with the flow when it seems right. You never know where it might lead...

Lesson for you (and for us): Be conscious of your conflict...whatever it might be.



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I enjoyed your interview with Terrence Howard and was glad I got the chance to hear it. I had no idea about his supposed affiliation with J.W.'s. I applaud his candor, openness, and honesty. He spoke with such fluidity and respect you could tell his answers were from his experience, his heart. I myself am one of Jehovah's Witnesses and would only hope I could speak as eloquent about my faith as he did and the recognition he gave Jehovah God's Word the Bible. I thank Terrence and you and NPR for sharing.

Sent by Judith Posey | 1:03 AM | 5-23-2007

I can only say Ditto

Sent by PLC | 9:20 AM | 5-23-2007

The interview was great. I think that Howard's personal conflict is what makes it so appealing and applicable to all of us. Please find more people like him to interview; such interviews help make all of us feel like we're not the only ones who struggle to reconcile our lives with our spirituality.

Sent by Steve Petersen | 9:44 AM | 5-23-2007

(chuckling) I would simply love to be as well spoken as Judith Posey! No matter... Suffice it to say I was just as surprised at Mr. Howards affiliation with JW's, and ever grateful that the interview was allowed to air. I look at him in a totally different light now; not just another actor, but actually feeling as if I know him a bit more personally. I hope to continue to be deserving of being one of Jehovah's Witnesses and am awed that Mr. Howard esteems it a privilege himself, altho not yet realized....

Sent by Sandra Woodberry | 11:30 AM | 5-23-2007

Thank you for airing Mr. Howard's comments in regards to his faith and beliefs, I've heard him before speak up about what he had been taught from God's Word the Bible and each time I hear him he comes across as someone who has had a great deal of contact with the "Friends," Mr. Howard's knowledge about the Jehovah's Witnesses is not just a "Ship Pass'n in the Night," - but it feels as though he has dealt deeply with the Truth! Although he claims not to be one of Jehovah's Witnesses he speaks like a "Taught One," again not as someone that has no wisdom nor knowledge of God's Word and therefore I would definitely encourage Mr. Howard to seek Jehovah's Stronghold RUN not walk - as fast as he can! it's not easy to walk this "Narrow Road," but if we want life then Walk it we must! While seek'n Honest-hearted Ones to join us in serving the True God! Jehovah. Again, Thank you for allowing others to hear some "Good News".

Sent by A Sister | 1:41 PM | 5-23-2007

I thought the interview with Howard was great! I like the way you broached the topic with him and his willingness to be open about his feelins about the religion. It was quite refreshing. Well done.

Sent by ernise | 1:55 PM | 5-23-2007

I was suprised that you were thinking of not running the interview. The most interesting stuff seems often to come up when you least expect it: someone's approach, thoughts, are different than advertised, or conflict with other beliefs they hold. Good stuff. By the way, I can't imagining hiding if JW folks come calling, but I would tell them thanks but no thanks. I'm always a little suspicious of folks who think they have a single answer to life's many mysteries. At the same time the bible, specifically the King James version, is the fountainhead for all of English literature. I'll continue to go that fountain to be refreshed.

Sent by Stanley | 2:46 PM | 5-23-2007

Terrace, I know it's hard for you...Jehovah never said it would be easy. Your knowledge of the Bible is well commended. Listening to your interview, I was sadden by the fact how it's so hard to turn away from the things that Satan puts into our way...the whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one(1John 5:19)Terrace think about this also 1John4:10

Sent by Sister Brown | 2:59 PM | 5-23-2007

I went to the same Kingdom Hall as Terrace, and I will never forget his honesty about the struggle. Terrace, if you are reading this.. I no longer have the struggle and am now in peace with my heart and mind. I contribute my peace to you and others that have helped me along the way.

Sent by Tammy from the Conchie K. H. | 4:12 PM | 5-23-2007

Wow, how encouraging your interview was to me. More often than not, the beliefs of the witnesses are criticized and not spoken of seriously. It is such a beautiful thing to be able to hear the words and teaching from the Bible spoken so openly and eloquently. Mr. Howard has certainly given a good "witness" and I thank you for this interview that has illuminated some truth about this wonderful worldwide brotherhood.

Sent by A sister | 4:32 PM | 5-23-2007

It was wonderful to hear Mr. Howard's heart. Thank you NPR for airing this interview. We all should be so humble and BRAVE to expose our weaknesses as Terrence did. I AM proud of Mr. Howard and his determination to continue and WIN "the war within". Jehovah will bless his efforts. Your sister.

Sent by Debe | 4:41 PM | 5-23-2007

Terrence, I hope you are reading these words of encouragement- can you feel the warmth & connection with them?
Hearing you speak about the truths of Jehovah has brought so much joy to my day- thank-you! I
I became a witness as in my teens, now I am a mother of 2- my 20 year old son had many conflicts,& was pulled away by bad association, sadly, he is now in prison..I have a strong hope that he will come to his full senses..of course
my heart aches every single day, if only he had took the right course! It seems like you really have a good head on your shoulders- I really do feel that getting involved with the wrong folks is like quicksand, slowly it pulls you in...I would like to share with you and all the readers a scripture that is such a great soure of
encouragement-especially if you are a parent, as we both are....
Luke 11:11-13
Agape' Sheree

Sent by Sheree | 5:24 PM | 5-23-2007

Wow! Very few people articulate what they believe as well as Mr. Howard did in this interview.
He explained things about Jehovah's Witnesses better than "Knocking" did.
Bravo, Mr. Howard.

Sent by Junius | 5:26 PM | 5-23-2007

I would suggest that almost all of the people writing in about this interview are practising "Love Bombing" as taught at the local Kindom Hall.
The reality is that the Watchtower religion has brought much pain and hurt to families. As the potential convert is talked into a Bible study (which turns out to be only a book study of Watchtower materials), the policy of extreme shunning is glossed over.
After baptizm, if you disagree even with the smallest of Watchtower doctrine, then you have a chance of being shunned by all your JW associates, friends and family the world over.
Granparents never seeing their grandchildren grow up, children being hung up on the phone from their parents, brother and sister living in the same neighbourhood yet not a family anymore. Heartache is the reward for joining this high control group.

Don't be fooled by the love bombing.

Sent by Alex | 5:58 PM | 5-23-2007

An excellent example of twisted thinking is when Terrence states that those who leave the JW and get shunned are in reality the ones shunning their family and friends still in the Watchtower group. THIS IS FRIGHTENING.
The Watchtower is a high control group.
Red flags should pop up when one hears twisted thinking like the example provided.

Sent by Alex | 6:22 PM | 5-23-2007

Dear Terrence: I hope you can read this. I am so proud of your sincere expressions and honesty. You are a very smart man. Sometimes the war inside us seems overwhelming, but what gets me through is knowing where our source of energy comes from. There is nothing greater than that. That means there is no obsticle you can't overcome. Just take it small... an a mile's too high, but an inch is a cinch.

Sent by Felicia from Moreno Valley CA | 6:34 PM | 5-23-2007

show on Jehovahs witnesses was wonderful

It was done in a fair unbiased manner

Good for you Joe.

Sent by lynda clingerman | 6:46 PM | 5-23-2007

Just continue to do research for yourself by using God's Words the Bible, Your heading the right direction the Truth will set You Free! Pray for Jehovah to Guide You. We all Fall Short Because we're inperfect, But we will win The Fight with Jehovahs help.

Sent by Your Friend | 6:58 PM | 5-23-2007

As a Jehovah's Witness I was very glad to hear my faith discussed in such an honest way. He being associated for 17 years yet not getting baptized could have made him jaded. This in turn could have caused him to speak with disregard but he was very honest about my faith and his short comings. I pray that he will continue to exercise and soon join me and my 6 million strong in the race.

Sent by J. Edwards | 6:59 PM | 5-23-2007


Sent by jack | 7:13 PM | 5-23-2007

I was raised by JWs and I've seen alot and witnessed alot but the things that everyone should remember(Alex) is that you can't hold man do against God. Although I can relate to what Mr. howard said greatly it is very hard to stop doing things you own way. Thats my problem as well,but I continue to fight and pray. One day I hope that I will be end Jehovahs favor. That is the most important thing!

Sent by A Fighter As Well | 7:21 PM | 5-23-2007

Jehovah's witness people will not tell you that the only people who can understand the bible are the small group of governing body members.
All truth from Jehovah God is passed only through these few men.
Sounds kind of like a cult to me.

Sent by Glenn | 7:39 PM | 5-23-2007

As someone who is desperately trying to regain a relationship with Jehovah, it was so incredibly refreshing to here this. I am a fairly young person who has grown up in the Truth, and I had simply taken what I knew for granted. So thank you, Terrence. You're quite an example to those who are in a similar situation as yourself, and I would venture to say you will have helped more than a few adjust thier thinking on these important matters.

Sent by Tyson Herchak | 7:42 PM | 5-23-2007

Witnesses do not shun people just for disagreeing with them; nor did they separate Terrance from his family; contrary to untrue beliefs posted by "Alex". I know his children who have visited my congregation; and although they and their mother remain Jehovah's witnesses and he no longer identifies himself as one, he maintains a relationship with them and even took his son with him to the Academy Awards. (You can see them sitting together if anyone has the tape.) Everyone has a choice to believe and act on what they wish, and hopefully that choice is based on truth.

Sent by Friends in PA | 7:56 PM | 5-23-2007

Here we go again, JWs get a favorable puff piece and they go hog wild in trying to defend the Watchtower and control what each other says to minimize the damage control. It reminds me of Catholics in South America holding up the saint idols and marching down the streets, only you are holding up this Jehovah idol, who is non-existent. Jehovah has not kept the WT from making dozens of fale prophecies, cover-ups, and doctrinal flip-flops over the last 120 years. Jehovah has not blessed the modern day organization as it is losing steam and will slowly die in the years ahead due to lack of decent leadership. Jehovah has not kept the organization clean, as pedophiles are going door-to-door and hidden by the congregations. Get out the green hats, oh WT apologists, and make sure your brothers and sisters say everything JUST RIGHT to make sure Jehovah is not seen in his underpants! The Watchtower is dying a slow death, and no one cares anymore. They are reaping what they have sown.

Sent by Randall Watters | 8:44 PM | 5-23-2007

Good job in the interview, Michel. You asked the questions that we would have asked. It was interesting to understand the difference between being a Jehovah's Witness and having to "qualify" to do so.

Fine job.

Sent by Rajay | 9:51 PM | 5-23-2007

TERRANCE, PLEASE READ THIS. Remember, there will always be struggles to becoming one of our dear brothers. Satan will constantly throw temptations and hardship our way. We have to muster up enough courage to resist, at whatever costs, though. Your candid interview was absolutely heartwarming, you really seem like you want the truth. Please, I as well as any other brothers and sisters reading or listening to your interview, urge you to take the necessary steps. Now's the time...Armageddon is fast approaching, and this system is only going to suck you in further the longer you wait. Please, pray earnestly to Jehovah for the strength to do this...we are all behind you, and it is so wonderful that you can use your fame to give us a good name, after so many attempts to defame us by such ones as Alex and Randall above. Don't listen to such ones, they are like all the opposers in the prophet's days that ridiculed and mocked their preaching activity and their heeding God's warnings (such as those in Noah's day, when they laughed at him for building the ark for the whole 40 years yet in the end, were destroyed) or like those who opposed even God's son himself- Jesus. Remember, a 'slave is not greater than his master', so just as Jesus was persecuted and spoken wrongly against, so will Jehovah's sons and daughters of today. Pray, pray, pray, Terrance, and all other honest-hearted ones for the continued courage we need to stand up to our opposers. Have faith in all Jehovah God's promises, they've happened in the past, many are happening now, and the grand finale WILL happen too. Have no doubt.

Sent by A sister | 10:44 PM | 5-23-2007

all of you who struggle we pray for you to return to the true GOD Jehovah

Sent by D.S. | 11:15 PM | 5-23-2007

I think Terrance Howard is a good example to alot of people. I can appreciate his honesty. In this world there are alot of people afraid to face there imperfections. I am a JW and to hear Terrance admit "Hey I have some things I need to work on." Says alot about him. When you acknowledge your imperfections, your able to work on them. Terrance, if you read this I want you to know that everyone has there struggle. It's what corrections we make once realized that makes the differnce. Please continue to pray. I will pray for you as well.

Sent by trina | 1:11 AM | 5-24-2007

"Witnesses do not shun people just for disagreeing with them; nor did they separate Terrance from his family; contrary to untrue beliefs posted by "Alex"." [Friends in PA]

Jehovah's witness DO shun people when the organization 'disfelowships' them.
Even before that a member could be 'marked' and others would shy away from that person. Please stop your lies.
As far as Terrance, no where did I say that the organization seperated him from his family. He is not baptized into the group and I did say after you become baptized. You just say things that are untrue.
Just for the record also, I was never a member. This organization uses the term apostate as a tool for labeling anyone who changes their mind about following this man led religion. Anyone who comments anything negative about this group automaticly gets this label slaped on them.
This is a high control group.

Sent by Alex | 3:39 AM | 5-24-2007

I have five children all now young adults who were raised as Jehovah's Witnesses. Two of my sons started smoking at 18 and now feel the same way as Mr. Howard. It was the allure of trying new things (like Eve) that drew them away from Bible principles on staying clean from addictive substances and now the addiction dictates to them how they spend their money and their level of cleanliness. Their breath smells, their clothes smell, their teeth yellowed and who knows the condition of their lungs? These are handsome, intelligent young men who dress professionally and are in finance and IT careers. Yet this addiction holds their spiritual advancement back. You can't slave for two masters and smoking is a master.

We love them and know that their level of desire to please God, rather than men or even themselves will be the determining factor on their successful break from tobacco. We are here for them and so is Jehovah when they are ready. They have no doubt of all our love because, like Jehovah, we try to express our love, concern and support at every opportunity.

Sent by Karen Kelley | 6:49 AM | 5-24-2007

I heard that type of information about Terrance Howard before, and now it is just a confermation of his faith fo Jehovah. I am one of Jehovah's Witness and do find it refreshing to have the knowledge, and I am glad to hear that he is trying to accept the truth.

Good for you Terrance

Sent by Arko ~ Massachussetts | 9:40 AM | 5-24-2007

Thanks to NPR and Terrence for it's bravery and honest enlightenment of a long misunderstood group. It's a shame that Society chooses to KNOCK those things and people they do not understand. Kudo's to you both...

Sent by Tony | 9:42 AM | 5-24-2007

Terrence you interview was truly inspirational. Many will who do not understand the faith will, look down upon it, will degrade it, will throw stones and spit upon us (figuratively) just as they did Jesus. But just remember Jesus said that said that if they did it to him they will do it to us. Keep reaching for the real life and don't give up. Disregard any of Satan's tactic's to use those who wish of you to turn away from Jehovah. Many who chose to leave Jehovah because of not wanting to leave by BIBLE'S standard not PEOPLE standard will quickly try to talk bad about JW, but that's all they can do. We live by the Bible. And as you says YOU experienced that yourself. NOONE can take that away from you especially if they no nothing about JW, or if they chose to leave because they want to do their own thing and blame it on Jehovah rather than themselves! All who oppose will have to remember Acts 5:38,39
And we know that numbers don't lie. The growth is astounding, and the peace we receive within is beautiful. Never let anyone take that away from you especially your relationship with Jehovah (Psa 83:18 for all those with the KJV or other bibles that have not been changed throughout the years)

Sent by Y.D. | 10:03 AM | 5-24-2007

When I had heard that Terrance Howard was a Jehovah's Witness I was happy. I looked at some of the roles that he was portraying which included profuse cursing, fornication, drug and alcohol abuse, gun toting, etc... I was "stumbled." I then realized that obviously I had been misinformed about his affiliation with the "Truth." Mr. Howard needs to realize how powerful and influential Satan is. One of the traps of Satan's visible organization is "big business" (the entertainment world). If he wants to remain faithful to Jehovah he is going to have to give up acting or screen his character roles carefully and become not just a "hearer of the Word but a doing of the Word." He will no longer have to struggle with his emotions.

Sent by W. L. D. | 10:15 AM | 5-24-2007


Sent by just passing through | 11:04 AM | 5-24-2007

Jehovah's Witness broke our family apart.

I was one for 30 am free of the Watchtower organization.

Sent by braveo | 11:19 AM | 5-24-2007


Sent by DELISHA | 11:32 AM | 5-24-2007

Remember Terrance, this is a struggle not against flesh and blood but the wicked spirit forces, We can not fight our own physical weeknesses let alone Satan without relying firmly on Jehovah's. A brother once asked, Do you know why the Bible says ROLL your burdens on Jehovah? Because at times our burdens are to much to lift. And there is no Sin that he will not forgive a truly repentant person for. Keep Praying and then move yourself to action. Satan will work hard at keeping you where you are at, So don't let your heart lead you anymore.. Remember this too, You've never seen a hearse with a U-Haul attached. Can't take it with you!

Sent by JS | 11:38 AM | 5-24-2007

TO Michel Martin,
I loved your comment"if something
doesn't turn out the exact way you expected..that doesn't necessarily make it a total loss".."go with the
never know where it may lead"...
You see that is what HOPE is "the assured expectation" of the UNSEEN things.
All to often we give up on life, while
we are being pushed by the "unseen".
Thank You SO MUCH for producing this
story and to Mr Howard to have
the COURAGE to tell the truth about
his inner struggles and about Jehovah's
This story shows that he is humble and the what God is looking for.

Sent by Kathy Pittman | 12:18 PM | 5-24-2007

I did not see Mr. Howard's interview, however, I appreciated reading the summary on this page. I admire and respect his honesty regarding God's word and the conduct of those who serve Him. Contrary to the comments made by "Alex", Jehovah's Witness are not a "high control group" We are not a cult, however, we follow the principles set out God's word. As such the only rules and regulations come from Jehovah God himself and not from manmade doctrines.

Sent by Rita | 12:28 PM | 5-24-2007

I commend T.Howard for his comments on J.W.'s. I myself am a student to become a witness and have my own selfish struggles as well.This however was very moving to listen to. Don't give up the fight Terrence we have to keep that zeal that brought us in and let Jehovah guide us in our decision making. I know trust me that it's hard but one day you'll be able to call me a sister and I you a brother. Luv ya!

Sent by Kay Fields | 12:36 PM | 5-24-2007

Firs and foremost, Thank You Michel Martin. Thank you, for choosing to do this interview with Mr. Terrance Howard. Please take to heart and mind the words he spoke. The truth lies within Mr. Howard's heart and deep down inside his Kidneys. His interview, the words he spoke, and how he spoke them, tells us so. I am confident Mr. Howard knows this, that the "Truth" is within him. Again, thank you Michel for this wonderful, fair, and inspiring interview with Mr. Terrance Howard.

Terrance, as you already know, it is not easy to leave behind those things of the World that we love to have and love to do. I know about that THRON IN THE SIDE, the Apostle Peter knew what it was like too, and he wrote about it. Please read, mediate, and pray to Jehovah Terrance after you read these scriptures. Always remember, run to him because he is our Crag, our stronghold, our Tower, our Refuge!

Deuteronomy 30:14:
???For the word is very near you, in your own mouth and in your own heart, that you may do it.

Deuteronomy 30:16, and 19:
???16. See, I do put before you today life and good, and death and bad.???

???19. I do take the heavens and the earth as witnesses against YOU today, that I have put life and death before you, the blessing and the malediction; and you must choose life in order that you may keep alive, you and your offspring[.]???

Psalms 26:2:
???Examine me, O Jehovah, and put me to the test; Refine my kidneys and
my heart.???

Psalms 139:23:
???Search through me, O God, and know my heart. Examine me, and know my disquieting thoughts[,]???

Romans 7:14-25:
???For we know that the Law is spiritual; but I am fleshly, sold under sin. 15. For what I am working out I do not know. For what I wish, this I do not practice; but what I hate is what I do. 16. However, if what I do not wish is what I do, I agree that the Law is fine. 17. But now the one working it out is no longer I, but sin that resides in me. 18. For I know that in me, that is, in my flesh, there dwells nothing good; for ability to wish is present with me, but ability to work out what is fine is not [present]. 19. For the good that I wish I do not do, but the bad that I do not wish is what I practice. 20. If, now, what I do not wish is what I do, the one working it out is no longer I, but the sin dwelling in me. 21. I find, then, this law in my case: that when I wish to do what is right, what is bad is present with me. 22. I really delight in the law of God according to the man I am within, 23. but I behold in my members another law warring against the law of my mind and leading me captive to sin???s law that is in my members. 24.Miserable man that I am! Who will rescue me from the body undergoing this death? 25. Thanks to God through Jesus Christ our Lord! So, then, with [my] mind I myself am a slave to God???s law, but with [my] flesh to sin???s law.???

Isaiah 41:10: "Do not be afraid, for I am with you. Do not gaze about, for I am your God. I will fortify you. I will really help you. I will really keep fast hold of you with my right hand of righteousness.??? ???

Isaiah 41:13: "For I, Jehovah your God, am grasping your right hand, the One saying to you, ???Do not be afraid. I myself will help you.'"

Hurry in soon Terrace, we are in the last days, and critical times hard to deal with are here. We all promise to make room for you on that cramped and "narrow road" to life everlasting.

Sister "Catshouse7"

l he has to do is act on it and the door is opened for him. Terrance spoke the TRUTH, not from his words, but from God's word the BIBLE. The question for all is What Does the Bible Really Teaches? What Terrance spoke, IS "What the Bible Really Teaches" and that's where all the beleifs and practices of Jehovah Witnesses come from and thus follow.

but from deep down inside his Kidneys. That is as deep as you can get. Psam. reads: Jehovah is examining even the kidneys This is for a brother, who must have to know that whether he has actually dedicated his life to Jehovah or not at this time, he mus know that

Sent by Sister Catshouse7 | 12:41 PM | 5-24-2007

Mr. Howard, I know you have read all of these e-mails, but hearing your interview and seeing the world longer than I have, I know that no e-mail rejecting Jehovah's beautiful awe inspiring guidelines from his word the bible can not sway your love, trust, and faith you have already gained in just learning about Jehovah, becuase you speak with sincere confidence and honesty about yourself and as well as Jehovah God and his requirements to serve him, not man or yourself. I too have faught and still am fighting to make Jehovah's heart rejoice too, and that will never stop. I was disfellowshipped twice, but after realizing that I needed to stop being a continual victim of my own circumstances and choices I had made in life with all the "why fors", and become accountable for my actions and own up to the fact that it didn't excuse the unloving disobedience I had shown Jehovah, because I at that time didn't genuinley love Jehovah, but was taught to know he's real, respect him as the only true god, and know he does not lie, and last but not least I didn't love me at that time, but now, these last four years of being back serving Jehovah God "whole souled" to the best of my ability, have been the best and hardest last four years of my life and I would not trade it for nothing in this world we live in today, and I continually thank Jehovah for his patience because it took me all of my teenage and young adult years to see that he knew all along I was a "lost sheep", not a "lost soul or cause", and i am only 32.So take heart, and Trust in Jehovah God Fully, and go "drink life's water free" with your family Jehovah's way, and Jehovah's way only.

Sent by a sista in TOL | 12:44 PM | 5-24-2007

Wow, there was such a huge response to this interview, I thought I was was moved by it, apparently many were. I would just like to briefly say that I too was raised as one of Jehovah's Witnesses and have struggled with being steadfast against my own personal wants. It was very timely for me to hear this interview and know that someone other than myself feels exactly the way I have for many a years. As I intend to pray for direction and strength to turn my life into a direction that is favorable to Jah, I pray that others do to. Lastly, I am sadly one of the disfellowshipped and I would just like to say in defense of Jehovah's arrangement, that the shunning is not put in place to harm or hurt families, it is only our personal weaknesses that will let us conclude that. Jehovah is protecting his people from the things of the world that some of us chose to engage in. To walk in the way of the truth is already a struggle..this is a protection for them. Terrance Howard if your reading this, thank you for expressign my feelings so clearly this was an encouragement to me and others I know you never expected.

Sent by C. Cooksey- Northern California | 1:00 PM | 5-24-2007

"Jehovah's witness DO shun people when the organization 'disfelowships' them.
Even before that a member could be 'marked' and others would shy away from that person. Please stop your lies.
As far as Terrance, no where did I say that the organization seperated him from his family. He is not baptized into the group and I did say after you become baptized. You just say things that are untrue.
Just for the record also, I was never a member. This organization uses the term apostate as a tool for labeling anyone who changes their mind about following this man led religion. Anyone who comments anything negative about this group automaticly gets this label slaped on them.
This is a high control group.

Sent by Alex | 3:39 AM ET | 05-24-2007"

To all others except for 'Alex' who is obviously illeterate and ignorant to the Bible facts and truth:

First, it is spelled 'Disfellowshipped' and it a choice the person himself/herself makes. You cannot become a baptized JW unless you have acquired an ACCURATE Bible knowledge, then DECIDE to be a JW. Once babtized he/she has decided to obey what THE BIBLE SAYS (whichever version/translation). It is our decision to shun ourselves from family and friends, it all depends on US.

Sent by a friend in ga | 1:11 PM | 5-24-2007

I am very, very happy to hear about the interview and to hear the words from someone else's mouth. We are a people of remarkable faith, and it is a blessing that other people have been able to see it with their own eyes. May Jehovah continue to bless our work and the candor of those who look at us in a favorable light. Terrance, if Jesus draws you to Jehovah, it will truly be a blessing. Agape...

Sent by Shala S. Barnett | 1:22 PM | 5-24-2007

I found it interesting that they spoke of Jehovah's Witnesses as being made the butt of jokes, they dont' realize that shows our efforts are being acknowledged, with the organization growing by the millions every year! I would hardly call that dieing! Some people would see the Jehovah's Witnesses as being brain washed, but I believe that it is truely the opposite, their minds are open to see the truth!

ALEX- it doesn't seem like Jehovah's Witnesses are the controlling one! You obviously do not know much about the faith of Jehovah's Witnesses. Because indeed it is not the faith that makes these actions come to be, but the words of the bible. There is nothing controling about being one of Jehovah's Witnesses, you are free to do whatever you want to do, but the faith helps to teach to have the behavior of a christian. You must have had a bad experience and I'm sorry for that, but let's remember we can not put our faith in man, we are here to put our faith in God, man is in no place to judge. The only reason a person is disfellowshipped is because their actions show an unrepetant attitude and do not want to come back to the faith, so what does it matter if they are disfellowshipped, their actions show they do not want to be a part of the faith. Let's remember Alex, you are not forced to get babtized or babtized as a child you are an adult to make the decision to be babtized, and you knew the consequences of unrepented behaviors! Do we not in our daily lives have consequences to bad behavior? Do you not get a ticket if you speed?

Terrance, I think it's amazing to see you making such possitive changes. These changes will only better your life and the life of your family. Giving your family a faith is a beautiful gift.

Sent by Faithful from Minnesota | 1:33 PM | 5-24-2007

Regardless if Terrance Howard speaks out to support the Organization or not it has Jehovah's backing. No matter what other say or do it will remain. Jehovah will draw the honest hearted ones to him. Not all will listen or see the need to get to know Jehovah. We have been given a choice of life or death. Jehovah hold life in store for those who follow him and for those that don't the latter. For all that might be reading this, next time when the Witnesses come (knocking) at your door instead of not answering take the time to find out for yourself what they believe and if it's scriptural. That's what a reasonable person would do investigate for yourself.Those who LIE and speak all kind of TWISTED things about Jehovah and his people they will have the reward mention at Revelation 20:15.

Sent by carol williams | 1:42 PM | 5-24-2007


Sent by DEATRICK OF AURORA COLORADO | 2:06 PM | 5-24-2007

It is good to hear that so many of Jehovah's people are trying to encourage one who is showing a conciousness of his spiritual needs. I appreciate that fact that he stated we act on what is said in Jehovah God's word the bible. I encourage Mr. Howard to rely on Jehovah and trust in him because he will give you the needed help. A few good scripture to meditate on are Luke 11:9,13 which encourage us to ask Jehovah for help and he will give it, and Philippians 4:13 which also helps us to see we can gain "strength by virtue of him who imparts power to me." To my brothers and sisters I also would like you to take in to consideration a few scriptures in regard to any opposition we might face as to our faith. 2Tim 2:16-18 this will help us to see the view of apostates in the first century Christian congregation
(2 John 9,10; Rom 16:17,18). But most importantly remember Prov. 11:9 "By his mouth the one who in an apostate brings his fellowman to ruin." It would be better not to acknowledge what an apostate says and let our conduct and our dedication to Jehovah speak. (1Pet 2:12 "...maintain your conduct fine among the nations...")

Sent by KJ from California | 2:37 PM | 5-24-2007

I am an ex-witness who witnessed "the brothers" doing nothing and reprimanding my mother after our father would beat us, and even try to stab us. They knew the full effect of our fathers' violent rage and they did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Terrence, everything looks so beautiful on the outside but as an adult african-american women living with the memories of an organization that turned its back on a group of abused women. I am thankful to be alive...everyday.

This organization screams of cult. It began in the early 1900's. Look it up the information is out there.
Families are broken up and encouraged not to speak to disfellowed family members. Whatever happened to "Love Thy Brother" and "Love Thy neighbor as you love thyself" Only cults ask you to detach from those not associated with their beliefs.

Sent by L.E | 3:11 PM | 5-24-2007

Dearest Terrance. Your honest/truthful comments do not go unnoticed by Jehovah God. I too left the Truth right out of high school, disfellowshipped,18 years later, Jehovah's mercy is so appreciated. When I was out in the world, involved with alcohol, drugs, immorality, violent behavior, shot/stabbed, to name a few, played a major role, however, I'm glad I'm alive to talk about it. Interestingly, my "buddies", made fun of me, thought I was wierd, name it, when I began to change & lead a clean life. It was difficult. Now ? I'm thankful to Jehovah, a happy individual with TRUE friends. Although I battle guilt feelings, never underestimate a humble heart & the power of prayer. Think of the long term benefits Terrance, as opposed to the short time left a life span has & this dying system we live in. Take care my Terrance, my prayers are with you & DO NOT STOP PRAYING !!!

Sent by RUDY | 3:23 PM | 5-24-2007

one thing i would like to say..
find the kingdom of jehovah.and always put jehovah fist..matt6:33...

Sent by sister duran | 3:45 PM | 5-24-2007

Thanks, NPR for allowing us to see this interview. Terrence, I know your struggle. I didn't smoke, but I was a party animal.By age 25, I was too thru with jello shots and Yaigermeister! LOL!!!! I made the decision to study and I had no idea I would make that decision. I was the last of my mom's eight kids, that she reared in the truth, that anyone would ever guess would embrace the truth. Terrence, I came in fast. It all started when I saw my friend from high school at a District Convention, and she was a straight up Witness! I was shocked because we both were not having it in high school!I went to visit her at her Kingdom Hall a bit later one Sunday. The speaker for the public talk was a professional comedian in his past. He was hilarious. Everyone was sooo nice. I had on a micro mini skirt and cleavage everywhere. Yet everyone was sooo nice. I was the meanie. I only went to see my friend. I had to admit that it felt good to be at the Kingdom Hall again. I didn't know any of the songs. No one informed me of the new Song book. The little sister next to me tried to share hers, but I wasn't having it! Well. I found a Kingdom Hall in my area to go to after that because it felt so good to be there. This particular congregation had all my friends from my old Hall that I grew up in attending. I hadn't seen them in so long. They remembered me being the eldest of 8 children and the station wagon (LOL!!!) They embraced me. I started a study 2 months after coming back to the meetings with a persistent sister who didn't understand NO!!! She and I are close now. It has been 12 years, Terrence. I am now married and I have a little girl who loves Jehovah. You know the scripture at Revelation 12:9? She asked me one day when she was 4: "Mom, does Jehovah have a bif foot?" LOL!!! You can do this, Terrance. I am rooting for you. I appreciate your honestly and humility. That is where it starts. Remember the 3 H's!! Are you hungry? I think that now you may have a little idea of the haters out there. I like to call it Jehovah's Witness hate. These people just pop up everytime there is anything that brings praise and honor to Jehovah's name, which he so rightly deserve. Thay are just filthy ignorant people with a putrid brain and heart and they are venom laden. Now you know what it's like. There is nothing as it pertains to our faith, that they won't twist and convolute to fit their sick urges for revenge on some supposed "mishap", that for all we know, could have happened decades ago. Could that be healthy to be so venomous after all this time? It takes effort to keep an "ax to grind" alive for all that time. When you see the negative, quit reading. Don't try to converse with them. At our conventions annually, there is always this "Lone Ranger" apostate out there holding up signs and speaking twisted. I'm like, where is that man's wife? Or yet his life, for that matter. It dawned on me that he is void of both! Stay away from the hate..Get going in that race, my friend.

Sister Woman

Sent by Lori | 4:15 PM | 5-24-2007

Nice article. It's hard for everyone, even ones who actively serve within the JW christian congregation like myself. The good thing about our faith is that we understand that only God can examine a person's heart. Do what is right, and let your heart follow...

Sent by Mark | 4:16 PM | 5-24-2007

I am a Jehovas Witness and it makes me very happy and proud to see that Jehovas mandates are taking place as we speak, we follow the teachings of the bible so as it states in Matthew 24:14 this is what we're supposed to be doing and thats what were about. Terrence keep on exercising you'll get there. sincerely Nelson

Sent by brother Nelson C. Pino | 4:26 PM | 5-24-2007

Dear Terrance, I am talking to you as a person in the know, For 23 years i sat on the side lines, going to meetings,to the school ,conventions i was so involved that when i got babtized people i knew for years did not relize i was not a witness. For all that time i sat outside of Jehovahs organization, i am now truly sorry. I now go out in service and to tell you i get so mad at myself sometimes by no doing what i was to do . I enjoy going out in service for Jehovah that i kick myself for missing this enjoyment all these years. So Terrance hang in thetr and if you ever have any doubts pick up the bible Jehovahs word and you can find any answer that you need to continue in your life, but do it soon time is short.

Sent by sent by Ed in California | 4:28 PM | 5-24-2007

I remember seeing you first in New York Undercover. I was so amazed. I knew you were going places. I can relate to what you're going through, especially with the cigarette thing. Keep putting the kingdom first, and you will be blessed for your effort. It's so great that you have the support of your family and children. The road is cramped, but we can get through. Don't give up. Philemon 4:22

Sent by Jackie | 4:43 PM | 5-24-2007

As for L.E. Above an ex-witness saying our father would beat us,and they did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. L.E. just what did you think the brothers could do? They have Police in the world and it's their job to handle this problem. I have a neighbor the same way am i to go over and whip him? Get real

Sent by Ed | 4:53 PM | 5-24-2007

Terrance, your interview was vey heartwarming.We live in times that surely hard to deal with at times. However, as one of Jehovah's witnesses, we can endure anything with the help of his holy spirit. So keep on pursuing righteousness.!!! Agape love

Sent by Sis Robinson--- Houston, tx | 5:05 PM | 5-24-2007

As one who grew up in the Truth I really fought sinful desires all my life, even Disfellowshipped, divorced, and basically reaching rock bottom, I experienced Jah's love and discipline.
I had so many HIV tests I could not count them all....but I was determined to change....and I did.....gradually.

Now after being remarried to a loving wife who stayed with me, forgave me and helped me face my addictions I am free of the desire for selfish gratification.

I have leaned on Jah completely....he gave me my life back!! Now I feel he accepts my prayers and my worship. I have a daughter we're raising to fear Jehovah and serve him.

I have a goal of FT service this year and soon I may be used by the brothers to serve others. I feel like David who said " I will teach others your ways"
David too understood Jeh forgives in a large way, as he has in my case, too.

terrence, I pray that Jah will help you endure and conquer your fears, and he will grant you forgiveness and the gift of a clean conscience. May that be your blessed future my brother!
Brother RDM

Sent by Richard Munoz | 5:22 PM | 5-24-2007

I love to read all these canned presentations. I guess after going to 5 meetings a week, not being able to 'examine all things', including the Watchtowers history and non Watchtower material, I would be as single minded too.
I would suggest that the Watchtower teachings are not as strong as you may think, but just like the old Soviet Union, you members share the following characteristics:

1) You are kept apart
2) You are forced to conform
3) You are ruled by fear
4) You are hemmed in by secrecy and
5) You are told what to do
6) You censored yourselves
7) You are treated like children
8) Your language is stilted

Examples based on the words of Igor Kokarev talking about how living in the Soviet Union, had all the characteristics of a repressive sect.

Think about it people.

Sent by Michael | 5:24 PM | 5-24-2007

To L.E.: As a child, maybe you did not understand the whole situation. As a child , there were things that I did not understand about the (elders) ,and how they handled matters in our household. But as I got older,and learned to appreciate the truth more, I knew that Jehovah's organization was and still is the only organization that I would ever belong to. Actually my mom raised 5 of us by herself, and we are stronger than ever in Jehovah's love. So don't blame the brother's, because they are also imperfect as well. And please don't look for an excuse to do something that you probaly wanted to do anyway. ( Leave Jehovah's organization.)

Sent by Mona--Houston,tx | 5:31 PM | 5-24-2007

Oh, I am very sad for missing the interview between Michael and Terrence. I am also one who has struggled with cigarette smoking. Like Terrence, I have been associated with the Witnesses for about 17 years. And I too will defend them all the way. When I stopped going to the Kingdom Hall my life went to pieces. I now realize what happened. I dont know why this struggle(this morbid fearof stopping cigs). There are many scriptures such as Deut.6:6 Romans.12:1; 1.Tim.4:15; James.3:18; that tell us to be ABSORBED" in these things.."INCULCATED".."INSTILLED BY REPETITION" and "PONDERED
OVER ". This is what I am trying to do. Maybe this will help someone else who is struggling to serve Jehovah whole-heartedly like I am. Though I did not hear the interview just reading these comments have been uplifting. Any repeats on this broadcast???????PLEASE

Sent by Susan H | 5:42 PM | 5-24-2007

Im sorry I mispelled Michels name. If yuo can will you please correct it?

Sent by Susan H | 5:46 PM | 5-24-2007

Being One Of Jehovahs Witnesses is a way of life! True we all struggle with ourselves as far as what is fleshly desire and what is spiritual! But know that "out of the mouth the heart speaks". Mr.Howard was honest and straight forward even candid about where he is personally. People think that money fame and power is all we need , But just think how your veiw or peoples views would change if they were in poor health realizing their mortality? What a question right?
Each person should think ever deeper about their own spirituality! What does that mean,one may ask? It means that we are not Gods and there is a Creator who has feelings and right now with all the wealth and power people are starving, should that be? As a whole people should really learn "What The Bible Really Teaches"! As Mr.Howard brought out you can't just join the Jehovah's Witnesses without qualifying by bible standards!All that they do is by Volentary efforts which stems from the heart and ones personal love for GOD Jehovah! That is the motivating factor!
There is so much to learn none of us can know it all, but as a collective we can obtain greater knowledge of the true GOD Jehovah! The Real Power Is Love! Not Weapons or money!

Sent by RKW | 6:16 PM | 5-24-2007

Wow. I have never heard such a clear cut, fair and accurate portrayal of Jehovah's Witnesses presented in the media. Amazing that the source is from an observer. Thank you Mr. Howard and thank you NPR.

Sent by C. Holtkamp | 7:10 PM | 5-24-2007

I will have to disagree with Glenn,
All of Jehovahs Witnesses understand the Bible by our study of the Bible, along with the aided publications. The governing Body of Brothers, are directed by means of Jehovah's holy spirit to channel down all the information that they know to all of Jehovah's Witnesses all over the world

We are not a cult, we are not isolated in one spot. We are all over the world
in unity under the same line of thought,
spirit, and it is all directed from Gods Word the Bible. Not our own thinking.

Sent by A. Johnson | 7:18 PM | 5-24-2007

I am a former witness - which is a very difficult thing to even say - and at present struggle with reconciling myself to Jehovah. I need to be clear in saying that I separated myself from Jehovah via my struggles with enduring my wife's problems, etc. I found that I was in a being a hypocrite - but I didn't know it. I ended up immensely disliking my own wife because of her behaviors and ended up losing the battle with endurance. I gave up and hate myself for it. Doing the right thing - serving Jehovah - requires that you disown yourself and prioritize his will ... boy do I miss being with him!!!!!!!!!!!

Sent by Ronald A. Beard | 7:50 PM | 5-24-2007

This was not only a great interview from Terrences side, but also the person that interviewed him had such good questions that just made the conversation flow with insight and understanding. You were drawn to him and anxious for the next question. Hopefully people everywhere will understand our commission that as Terrence stated is Bible based, and take time next time we come knocking to take a moment to listen. A Sister

Sent by SWooldridge | 8:10 PM | 5-24-2007

If someone has a problem with Witnesses."You don't have to be one". It's a life-style so different than most today (thank goodness for that) A few of the posts sound like "A mechanic explaining how to do brain surgery. I think I would rather get the correct info on how Brain Surgery is done from the Brain Surgeon. I got the correct info 9 years ago and that's when my real life started and our family life could not be happier. We have freedom of choice and with the way the world is today, if someone does not want to find the truth, that's ok. Think of why Witnesses go door to door. We could do many other things from day to day, but because we "love our neighbors" we share Bible truths with them, and also show them where they can find answers to lifes questions right in their own bible. As for the "disfellowshipping debate"
It is extremely difficult for that to happen.( And I mean extremely. I know this personally, and you are given every opportunity to try to make things right. If you make the choice to continue to do something that could "contaminate the congregation" such as immorality or another degrading practice, well, I for one am thankful that there is a religion that won't go against Bible principles just to try to keep the numbers up in their churches.
Another comment from Alex about our religion not doing well and will eventually fade away. Each year in January the progress around the world is documented in the Watchtower. Every country in the world and a very "organized detailed account. The increase each year is truly amazing. It's very easy to get pulled in to these arguments and comments, but I don't get angry at people who have a problem with us. They will either see it or not see it. I am certainly blessed that I did see it and that I am associated with the kind of Religion and people that truly put Gods word first

Sent by barb | 8:29 PM | 5-24-2007

Congratulations to NPR for airing the Terrance Howard interview. I am sure there were misgivings about allowing a positive light to be shed on what some consider a cult. Interestingly a similar situation occured in Bible times and can be found in the book of Acts chapter 5. There was a great debate as to how to 'handle' this cult of early Christians. A well respected man in the Jewish Sanhedrin and a Law teacher by the name of Gamaliel arose after listening for a while and said this in verses 38 & 39, " And so, under the present circumstances, I say to YOU, Do not meddle with these men, but let them alone; (because, if this scheme or this work is from men, it will be overthrown; 39??but if it is from God, YOU will not be able to overthrow them;) otherwise, YOU may perhaps be found fighters actually against God.???

For those of us who hold the Bible as both a teaching and learning instrument for mankind, I would say that God had Gamaliel's words recorded for a purpose.

Sent by Karen Kelley | 8:42 PM | 5-24-2007

Jesus is the central theme of Christian Greek scriptures, yet not one JW religious person has any focus on him.
The flavor and message of the risen Christ and his undeserved kindness has nothing to do with the Watchtower organizations gospel of measuring up to Gods standards.
The Watchtower publications replace the scriptures with this religion as does the Book of Mormon does with the Latter Day Saints. It is just another modern American sect.

Sent by Janet | 8:44 PM | 5-24-2007

Thank you NPR for your candid interview! I am a witness and enjoyed it very much.

A note to non-witnesses:
I have a good relationship with my non-witness family (dad baptized and brother not baptized). I love them with all my heart and respect their choices. Check it out for yourself.

Sent by SB San Diego | 9:08 PM | 5-24-2007

Hey Terrence... I know I will be hangin' with you in the new system. : D I have serious confidence that you will be there. I have my battles daily as well. Good thing for our concious huh?

I enjoy making music and maybe I can compose to one of your films one day.

Sent by Danny Figueroa, Tucson, AZ | 9:26 PM | 5-24-2007

Terrence, I must admit that listening to your words brought me to tears. I could feel the struggle and desire to do what is right in your voice. I know that after being around the truth for so long there is nothing that I could say to you that you don't already know. There is no encouraging scripture for me to quote that you have not already read a thousand times. So let me simply say this... I PROMISE YOU THIS DAY that I will remember you in my prayers and ask Jehovah to give you the strength to overcome these struggles that satan has put before you. Don't give up the fight. I hope one day that I will have the privilage of calling you MY BROTHER.

Sent by Sister in Omaha | 9:57 PM | 5-24-2007

I really enjoyed reading this and listening to the interview.Terrace's illustration of running a race and that he was in training hit close to home.We look for those ones who are excersing to get in this race, sort of speak, those who want to know the bible and how to apply it in their lives.

Sent by N. Allen | 10:22 PM | 5-24-2007

I am also just now qualifying and am now learning to teach others the truth about Jehovah God and his son Jesus. I am looking forward to becoming a baptized witness in the near future. Two thumbs up to Terrance and NPR for sharing what so many close the door to the logically simple truth. Tell Terrance he won't regret joining that race.

Sent by Shelonda | 11:33 PM | 5-24-2007

Thank you Michel Martin for the excellent job on the interview. I am so glad you decided to air it. To Terrance, I appreciate your honesty and your humility. Great job of explaining the truth and where you are. Please continue studying and learning about our great God Jehovah. I hope soon you will be able to realize your desire of becoming one of Jehovahs Witnesses.May Jehovah bless your efforts.

Sent by Lorraine Maldonado | 11:55 PM | 5-24-2007

hi, i have been baptized 27 years,i have been married 33 years to an opposing unbeliever,my goal was to be a good wife and mother and raise up my 5 children to love jehovah,my children saw jehovahs hand in our life and many difficult trials,one by one they succumed to the world, gang life and drugs sent my two oldest to prison,i witnessed my oldest near death his body blue and not breathing due to herion overdose, the happiest time in my life is when we all went out in service and the meetings togather,i love my children and my husband with all of my heart,i have faith that if they are sheeplike and respond to the truth, they will return to jehovah, about 3 years ago it became a major challange for me to attend meetings,due to depression and a small stroke,and discouragement,i just know that jehovah will bless you for using your voice to publically praise our great god jehovah, also all the beautiful and encouraging comments are so heartwarming, these last days are so hard,we have jehovahs holy spirit, his angels,his organization,the brothers and sisters,all these blessings, i pray that you continue to progress toward baptism,your sister in the faith Carol G. Stockton,Ca.

Sent by carol guerra | 5:10 AM | 5-25-2007


Sent by T. MANELI | 9:27 AM | 5-25-2007

How refreshing to see someone of your position in life embrace the truth! Jesus said "it would be easier for a camel to get through a needles eye than for a rich man to inherit the Kingdom of God". Matthew 19:24 So thank you very much for seeking the kingdon of the True God Jehovah because his son Jesus did not say it was imposible for a rich man to inherit God's Kingdom. Please become a doer of God's word and not just a hearer of his word. Your eternal future depends upon itif you want to gain everlasting like in Jehovah's new order of things.

Sent by Sister Mabon | 9:46 AM | 5-25-2007

You can just study the bible to learn what God's will is for us. It don't take a certain religion or group of people to follow.

Sent by Lanetta S. Davis | 10:09 AM | 5-25-2007

I was so delighted to hear the interview between Terrence and Michel. How refreshing (and surprising) to hear the heartfelt comments in favor of our beliefs, made by someone who is not yet a dedicated Witness. Thank you, Terrence, for sticking to scripture and explaining so well in a brief interview, what you know to be truth. I agree with someone else who posted that you did a better job than the narrator/journalist in the film. The film was excellent, but they should have let the Witnesses explain their beliefs, the narration was simplistic and dry. It never gave any weight to what scripture says, only a basic outline of beliefs.

Also, this message board was supposed to be about opinions dealing with the film/interview itself. It is always amusing to me, albeit frustrating, to hear people popping out of the woodwork to unleash their negative, shortsited comments upon sincere Christians who are trying their best to live according to God's standards. Those standards are to be found in the Bible, not in pop culture and self-help books that say 'everyone should be okay no matter what they do and how they live'. Keep in mind that those who are disfellowshipped have made and broken a vow, and they are unwilling to make changes- which the Bible calls "repenting". Disfellowshipping is a command found in the writings of the apostles. Along with that, one finds the counsel to forgive and welcome back repentant ones who decide to change their ways. I have two family members who are disfellowshipped, which hurts immensely. It hurts to know that they cared so little for Jehovah, his truth, his people, and their own loved ones. "If one knows how to do what is right and yet does not do it, it is a sin for him." (James 4:17) But I know from experience that if anything, the elders are overly patient with those who sin, because they endeavor to imitate the love and mercy of Jehovah God. It would be shameful and embarrassing to allow unrepentant wrongdoers to remain in good standing within the congregations. Then we would be no closer to the Bible's standards than any other faith.
You know, Jehovah's Witnesses are honest people who love God and their fellowman. Do you think they go door to door for their own benefit? It is because of Jesus' command, as well as his telling us to love first and formost Jehovah God and then our neighbors as ourselves. If a storm or disaster were approaching and a safe means of escape existed, not sharing this with as many as we could would be tantamount to murder. We want people to know how loving Jehovah God is. He is so maligned by those (even clergy of many religions) who blame him for the evils of the world. People need the hope of God's kingdom, so we share the message that Jesus shared in the way he shared it.

Thanks again, Terrence, for your love and honesty. We all hope you continue in your search for wisdom and truth. May Jehovah bless your efforts.

Sent by Donna | 10:16 AM | 5-25-2007

To all those respondents that claim Jehovah's Witnesses are a cult: Jehovah has always had earthly representatives overseeing his worship . The fact that the overseeing brothers (some call them a small group of controlling men) do such a fine job "watching over the flock of God" is a true testiment to the fact that this is indeed an organisation approved and led by an organized God, Jehovah, and not by any "group of men". No men, no matter the group size, could ever run such an organisation as Jehovah's Witnesses on their own accord. Remember, cults generally have a very short shelf life. Many have tried to stamp out this organisation. If it was run by a group of men, it would have long been disbanded. But since it is headed by Jehovah, it will stand to time indefinite! Mr. Howard, the membership into this organisation is free, as is everthing provided once you make that decision to join. Can't wait to hear that you have officially joined Jehovah's organisation.

Sent by DG | 10:27 AM | 5-25-2007

I missed the interview, but was able to listen to the audible. I myself am one of Jehovah's Witness and proud to be one. People will speak lies such as Alex and Randall. These people are of no concern for they will know when that day comes that Jehovah will prove to be who he said he is. People will always speak twisted things about Jehovah Witnesses. The bible mentions that we will be persecuted; after all Jesus himself was righteous in every way and look at what they did to him, he however, being God's son and they killed him, so we are not surprised or shock by what people who have no knowledge or understanding about Jehovah Witnesses say. They will try to fight against God but they will lose. For what man is it that lives upon the face of the earth can fight against God and yet live.

Everyone in life has a choice to make either you will choose to live your life in harmony with the bible or you will not, but know this that God is not one to be mock for you will reap what you sow.

Terrance remember the scripture at Luke 15:11-24 about the prodigal son you're like that son. Remember that Jehovah is a loving, and kind God. He is forgiving and will accept you into his fold if you are willing to serve him and if so then serve God. The scripture at 2 Tim. 3:1-5 tells us what kind of times we are living in. 2 Tim. 3:16-17 helps us to understand that all scriptures are beneficial. There are those who want their ears tickled at 2 Tim. 4:3-4. But never forget the scripture that leaves nothing to the imagination about this world. 1 John 2:15-17.

Terrance I hope you decide to serve Jehovah, you know what the truth is and now the decision is left up to you and you alone, no one can make that choice for you. In addition, remember that we are all struggling with something may it be illness, death of a love one, life's anxiety, our on imperfections. These things will be with us until the new system. But each and every one of us just has to put up a fine fight for we know that Satan is like a roaring lion seeking to devour someone.

So if you need help pray to Jehovah for he is our rock, our stronghold, our mighty arm and he will never leave you if you do not leave him. Should you need to talk, talk to those that are Jehovah Witnesses and are trying to help you, may they lend a listening ear to get you back to where you need to be. May you come under the tent of God and flourish in his goodness.

Sent by Sister M.E. | 10:49 AM | 5-25-2007

In reply to Michael who sent this:
1) You are kept apart-(we are located all over the world and we do not dwell in monasteries, or neighborhood exclusively made for us. We live, work, go to school, and shop among other neighbors who have different religions or backgrounds from us.)

2) You are forced to conform-(no one is forced to do anything, everyone makes a HEARTFELT dedication to Jehovah, and decides to get baptized, then they have to be qualified to be baptized, making sure they are living according to Bible standards before they get baptized. No one is made to get baptized nor are they baptized when they are babies into the faith. They CHOOSE!!)

3) You are ruled by fear-(We have no fear of men, only proper fear of God and that fear is love. That Love moves us to do what is right according to the Bible and live by God???s word the Bible not Man. So man does not govern us, only God.)

4) You are hemmed in by secrecy and Censorship
-(Within the Organization there are no secrets. We welcome all to come to our meetings and we offer all who are interested home bible Studies to learn what the Bible requires. As far as Censorship or (suppression); in countries, many centuries ago religious leaders instigated book burning including the Bible which was a universal symbol of the suppression of freedom of thought and speech, for feared of what the common man would do with his freedom of thought. However, the Bible (God???s Word) did not encourage and does not encourage restraint on freedom of thought. Mark 12:30 encouraged us to love Jehovah with OUR WHOLE MIND, and Rom 12:1 entreats all Christians to render their service to God with their own ???POWER OF REASON???. No one is suppressed into this religion. We freely think for ourselves and study and research on our own to reason for ourselves what we are learning.)

5) You are told what to do- (we are never told what to do. Once again as stated above, we freely think for ourselves and study and research the Bible ourselves in order to make wise decisions in our own lives. Also within the organization we are encouraged, as you would encourage your children, to live a life that is right and to do the right thing. But we are all born with free will, so no one in the organization makes anybody do anything that they don???t want to do. We are taught what is right from God???s word the bible. It is solely up to each person to choose for themselves whether they want to follow God???s laws or not!!)

6) You censored yourselves-(We live by God???s laws not our own selfish desires. When we make a personal dedication to Jehovah we recognize that following God???s law is not the same as men. If you think we censor ourselves try reading 1 Pet 3:18-4:6 to see how Jehovah???s Witnesses follow the footsteps of Jesus Christ to see why we look to Jehovah for direction in living a spiritually clean life.)

7) You are treated like children-(Once again, we obey ???God as ruler rather than men???
(Act 5:29) So there is no one that tells us what to do. We are born with free will and we are encouraged and taught through the scriptures to live a morally clean life. But it???s up to our bible trained conscious to do it or not. As you teach your children to live a life that will benefit them. The Bible teaches us to live a life that will benefit us (2 Tim 3:16,17)

8) Your language is stilted-(We do our best in everything we do to imitate Jesus Christ in his way of teaching and the way he treated others. We do not claim to be perfect as he was neither do we claim to have all the answers. However, we do have the best source of information that there is and that is the God???s Word the Bible. We use it give an answer to all that really wants to know what God require. If you think that our language or speech is stilted or pompous we???re sorry you feel that way, because that is definitely not the way Jesus Christ taught all of us to be. In the Bible at Rom 15:5, God wanted us to have the same mental attitude as Jesus Christ. If you think his language was stilted, then I suggest you read his life story again and see the type of person Jesus is. He healed the sick, raised the dead and even preached from house to house, city to city and village to village about his father???s kingdom that would bring blessings to mankind. But the most loving thing he did was to die for all of us giving us a chance to gain everlasting life. We as JW are just following the footstep of Jesus Christ and preaching about His father Kingdom. (Matt 24:14).

Michael first of all, I'm not sure if you are really familiar with who Jehovah's Witnesses are or not. Have you ever actually asked about the organization and the functions? Did you really talk to us about any of those thing you mentioned about? If you have, then you would have REALLY LEARNED that all the above comments were untrue. I can make a defense to what people say about JW all the time, but many people spread so many lies, what's the point. Many people rather make assumptions instead of asking. You'll actually learn a thing or two about us without feeling like you have to conform.

The main focus of our ministry is God's KINGDOM and how ALL human can benefit from it. We know as Jehovah's Witnesses what we do and how we worship. We can try and try and try to convince and reason with people showing them from the bible until we're blue in the face, but people will believe what they want to believe or make up what they want to in order to sway others from learning about God's purpose. We don't promote our own thinking, but everything we do comes from the Bible. And for some reason people have a major problem with that.

Sent by Y.D. | 11:08 AM | 5-25-2007

Terrance and friends,

Focus on Love, all the love and good that are expressed here, and sent your way.

Give no place to Wrath, and no place to Hate. Pay attention to yourselves.

Know the difference between someone disagreeing, and sharing a difference of opinion, then someone who is bitter, vicious, and unhappy with their lot in life and with the course in life they freely, and personally, chose/choose to take for themselves.

No matter what is said by that one who is taunting (Proverbs 27:11), let us help give a reply by focusing on giving Wholesome, Heartfelt Love, and Encouragement to Terrance and Anyone Else, who is trying to come into Jehovah's Love.

Sent by Not Perfect, but Loving, Not Tearing Down, Just bldging Up. | 11:27 AM | 5-25-2007

Bravo! An honest experience and candid one at that. I appreciated how he recognized that is friend Shawn was popular yet "different". That is what shows Jehovah's backing of this organization, the ability to motivate people to change their lives and personalities and put them in harmony with Bible principles. We've seen it so many times with so many people. These are changes no one can be "brainwashed" into becoming, but with Jehovah's spirit and help they CAN change and have better lives. Beastlike people become lamblike etc. Thanks Terrance and I wish you much success in your desire to serve Jehovah. May you and your family be blessed.

Sent by A V | 12:11 PM | 5-25-2007

Michael, I read your cynical remarks and I shake my head. Sometimes there's nothing to say. You can believe as you wish. As a JW myself and having been for 20+ years, I can relate to Terrence's struggles. I was 'raised' around the organization, and went through my period of 'rebellion' and realized that what appeared 'fun' really wasn't.

Now you claim the following:

1) You are kept apart - 1 Cor. 15:33 - bad assosication spoils useful habits. Even your parents warned you about certain people not to hang out with.

2) You are forced to conform - Not even true. Jehovah created us as free moral agents...even you acknowledge the need of being able to make a choice. I suppose that's why you became a jounalist. You have freedom of speech right...and that's by choice.

3) You are ruled by fear - Where did you get that idea? Just like you may have feared disappointing your family because of choices you made that weren't the best ones. Fear you are defining is a morbid fear. Missed the point all togehter.

4) You are hemmed in by secrecy and
censorship - Huh?? Too vague to even expound on.

5) You are told what to do - Didn't your parents tell you what to do? Don't you have a boss that tells you what to do? Its called authority. Everyone has to conform to some authority, be it Divine or secular.

6) You censored yourselves - Its called discretion.

7) You are treated like children - Children of God.

8) Your language is stilted - I personally don't want anyone around me using foul language and certainly, I don't want to do the same to others. What's the problem with that?

So we're the butt of jokes, the subject of suspicion and all the usual comments about being a sect, being oppressisive and anything else negative that can be said about the organization. Jesus himself said, at John 15:18-20

"If the world hates YOU, YOU know that it has hated me before it hated YOU. ??If YOU were part of the world, the world would be fond of what is its own. Now because YOU are no part of the world, but I have chosen YOU out of the world, on this account the world hates YOU. 20??Bear in mind the word I said to YOU, A slave is not greater than his master. If they have persecuted me, they will persecute YOU also."

I won't lie and say that people haven't had a bad experience, and that's unfortunate, but to use that to as reasons to say, 'JW's are this, or JW's are that because of thus and such,' its a waste of time. No one said that people are perfect. People make mistakes. In time, whatever it is will be rectified, but its not our time, its Jehovah's time.

In the sum of it all matters Michael, its an individual's choice whether to become a witness or not. Bottom line its Jehovah, the Highest Authority, who will have the final say. Scoff if you want, that's your choice as well. It was foretold in the Bible and it hasn't failed yet. "For YOU know this first, that in the last days there will come ridiculers with their ridicule..."--2 Peter 3:3

Canned or not, the Bible stands on its own and the Word of God.

Sent by A sister in the South | 12:26 PM | 5-25-2007

Terrence Howard gave a good witness even though he is not a JW and that???s commendable. And my spiritual brothers and sisters comments on this interview are so encouraging and uplifting. I was baptized at the age of 16 and didn???t make the truth my own. I took it for granted because I was raised in the truth. I end up getting disfellowshipped(because I wanted to live a immoral life), but I did get reinstated a year and a half later. I was still playing both sides; I wanted to live and act like the world and be a Jehovah???s Witness. One day my sister sent me a talk by Bro.Mack ???Stay at Jehovah???s Table???; after listening to that talk I haven???t looked back into the world. I actually auxiliary pioneered for 2 months, previous to that I hadn???t been out in the ministry in 8yrs, and I never thought I would pioneer I always thought pioneering wasn???t for me. I thank Jehovah for his patience that is in harmony with 2Pet. 3:9. I also want to thank Jehovah for providing Bro. Mack with Holy Spirit in giving such and superb talk. I listen to that talk everyday. I???ve made copies for my family and friends that were in the same situation as me, and they are making great progress. With the right heart Jehovah???s Holy Spirit definitely will lead us in the right direction, and I truly feel I received it through that talk, Thanks Jehovah!
Again, I have personally appreciated all these comments because I can relate to them in one way or another, thanks for posting your experiences! I look forward to seeing you all in the ???New System???! :) May we all continue to Stay at Jehovah???s Table!

-Chicago, IL

Sent by JB | 12:41 PM | 5-25-2007

I hope this program will run again, I really would like to see it.

Sent by Sister M.E. | 1:07 PM | 5-25-2007

For those that choose to blame the organization for separating families due to disfellowship,no nothing about JEHOVAH,the BIBLE,or the ORGANIZATION.I myself can say this without hesitation for I myself am disfellowshipped.What I was doing was not without knowledged that if I continued in my course that I was headed that direction.So I made the choice to separate from my family & friends,but with much regret.So for those who want to blame Jehovah's org for keeping his organization clean,or want to blame JAH org for dividing families don't really know JAH at all.But that's why you have a choice.If you don't want to serve Jehovah you can choose between all the fasle gods you want to serve and serve them.As for those that want to learn about the TRUE GOD JEHOVAH,there will be nothing you can do or say to stop the honest hearted.Because everything you all say are all full of lies,hatred,in the Adam & Eve mentality,want to blame others for your decisions,faults and accountabilities.Regardless of your excuses,reasons,everyone will give an account to JEHOVAH.FOr all rest trying to serve JEHOVAH or coming to learn about HIM.Keeping running.I'm trying to get back HOME,where I should have never let in the first place,where true peace is....with JEHOVAH and his ORGANIZATION.

Sent by CALIFORNIA | 1:27 PM | 5-25-2007

Thank You NPR, and Michel Martin for this wonderful interview with Terrance Howard. I didn't have the slightest idea that Mr. Howard was connected in this way with JW's. To Terrance I would like to say that I admire your sincere and honest comments about yourself and your struggles with coming into the truth. And, I think deep down inside you already KNOW what it is that you NEED to do. WILL YOU go ahead and make that DECISION? It's only up to you. But, I am here to say that none of us JW's can stand firm on our own power. You to, will need Jehovah's strength. So, I want to invite you to say the same sincere, and honest words, RE: how you feel, to GOD, and get to work, otherwise you will regret it later. And, to all the people writing here to talk negative about JW's. The purpose of this exchange, was to talk about Terrance Howard's interview, not how you feel about JW's.

Sent by N.O. | 1:53 PM | 5-25-2007

I miss the show on Terrence Howard interview I hope it will repeat I love Terrence and the movies he play in didn'tknow he was affiliated with JWs and so am I so please repeat the interview for me and those that did not see it please.

Sent by SW | 2:10 PM | 5-25-2007

I just read all the e-mail responses. Remember, reading negative remarks might stumble you. Be careful.

Sent by Mary from Calilfornia Congregation | 2:58 PM | 5-25-2007

It was very refreshing to hear such wonderful comments regarding "the truth". I too am a study like Terrance, has been one for a little over three years, although I know that this way of life is based on Bible Truth, and is the only way;I too struggle with giving up my selfish "ways", however, I keep studying, and pray that Jehovah underserved kindness touch my heart and allow me to continue to learn his ways and not the ways of man, so that I too can serve him whole soul~because I do realize that there is no comprimising, its Jehovah way or Satan way. I look forward, to living on a paradise earth for ever.

Sent by Tonya | 4:35 PM | 5-25-2007

Alex, what religion are you and who is leading it?

Sent by LAC | 6:05 PM | 5-25-2007

Hey Alex, I'm currently "Disfellowshiped", and I begin my response this way because its important to understand what the difference is between that and shunned. If you had a highly contagious disease and you knew that if you touched anyone they would have it what would you do? Would you run out and hug everyone you saw? What if someone else knew that you had this disease? Would you want them not to say anything, what if their family found out they knew about this disease and didn't say anything, and now the family will die? This is what you would allow in your organization, a disease untreated allowed to fester and infect everyone. But, what if, while keeping you seperate you're treated and well cared for and once you are healed you are allowed to rejoin the group without passing this infection? This is why after repeated counseling people are disfellowshipped, not because of a disagreement with "doctrine" but because after repeated treatments the have to be "seperated" to protect those who chose to be protected. If you believe that the bible has revisions like Windows software your mistaken, there is no give in right and wrong, and you can't force you opinion of when wrong is okay and when its not on Jehovah, There is no maybe's in the bible only absolutes. Sorry you had to find out this way.

Sent by Drew | 6:26 PM | 5-25-2007

One thing I noticed is when a person talks against Jehovahs Organization they dont back anything they say with the scriptures. Its usually a selfish and personal sound behind it. They sound just like the religious false leaders that spoke against Christ. Just look closely at their words. Sounds so familiar with the pharasies that Jesus condemned. I can almost bet you if you looked into the lives of those critics they have so many skeletons in their closet. They are quick to point to the straw in someones eye while they have a log in their own. And while Im reading their comments against witnesses what are they doing to promote the teaching of the truth? Are they preaching the good news by going to peoples homes as Jesus instructed? Are they using Gods name (Jehovah) as stated over 7000 times in the original translation of the bible? Do they abstain from adultry, fornication and not harming their brothers? Interesting isnt it? And as for Alex, I pity him because his info is so wrong its amazing. Everyone has a choice to be a Jehovahs Witness or not. If he chooses not then that him but at least get the facts right.But I dont think he want to.

Sent by L.Foster | 10:35 PM | 5-25-2007

I enjoyed your interview with Tarrence Howard. It first, I thought of the brillent scene of the creation of 'It's Hard Out Here on a Pimp.' That scene was mesmerizing. Then, I started to hear this young man speak of his ties with JW's and he feeling about the group. The clearity of thought and introspection are rare in most people today. Such honesty. The type we should wish upon our president.

I did a search for "Knocking" and watched it tonight. When I was a kid and the JW's came 'Knocking' I was always told to come away from the door while an adult got rid of them. I always wondered why. I'm still not sure.

After watching the show I have a new understand of JW's and certainly a respect that I didn't have.

Thanks for leading the way to this new understanding.

Sent by Larry Jordan | 11:03 PM | 5-25-2007

I hear you Terrence, Excellent expressions, Thanks for keeping it real.

To all those above and below with negative thoughts and dispositions, ponder this:

???A fair minded person believes what he does because he believes firmly it is the truth and as such is willing to discuss it with any other fair minded one. He is willing for it to be sifted and tested to the uttermost, for he does not want to believe what is untrue and he knows the truth will stand any real tests, and too, the more it is tested, the more it can be seen to be the truth. He is willing to concede that those who differ from him are sincere until the opposite is disclosed and this disclosure of insincerity will not be his defeat in argument. If he is defeated in arguments, he will not try to relieve himself of his defeat by slandering his opponent but he will thank him for enabling him to see his weakness and the faultiness of his belief.???

From: Fit for Life II, excerpt, Written by medical doctor Isaac Peeples (1912)

Bottom line, I recognize and appreciate, it's God's Word that's True, John 17:17 & Matthew 12:34-37 warns us to be careful what we say.

Sent by VA | 11:35 PM | 5-25-2007

I personally did not see the interview. But I did read some of his comments in this article. I have a question to all of you who feel it necessary to educate Terrance Howard on something he obviously is already familiar with. He has admitted that the struggle to make the committment is not with the truth that he has found from the Bible but with his own choices in this life and career. I thought that this was quite brave of him, considering how so many people view Jehovahs Witnesses. Thank you Mr. Howard for putting a face on this!

Sent by e.v. from Col,Ga. | 12:16 AM | 5-26-2007

This interview was really good!!
I didn't know all this about him and now i respect him much more!
JWs are really good people, we need to see their qualities instead of the things we find hard to accept like christmast and all the other stuff!

Sent by john | 1:56 AM | 5-26-2007

I was deeply touched and saddened by Mr. Howard???s struggle to become a servant of Jehovah God. I was touched because it takes great courage to strip away layers of pride and to leave oneself exposed to public the way Mr. Howard did on microphone. You could hear and feel his personal struggle in his voice. Like Mr. Howard I too have struggled to come in and stay in the TRUTH. My career in marketing and advertising has exposed me to many temptations that have taken a toll on me mentally and spiritually. However, through it all Jehovah has preserved me alive both physically and spiritually and for this I am eternally grateful. Former actress Teresa Graves has set a fine example for Mr. Howard as someone who successful met the challenge of leaving her acting career behind to serve Jehovah. It was a struggle for her as well. All I can say is I sincerely hope that Mr. Howard finds the strength, courage and self control needed to make his way on the road to everlasting life. It is clear that he has accurate knowledge of God???s will and respect for the moral principles outlined in the Bible. All he needs now is to give Jehovah the steering wheel and let him take control of his life. With Jehovah at the wheel, he will never have to worry about crashing. Mr. Howard???keep up the fight, you will win if you don???t tire out.

Sent by Henry Collins | 7:49 AM | 5-26-2007

please!!! re-schedule the interview with Mr.Howard as well the film "knockers".and!!for those who speak negatively and untruthful about Jehovah YOUR and OUR CREATOR!! we will gladly accept your invitation to speak with you if you want the facts on OUR (this means you too)Heavenly Creator.
you can say all that you have to say, its your right to speak out, but only the blind speak what they inturn hear and cannot see, even with 20/20 vision you speak what you cannot see.
raised in the Bronx N.Y in the 60's 70's being into the gangs(black-spades,seven immortals,savage nomads,ghetto brothers, peace makers, hells angels, etc,etc. OUR Heavenly Father has pulled me from these demonic influences just like your talk and thinking these members of these gangs use to speak,how very negative they were to talk about others with out even knowing the facts and at times beat and excecuted individuals and hate "bombed" thier families without knowing the facts.
Mr. Howard these individuals do not want you to have the PEACE that you are seeking. Trust in Jehovah and do not lean upon your own understanding.

Sent by Angel Marrero | 7:52 AM | 5-26-2007

Dear Friend in Georgia, your comments to Alex may very well have been right in your eye's , however your approach to his thought's and comment's might have not been best approach. He was right that your organization is highly controled. It's highly controled by the the most high himself. People have a right to except or deny this control, Alex has choose not to except this control. Remember God had son's who also rejected this control, you know one of them by the name of Satan. He thought that God's way of doing things was wrong and he labled it control. Others call it love and real direction. What ever it's called please pick your word's as you comment on Alex.

Sent by concerned GA | 8:23 AM | 5-26-2007

Terrance, Thank You for sharing, Its hard to open up your inner feelings and share them, and more so for you because your in the public eye. All I can say is good for you, YOU KNOW WHAT YOU NEED TO DO!!! now how bad do you want it.

Sent by MJM ca | 11:54 AM | 5-26-2007

I've read some of the comments here and I see that there are apostates sending negative messages. True Christians who serve the ONLY TRUE GOD Jehovah please beware of this. Very soon Satan and his Demons and all who ignore the warnings found in God's word the bible will very soon and so deservedly so be destoryed. And what a wonderful time awaits those who apply John 3:16 and Revelation 18:4. Endless life on a paradise earth with sickness and death be done away with. No more being bothered by people pushing their pagan holidays on true christians, Crisp clean air without it being filled with cigarette smoke, or mary jane. And best of all.....dead loved ones coming back to life. Yes, Mr. Howard....this is what awaits those putting their trust in Jehovah and our Now Reigning King Jesus Christ.

Sent by Hermano | 1:32 PM | 5-26-2007

NPR keep up the good work. There are many people out there trying to grasp the real life and come out of addiction. It appears that notoriety is not the "happy" seed that some thinks it is. Hold fast Terrance.

Sent by Grace Harris | 2:37 PM | 5-26-2007

Mr. Howard;

If you really wanted to be one of Jehovah's servants then you won't allow anything especially cigarettes to stop you from putting Jehovah's will first. What makes it worst is the fact that you know the will of Jehaovah and yet still decided to continue to what you are doing. You are a very talented actor from the movies that I have seen. I seriously think that you need to really think about the statement that you made and what it means to be a Jehovah's Witness.

Sent by Sister Melissa Pottinger | 8:19 PM | 5-26-2007

Terrence, i know that much can be said as these messages indicate. i dont think you need more information, just act on what you have already learned. the truth is just a simple way of life outlined that is not cluttered with laws to govern wicked people; but only the necessary things. take life a day and do not be indecisive. you have in your hand the power to bring great joy to your fathers heart. no greater blessing can their be. pray and take action.

Sent by e. j. dover | 9:29 PM | 5-26-2007


Sent by mary lemon | 11:44 PM | 5-26-2007

I have been a Jehovah's Witness for 50 years and I can promise you there is nothing more joyful and positive than to be one of Jehovah's Witnesses.

We have the peace that Almighty God Jehovah bestows on those who obey His Word. It is Jehovah's Word written in the book that is in most households all over the world yet few take seriously or even bother to read.

It is the Bible and God's guidelines that we choose individually to follow because we find that Jehovah is the God of love. Everything that he tells to do is always for our good and we unitedly obey His word the world over. We genuinely love one another and care for one another.

No other organization of people has this worldwide peace. It is the peace that only comes from the blessings of Jehovah.

Terrance seems to know this and is on his way to qualifying as one of Jehovah's people. I'm very happy for him.

Sent by R P | 12:41 AM | 5-27-2007

I enjoyed the interview with Mr. Terrance Howard, I'm one of Jehovah Witness and all I can do is encourage Mr. Howard to continue the spiritual wealth so that you can enjoy the rich blessing with your family in the near future. Satan make everything so convience but continue to pray to Jehovah for the help and strength you to stop the things that's hindering you from the progress of stasifying the desire your heart and I will also pray for you too. And if I never meet you I have faith that Jehovah draws his people to him and I will see you in paradise.

Sent by Sheila Holmes | 10:13 AM | 5-27-2007

To those who identified themselves as J.W's - A few have been very outspoken in their response to the criticisms of some. But I don't think Mr. Howard by his revelations, was trying to start a debate. I think he was just expressing himself in an honest and dignified way. So let's not lose our focus here. The scriptures clearly show, that there would always be those who are determined to criticize and slander. (1Peter 4:4) But think for a moment, what would happen, if when going on a journey you stop to kick at every dog that barks at you? (And by using this analogy, I am in no way referring to anyone as a dog.) It's one thing to commend Mr. Howard for his heartfelt expressions, but quite another to engage in unproductive and even heated arguments with those who choose to differ with our way of worship, which in fact they are free to do. We did not learn the Christ to be so,(Jude 9)nor his Father for that matter. Remember it is his Father's name, Jehovah, that is being defamed, not ours. So if Jehovah can exercise great self-control, despite the insolence of puny men, given the fact that he is quite capable of clearing, and will soon clear His great name, shouldn't we humbly keep our places? "A slave of the Lord does not need to fight, but needs to be peacable with ALL men." (2Timothy 2:23-26) Instead of being brainwashed, as some persons feel, have not J.W's learned from the scriptures to respond with mildness and deep respect, to anyone who ask a reason for the hope we have? (1Peter 3:15,16) And what if we have been brainwashed? When does one usually wash a garment?? Isn't that why we have our clear thinking faculties trained, to distinguished to both right from wrong, and why we are able to shun the many God-dishonoring practices and superstitious beliefs that have compounded the sufferings of many today? It is quite clear, that Mr. Howard is fully aware that there is no neutral gear in this spiritual warfare. So while he is trying to decide whether he wants to get into forward or reverse gear, we still have to use our time wisely; not allowing Satan to side-track us like a barking dog, into wasting precious time in heated arguments that benefit no one. Let us instead, walk away from this verbal boxing ring. Let us use the short time we have remaining, to 'GO' and help those who really want to learn the truth about Jehovah and His purposes for this earth and right hearted ones. We have a time-tested and proven method, instituted and perfected by our lord and master Jesus Christ, namely, from house-to-house, (cave-to-cave even.) This translates into, FACE-TO-FACE, not 'hidden' behind an e-mail. Our boldness to preach to any and everyone we meet, is proof that we have nothing to hide. (No 'secret' society here.) How can we keep secret such a wonderful news, when Jesus commanded us to make it known?(Matthew 24:14: 28:19,20) So let's not lose sight of our identity as 'Witnesses' for Jehovah, and that at the end of the day, the one thing we all need to do is, be integrity keepers as far as our worship to Jehovah is concerned, in imitation of our leader Jesus Christ.(Matthew 23:10) Remember, his followers will be recognized by the fruits they bear, and are we not bearing many fruits? (Galations 5:22,23) So, when commenting on the responses to the interview, let's ask ourselves; What do I want to achieve here? Do I want to win an argument? Or a heart over to Jehovah God? Is this the best way, and place to do it? (1 Peter 4:1-19; 5:6-10)

Sent by D.M.P | 1:30 PM | 5-27-2007

Mr. Howard,
How can I say anymore than anyone else (the truthful ones that is) has said? All I can say is that you know what is right, you know the prophecies in the bible are being fulfilled, you know that Satan is fighting for his life because he will die soon, take that knowledge and run to Jehovah. Remember Isa. 41:13, we HAVE to rely on Jehovah. But I understand too that it is your decision, just do not wait to long as this system is quickly coming to an end! Much Christian love from my husband I...remember there are many of us who fought are sinful tendencies also.

Sent by V&B Bakic | 4:44 PM | 5-27-2007

Though I am not a Jehovah's Witness, this religion has affected my life. Some of my family are members and others have quit. One other studied but never baptized.
My family has never been complete. Brick walls have seperated them and the one person never baptized can speak to all. This religion has only brought pain and heartache to the family.
I wish they never came into our lives.

Sent by Amy | 6:17 PM | 5-27-2007

As a kid in the 50's I was raised Catholic with a Protestant grandmother who had to be in purgatory when she didn't die in the state of grace. I spent many quarters trying to pray her out and just recently the pope posted his new view that she wasn't there for being Protestant anyways. But I had already found that out when a Jehovah's Witness neighbor opened up my Catholic bible and showed me Ecclesiates 9:5. How is it that most major religions have no problem blessing their country's troops and sending them off to kill their brother believers as we lived through in all the wars of the 20th century and yet do not have the animosity displayed towards them that we see with those who leave Jehovah's Witnesses and make a religion of "beating their brothers"? When I realized I couldn't reconcile what the Bible taught with what my church was involved in I simply left the religion and moved on to one that made more sense to me. Life has always been about choice. We can choose to educate ourselves about any religion and then we can choose to decide whether it's worth it to live by their standards or not. The Witnesses have a publication Mankinds Search for God that does just that. That's what you have done Terrance and I applaud you for it. On a personal note. I have had six children. They all have had their own difficulty deciding how and why they should serve Jehovah. Two were disfellowshipped;One came back.The smoking issue kept them both out there a lot longer than it should have.I have one who is a full time Witness and one who struggles successfully to hang in there. One as a teen-ager struggled with bad association and was murdered in the streets.And yet they are all my children and are all very loved and supported. Is a life free of drugs, immorality, and hatred a bad life? Obviously not. Can we all live by Bible standards? Obviously not. Do we hate those who don't? Obviously not. That's why this documentary on Knocking is so encouraging. Witnesses are driven by love of their fellow man to at least give them a chance to see what the Bibe hope is. But as Terrance so clearly showed, we OBVIOUSLY do not feel animosity for those who choose not to be able to live by the Bible's principles. Michel,thank you so much for this forum and the difference you are making in the battle for free speech.

Sent by TEA | 7:16 PM | 5-27-2007

Our life is based on the Bible the Watchtower is a study aid not the Bible.If the entire world followed Jesus example their would be no need for destruction,Our leader is Jesus who is under direction of his Father our God Jehovah,excellant leaders who's subjects listen willingly for their protection. Can you say the same for your leaders religious or other wise?It's sad that humans are predjudice against peace hasn't the world taught you anything?

Sent by A Faithful servant of Jehovah God. | 7:49 PM | 5-27-2007

First of all, thanks to NPR for deciding to air this program. Terrence, thank you for your support, honesty and humbleness. Always remember Jehovah will give you the strength to make the necessary changes. I myself am one of Jehovah's Witnesses and have struggled with many things in my life before I became a Witness and still struggle with weaknesses as we all do. We have to realize that nothing will be perfect until this system is destroyed and Satan is done away with and Jehovah grants us perfection. Whatever we must do must be done very quickly as we are approaching very dangerous times and those of us who haven't made those changes will be treading on very dangerous ground. Today is the day for salvation. My prayer is that you make those necessary changes, remember Jah gives you the power beyond what is normal. Smoking cigarretes isn't worth your life, is it? We love you Terrence and are backing you all the way. I look forward to calling you my brother in the very near future.

Sent by Sister in Crowley, Texas | 9:44 PM | 5-27-2007

Jehovah is drawing you back to him Terrance. Let him, leave it all in his hands. Keep persevering in prayer. It may be an uphill battle and Satan will do everything in his power to hold you back, but DON'T LET HIM.

Remember, each day that passes is another day closer to the end of this system of things. The sooner you come back full force, the better.

I wish you the very best in your efforts getting back to worshipping Jehovah, you have made a very wise decision. For that blessings shall follow.....only this time you can keep them flowing.

Sent by Welcoming you back, a Sister from Connecticut | 11:47 PM | 5-27-2007

I appreciate Terrence Howard interview being aired. I would like to encourage Terrence to read Proverbs 3:5-7. because if he persevere in prayer and rely on Jehovah for help, he can conquer the cigarettes and any other trials that may come his way.

Sent by Sister Michele Anderson | 1:23 AM | 5-28-2007

He is right....

Sent by Waldemar | 5:54 AM | 5-28-2007

Thank you form the interview.I to had a struggle with the faith and i lost the battle but only for 4 years.Now i am back and serving my God Jehovah the way he wants to be served and not my way.It has brought so much happiness into my life and a wonderful hope for the future.I now am serving as an overseer and a full time minister for the last 18 years. Thank you again for that interview.

Sent by Carl MacKay | 8:31 AM | 5-28-2007

Please replay the broadcast, or post the content so we who missed it can hear for ourselves.

Sent by Jeff in NJ | 11:23 AM | 5-28-2007

The common denominator among us all is
death. It is our common enemy. Among others things we have in common (if we're reading this email) is life. Upon
birth, we took our first breath. It is
an individual's choice to question, research and ponder OR LIVE LIFE for ALL ONE CAN EXRACT FROM IT in a selfish way. Being one of Jehovah's
Witnesses and focusing on the Bible
as a guide to living one's life is an
act of faith. We have faith that God
exists and has a plan (and has always had a plan) for the future of the Earth and mankind. Life for most of
mankind on this Earth: living on less than three dollars per day, dieing from preventable diseases, and man induced wars and killing is not the reality for those of us who live in the US or Europe.
For all of the JW haters, I have one question? Do you have a better plan for mankind or yourself?
I love life, even a life filled with stress and pain. Jehovah promises a future life according to 1 Corinthians 2:9 ... where it reads,
"Eye had not seen and ear has not heard, neither have there been conceived in the heart of man the things that God has prepared for those that love Him."
The first JW who came to my door many years ago asked me if I wanted to essentially, query, research, ponder the existence of God and whether I should bother with religion. The process had nothing to do with being brain washed. The poor souls who went to their deaths in World War I--- a war that should never have been fought were brain washed. They believed in their politicians, their generals, their social peer groups. If all Christians, at that time, and their religious leaders would have stood firm against the nationalism of the day--- most of the young men would have, no doubt, lived out their lives.
Jehovah Witnesses have it right. The early Christians who defied the Roman Empire in the first century (they had faith enough to be fed to the lions, burned at the stake and be murdered) had it right. It is about faith in a living God and about conscious choice.

Finally, to those who commented that JW were the cause of the fracture of their families. Is it possible that the real problem was ..... there was a lack of love and dysfunction present in the family ... and, that was the true cause? Why? The reality is .... TRUE LOVE (the Love Jesus spoke of) can overcome anything.

I encourage everyone who reads these emails to take courage. Jesus said,
"narrow is the path that leads to life", He said that for a reason--
You either have faith enough to believe or you don't. It is a question
of faith.

Sent by Calvin of Chicago | 1:20 PM | 5-28-2007

Yesterday I received the "knocking" video by e-mail. It was heartwarming and encouraging to see and read about the direct sincere comments of Terrence Howard. It was also encouraging to read so many favorable comments made here about Jehovah's organization. They certainly outnumber the negative. But that was no surprise because the truth will always prevail. It always has and it always will. To Terrence I would like to say "RUN" to Jehovah's organization while there is yet time. Look at the world's condition. It is "DOOMED". The intertainment business is overflowing with immorality,drugs,crime and even dominated by homosexuality. Why should'nt it be? It all belongs to satan. (1John 5:19) It may all look good now but, that's Satans' mode of operation - just befor he kills.(2cor 11:14). Because you spoke in Jehovah's favor, like Jesus and all his followers, you are now a special target. Satan is going to use ones right within that business to turn on you. It's not worth it Terrence. You can use your talents in Jehovh's organization. Of course you won't have fame from the world - but, who cares. It's passing away anyway. But, those who do the will of God will live forever (1John 2:15-17). You will be able to explore your talents forever. My prayer is that you see the urgency and not lose out. You know the truth. Don't play with it. Sincerely, D. Booker

Sent by D. Booker | 1:55 PM | 5-28-2007

Life is a struggle, we all have choices, but if you have any knowledge of the bible, it's just TWO CHOICES LIFE OR DEATH. How many of us will fight to survive? Will do anything to live? Even die for a friend? So if our goal is to live have we not made that choice? WE WANT LIFE! Next to attain life like anything else we have to go after it with all our heart and desire. We need to study what to do. We need to mediate on what we learn. We need to practise it to make it perfect. We need to tell other on how successful it has made you. It is very simply is it not?
Why then do so many people struggle with life? Maybe it's our environment? Our upbringing? Our education? Our parents? Our governments? Our families? Our resources? OR MAYBE IT'S OURSELF?
What is our attitude? are we selfish? blaming everyone else? What choice have we made? Do we ask ourself these questions? If we have choosen life, that is a positive choice, we do things not for ourself but for others under God's will. A Bible is FREE! Prayer is FREE! to study is FREE! Your will is FREE! Study & Pray, Listen & Pray, Learn & Pray, Apply & Pray. If we humble ourself to do God's will we can all have life. What is God's name? What is his purpose? What can we personally do to fulfill his purpose? This choice of life takes work just like anything else, even to be selfish it take work. How much work are you willing to put into it to get results. If the doctors says you need to lose weight or will will die, do you go to the bakery everyday for donuts? Some people do! Why? They have not study what to do! THEIR CHOICE They have not listen what to do! THEIR CHOICE They have not learned what to do! THEIR CHOICE They have not applied what to do! THEIR CHOICE They have not Prayed or mediated on what to do! THEIR CHOICE So what is the result? DEATH! THEIR CHOICE

Simple is it not? We all have Choices! Gods has given us a choice LIFE OR DEATH. What will you choose?

Sent by S-62 | 1:57 PM | 5-28-2007

I am 45 years old. My mother became one of Jehovahs Witnesses when I was 5
I was raised as one until I was 18 and then I separated myself. I wanted to go out and have my fun. I lived an immoral lifestyle, sex with lots of women praticed martial arts boxing had lots of fights, made alot of money. But I never really found happiness. And all those years there was somthing inside saying that I had to go back to the truth. I knew that Jehovah was real and that he was looking down on me and that he was not happy with what I was doing. Well finally after 25 years I went back and I am studying the Bible for myself now and not because I have to. I am happy to be back associated with the witnesses again. They are fine decent and loving people, not perfect yet, but the next best thing. I understand the struggle, Terrance. I go through it everyday. Beautiful women are all around and temptation is great. But I have remained celibate for over three years now. I just don't want to dissapoint Jehovah. He is like a loving father, a good friend and you don't want to hurt him. I am a normal red blooded male and one day I'll find a nice sister to be my wife. But the power of really knowing God make you do things differently. I never thought I could ever do this. So don't give up, Howard or Prince or anyone else who has fame and fortune and popularity as a hurdle. I always remember what Moses walked away from and what Jesus turned down.


Sent by Micah | 2:15 PM | 5-28-2007

Thank you for bringing it to the worlds attention that to be a christian, one has to tell about the good news of Gods kingdom, Just as the apostles and christ did. And that every Jehovahs Witness does.

Sent by W.C, | 3:49 PM | 5-28-2007

this is not a forum for teaching and as some posts show, can do more harm then good.

Sent by Discernment | 4:43 PM | 5-28-2007

If the Watchtower is the way to go, why do they have negative growth in developed countries? Simple, because nothing has come true that can be proved/disproved by time. One hundered percent false predictions so far.
I doubt that Jehovah would use this organization.

Sent by Jason C | 5:29 PM | 5-28-2007

Mr. Howard, I must commend you for your honesty as demonstrated in that interview. I didn't get the feeling that you were trying to impress anyone. But I wonder if you will agree with me that actions are preceded by thoughts?
In other words, our GOALS are what will determine what we will, and will not do, and the effort we are prepared to put in. Also, what we love most, is what will absorb our time and energies.

Not only does the Bible encourage us to be doers of the word and not hearers only, but it also says that if one knows how to do what is right and yet does not do it, it is a sin for him. (James 1:22-25; 4:17)
Would you wait 17 yrs, to decide on a business venture that you were CONVINCED would satisfy your every wish?
Could there be a little self-deception here?
Remember the heart is more treacherous than anything else, and is desperate. (Jer 17:9)

You said you studied with several of your relatives who are now Jehovah's Witnesses, and I think that is a remarkable achievement. But what really moved you to do so?
Let's say you were all on a cruise, and the ship started to sink. Would you help them all to get off safely, but you yourself remain on board that ship by chioce, knowing, that you were going to die when it sank?
Wouldn't that be suicidal?
But people don't opt for suicide because it is a pleasant pastime. They do so because deep down they feel that there is no hope for them personally, despite the many reassurances from the merciful God Jehovah. (Mal 3:7; Isa 1:18; Rom 8:38,39)

Now let's take a look at smoking. Isn't it true that people usually reach for a cigarette when they feel overwhelmed by their circumstances, much like a crutch? But what if that crutch had some sharp edges that began to cause serious damage to your body, why would you continue to reach for that crutch?
Would it be because there was nothing else to lean on?
Or because you convinced yourself that it was the only one that could help you?

You also said that you need to study some more. After 17 yrs, do you really believe that?
You know, people are usually very quick to make changes in order to secure the things they consider to be priceless. If you were told that as a result of your smoking, you only had a few weeks to live, would you be willing to give it up?
Or if you had to make a major change, in order to secure a part in a movie, (which many have done), would you wait 17 yrs to do it?

Clearly, at the end of the day our actions will shout louder that our words. It will tell us just how much we love God, as opposed to loving ourselves. It will also tell us the kind of soil we prepared our hearts to be.
Have you ever noticed how hard the farmer works to prepare the soil for planting?
That is because no matter how good the seeds are, he knows he will never get a good crop, unless he first give attention to the soil he has to work with. (Luke 8:4-16)
Have you taken the time to examine what kind of soil your heart is?

The farmer must also work within a time frame if he is to get a good harvest. (Ecc 11:4)
Remember, the farmer has no control over the weather. So he must busy himself and work to the best of his ability, based on his knowledge of the weather, no matter how limited that knowledge might be.
The determining factor would be, whether he wanted to reap or not, and the quality and quantity he desired.

Sent by D.M.P | 6:33 PM | 5-28-2007

I just want to say, "thanks to Terrence and Micheal for their efforts". Jehovah's Kingdom will do for mankind what no man or man-made organization will ever do. I for one, will pray for you and all other honest-hearted ones yet to join to Jah's earthly organization directed by Jesus Christ. May Jehovah continue to show mercy and may you all act decisively while there is still time.

Sent by C. Hallmon | 8:29 PM | 5-28-2007

It is sad when people write that Jehovah does not exist. Lets see if they will say that when he makes himself known. Its sad Satan has blinded these ones because only when its too late will their eyes be opened and it will be too late for them to know who Jehovah is. Open the Bible if you want to know the TRUTH.

Sent by Jess | 10:27 PM | 5-28-2007

Ms Martin...I am glad you did this interview with Mr.Howard. It was very interesting. I got to listen on the net , because MPB (Mississippi Public Broadcasting )does not carry it. Thank you for doing a great job.

Sent by Lee C | 10:49 PM | 5-28-2007

Terrence we all have the struggle and like paul we fight to do what is right. You can win it but only withJehovah's help.

Bro. Williams
Cinti Ohio

Sent by Robert Williams | 11:44 PM | 5-28-2007

My only hope is that Mr. Howard does not wait too long to enter the race he refered to. As a former smoker and current J.W. I ask if giving up life on a paradise earth is worth a pack of smokes...Continue developing your love, once you give him your love, he will give you his spirit and the cigs will be a thing of the past. Hope to meet you in the paradise, the true Real life.

Sent by Robert R Krebs | 11:46 PM | 5-28-2007

Thank you for airing this interview it was very encouraging. The feelings Terrence expressed in this interview is how alot of ones serving Jehovah feel. And for someone that has not yet dedicated their life to Jehovah this is a big step for him. For me this is very inspiring and hope I can stand up for my beliefs as well as Terrence has done. What's sad is that so many of us that have grown up in the truth or learn of it at a young age, take advantage of it and loose interest. But, we see ones like Terrence that find the truth and cling to it. Terrence don't let the truth slip through your hands, but stay close to Jehovah while so close to the end of this system. Terrence stay strong, continue on the right path, dedicate your life to Jehovah, and HE will bless you.

Sent by S. McCall, NJ | 9:51 AM | 5-29-2007

Terrence, We are lining-up to get on the Ark, What are you waiting for? With the very last seconds of this wicked system closing in,....JEHOVAH is all there is .GET IN LINE AND STAY THERE!!!

Sent by Sister Sterling, West Jonesboro Cong / Atlanta | 10:04 AM | 5-29-2007

Great interview with Terrance Howard! I think he is a great actor and I was surprise to hear about his affiliation with Jehovah's Witnesses. He speaks about our religion as if it is his own. He articulates his thoughts from the Bible very well. I applaud his struggle because I was raised as one of Jehovah's Witnesses and it is a way of life. Jesus never said it would be easy in fact he said it would be a struggle. But with incessant prayer, receiving Jehovah's holy spirit for strength, attending the congregation meetings, associating with the brothers and sisters for support is what makes things easier to bear. This was a wonderful article and documentary. A honest and good depiction of Jehovah's Witnesses.

Sent by Sister Jarrell | 10:28 AM | 5-29-2007

I to am a J.W. and I know that living in a world with so much immorality displayed on music videos, T.V and the media, it can be hard, but it has to be in your heart to do the right thing, then it will be easy to do things Jehovah Gods way. Hang in there terrence, in the long run, life eternal on this earth will be your reward and everyone else that believes in Gods word the bible. As you can see, the whole planet is in trouble, not just the people but the planet itself is taking abuse and only God, not man will be able to make and will makde a difference, all things prophesized are all coming through. I know you can do it Terrance... we are praying for you.

Sent by Rachel | 11:57 AM | 5-29-2007

he forgot to mention he WAS a JW, but was disfelowshipped. he does not wish to be, he was Disfelowshipped for reasons only elders know. so dont go about distorting the truth

Sent by eddie | 12:53 PM | 5-29-2007

Can someone let us know when they will air this interview I surely would like to see.

Sent by Dallas | 12:53 PM | 5-29-2007

Thank you for the positive words, I to have a fight with the most addicting habbit. I have given up my hope for it. and was compelled to seek help after your interview. Good job and continue the fights it will be worth it at the end.

Sent by Della | 4:24 PM | 5-29-2007

Very Good Interview with Mr. Howard I always thought there was something about him as being differnet, he just stood out a familiar while watching him in the movies and some of the talk shows he's been on, now it all fits. I'm happy to hear him defending Jehovah God and giving Him his just deserts as it should be. Pretty soon, just as in Noah's day, so will it occur again, just not a flood, but all wicked people and opposers of Jehovah God will be done aways with, as it should be because by now almost everyone knows the name Jehovah and it's up to each individual to make a choice to serve him or not as was mentioned before, no ones forced it's a conscience choice, so quit knocking the ones that choose to make that choice to have life everlasting in a peaceful new world. We are tired of suffering but yet we endure for the sake of the good news and will continue to endure, Jehovah God willing, untill the end of Armaggedon. Mr. Howard continue to uphold Jehovah and you will be blessed.

Sent by Mare | 4:24 PM | 5-29-2007

Mr. Howard I too had a problem with smoking (4 packs a day) but when I studied the Bible with Jehovah's witnesses I realized that to truly be a
follower of God' will I had to clean myself up and that meant stop smoking. Yes it was hard but I constantly prayed for Jehovah's help and did not give into the temptation of lighting up. So Happly I have now been one of Jehovah's children for 14 years. So when you feel you need to light up pray to Jehovah and think of what Jesus gave up for you and all of us, then you will overcome this trial which Satan is using to keep you from sharing fully in Jehovah's favor.

Sent by Judy | 7:48 PM | 5-29-2007

It is refreshing to read about someone like yourself, speak so candidly Mr. Howard. You speak with such humility, especially in a society that is so focus on self. You speak so freely about what some consider taboo in our society today. Like it or not, Jehovah is using you Mr. Howard. It is similar to how he did with the Apostle Paul, in the early stages, before becoming a True follower of Christ. Remember, in Noah's Day right before the flood, there were many at that time period who believed what Noah was telling them. Yet, up until Jehovah personally closed the door of the Ark, how many actually accepted the rescue from His Ark? Only a family of 8. We are there now, pretty much awaiting Jehovah's final action, just like in the final days of Noah. It's good Mr. Howard that you recognize not only the religion but most importantly, the fact that you also recognize some more important things. The God of Truth, Jehovah God, The Truth behind Jehovah's Organization, and the vehicle that he is today using in order to instruct his people and all those who look to him for help/direction. I would like to encourage you with all sincerity to pray to Jehovah for guidance and peace. Jehovah is knocking your door Mr. Howard. Please answer and do not resist him by struggling with him. Reach out for Life Everlasting in Paradise. "See You in Paradise Mr. Howard."

Sent by Alvin L.K.P. | 9:26 PM | 5-29-2007

All the writing above from members of the Watchtower religion provides an interesting example of how religions can move so far away from the scriptures and the good news of Jesus Christ and just become religious.
One can tell that Jehovah's Witness religion does not study the bible, but instead puts almost all of their weight on 'bible helps'. This gives the religion the opportunity to color the thoughts of the bible and put extra emphasis on things that are not very predominent in the scriptures.
The Watchtower religion is based on only about 4% of the scriptures.
The bible will always be used as only a reference for out of context scriptures that have their teachings built around the isolated bible verse.
In the past the Watchtower organization as even discouraged bible study without their system because readers were finding that God was not saying what the governing body members are teaching the flock.

Sent by Gary | 5:17 AM | 5-30-2007

Hi Terrence I am one of Jehova's Witness from South Africa I really enjoyed your interview.I really liked the statement when u said that u are still execising for this is a race.In deed this is a race that leads to everlasting life.And during this race Jesus pointed out that it was never goignt o be easy.looking forward to being with you again in Jehova's organization.

Sent by Palesa | 10:09 AM | 5-30-2007

Dear Mr.Howard,
i admire your wonder Jehovah loves that quality soooo much, it motivates us to not only be " a hearer of the Word, but a Doer", not one who looks into the " Mirror and goes off and immediately forgets what sort of man he is, but who PEERS into the perfect law that belongs to freedom and who persists in it". CONTINUE TO PEER, which will build your faith. I HAVE NO DOUBT that you, if you allow Jehovah to "finish your make you firm, ... make you strong", will become " a doer of the work" and "will be HAPPY in his doing it."
What a privilege to know what you know! May I humbly suggest that you empty your Left hand, so that Jehovah can hold you FIRMLY with your Right! Looking forward to REAL good news.... having a brand new big brother ...what a JOY!!!!!!!!!

Sent by Sis D | 10:30 AM | 5-30-2007

Gooday Everyone.Gooday Terrence.

Faith is a very difficult thing,very difficult to handle at most times.
If you look at comment by:W.L.D/10:15AM ET 05-24-2007...
I know people do take pleasure in wanting to have nice things/find themselves being part of the Entertainment world,but I would not realy take that to an account as to people must change their lives just because they need to focus on the spiritual norms.But here,think of this!!!:If I was not a Witness,and ended up being one,and proffessionaly I am a Soldier/Police/any career that sort of rebels woth Jehova's rules,would people prefer I resign/dropp my current employment so that I can see myself as correct for being a Witness?NO NO NO I really do not think so,it's one of many things we see ourselves being involved inn,and our Families depend on financially to survive.
Going to another one:Comment by Braveo / 11:19 AM ET 05-24-2007!!!
Brother I think I realy think you should think about what you've just said,and since you been with the Witnesses for 30yrs,I bet now that you are saying you are finish with them,I bet you will not go to another church in your lifetime present.Kinda weird for someone to be with the Witnesses for that long and still say,Witnesses broke his Family apart.
Another person I would like to comment to is a Mr ALEX / 3:39 AM ET 05-24-2007.Brother ALEX I would really say,you do get confused sometimes really,but I would really advice you to read more about the Witnesses.Your statements sort of contradict themselves,or maybe you are contradicting yourself?

I was never born a Witness,but I chose to be one,reason been,I've seen things on the outside world,the world that is only ruled by one person SATAN...and I must tell you,in his world,there's a lot of things that can make you happy outside your Heart not inside your Heart...Faith Is A Difficult in life there's 2 roads,one that is short(short but dangerous)..another one that is long(long but excessive/filled with a lot of spikes,and you can even doubt by using it),and that is Jehovas way.

Sent by Bungane Ngayi SA-Port Elizabeth | 11:12 AM | 5-30-2007

A Ray Of Light

Peaking though darken clouds a ray of light giving life to all those in sight. Beaming down hope from above to those broken in spirit never leaving out the undeserving ones. Darken clouds each one different from the next. Drifting across the sky always ready and willing to give way to the ever merging ray of light. Even when you feel you have lost the fight, keep it in sight because it will always raise even if you don't. So never give up doing what is right and make way for that ever ray of light that will continue to bring hope to all those in sight.

Author's Comments
Remember that Jehovah will never be to far from anyone who calls on his name. So keep fighting Terrance just like Paul and you too will see how good your God Jehovah really is.

Sent by Pamela C. Blanks | 11:25 AM | 5-30-2007

As one of Jehovah's Witnesses for more than 30 years, I must respond to Amy's comment about the "brick wall" that exist in her family. I am the only Witness in my family. NEVER have I been told or led to believe that I should not have anything to do with my family. In fact, several Witnesses have visited my family with me and even stayed in the home of my non-witness family members. Although I don't share in their holidays, I enjoy their association on many other family activities. Perhaps the real problem in your family is the family. Perhaps there are attitudes and things going on in the family that make some family members not want to be around you. There are families that hate each other. They fight, steal, cheat with each others mates and even kill, yet NO ONE says it's because they're Catholic, or Baptist or Protestant, etc, but these ARE the religions of these people. Yet if they're one of Jehovah's Witnesses then it BECAUSE of their faith that the family is torn apart. I tell you what, go to your nearest prison, divorce courts, etc and compare the number of Jehovah's Witnesses to the Catholics, Baptist, and other religions that are SUPPOSE to be so much greater. If what they produce is a better life than let me forever be one of Jehovah's Witnesses!!

Sent by Sister in Pennsylvania | 11:27 AM | 5-30-2007

Being one of Jehovahs witnesses is what sets us apart from the world. We must consciously make the effort to fight against these struggles every single day! I myself was born and raised one of Jehovah's Witness by two of the best parents in the world! My Father has been an elder for over 40 years! I left Jehovah twice in my left for selfish reason only.. But I am back for good in a wonderful loving congregation. I have 3 children who are always ready to go to the Kingdom Hall. Even when I come home tired they encourage ME to get ready and go. I have been blessed by Jehovah for this, because my Husband is not a Witness but is very supportive. I used to smoke when disfellowshipped. My kids begged me to stop cause they said I wouldnt make it into the New System and that bothered me soooo much because I know I wasnt only letting Jehovah down I was letting my Bible trained children down who were only 5, 6 and 9 at the time. Our religion is strict but only for our own good. those that have bad things to say are those who truly do not love or know Jehovah personally. I am finally making the truth my own and I will tell you I have never felt so free in my life!! Jehovah blesses our efforts no matter how small they may feel to us. We are all worth saving to Jehovah if we just abide by his laws. Just like we have to abide by Ceasars if we do not want to end up in jail! As far as disfellowshipping goes, my relationship with my parents was strained and limited BUT..... they never treated me harshly or hung up on me! They also still watched my children daily while I went to work and continued to teach them Bible principals when I wasnt able to.. And I knew the consequences for my actions, I knew what the result would be, it came as no hidden surprise. And my parents welcomed me back with open arms just as Jehovah did, cause after all he doesnt leave us, we leave him. And as any parent would do, we always love our children no matter what, and are always ready to forgive. We are made in God's image, and that is ingrained in our hearts to do so.. Terrence, just as everybody else has said, throw your burdens on Jehovah, and he will help you through, but you have to work in accordance with your prayers so he knows you are sincere. My mother gave up a singing career herself. She was a professional singer and model in her day. She gave up the fame and fortune to raise her kids (my brother and I) and to put Jehovah first.. She has always been happy for making that decision.. who knows where her spirituality might have been now if she hadnt. We all have choices to make and daily struggles... Just dont let Satan win.. Make Jehovahs heart rejoice so that he can make a reply to the one who is taunting him.. Agapa Love, Sister Nikolai

Sent by Kalah | 12:44 PM | 5-30-2007

amen....It is great to see jehovah's name glorified by us all.. and this documentary knocking does just that...

Sent by Martha_angelica01 | 12:52 PM | 5-30-2007

This is not based on the gospel of Jesus Christ as the bible directs us. This is Satans tactics of fooling people into thinking they can receive Gods favor by their works.

Sent by Janet Blake | 2:47 PM | 5-30-2007

Please friends,

Be very careful about what you say and how you say it in response to people's comments. People will have there own opinion, but don't allow yourself to get caught up in arguing. It was a very good interview and I really appreciated it.

Sent by EE-STL | 2:53 PM | 5-30-2007

The governing Body of Brothers, are directed by means of Jehovah's holy spirit to channel down all the information that they know to all of Jehovah's Witnesses all over the world"
[Thanks A. Johnson]

You said it. All truth goes through a few old men only and is distributed through the world only by them.
If that doesn't make a person shiver then I don't know what would.

Sent by Alex | 3:20 PM | 5-30-2007

NPR, I am a regular listener. I'm quite amazed at your coverage. You always have very interesting stories and in depth coverage. I really appreciated this story about Terrence Howard.

Terrence, dedication to do God's will is done in the heart. Baptism is ONLY A SYMBOL of that dedication. While your dedication to God may not be complete, be assured that Jehovah is taking notice of you. Who knows maybe your name is already in the Book of Life. So put off these weights and run the race with endurance.

Is there any doubt that these are the last days? Do what you can now Bro.

Sent by Maurice | 3:43 PM | 5-30-2007

Hey all -

Noticing that a few are asking where you can listen again (or for the first time) to our interview with Terrence Howard. We typically don't do re-broadcasts, but no need to fear. You can always listen online and hear the interview in its original form. Simply go to:

Also, we did somewhat of a brief follow-up segment where we featured a sample of the conversations happening here on the blog. You can listen to that here:

Thanks for the feedback. Now, as you were...

Sent by Lee Hill with NPR's Tell Me More | 4:32 PM | 5-30-2007

Reading that Terrence wants to become a witness and that he has troubles with smoking almost brought me to tears. I too have been studying the Bible with Witnesses for over 2 years and I also smoke. It has held me back from becoming a witness. Please don't mistake this as too strict or unebracing by witnesses. Our body is a gift from God and it is our responsibility to take care of this gift in showing our love for God. My daughters are witnesses and the information I have received that has brought me closer to Jehovah God has litteraly saved my life. You give me hope Terrence.

Sent by Ren??e | 5:02 PM | 5-30-2007

Janet Blake, Faith without works is dead. You should really do a little more research. 1 John 2:4 He that says: "I have come to know him, and yet is not observing his commandments, is a liar, and truth is no in this (person). And verse 6, He that says he remains in union with him is UNDER OBLIGATION himslef also to go on walking just as that one walked.
Jesus came to teach us about Jehovah God. As in John 17: 3 This means everlasting life, thier taking in knowledge of YOU, THE ONLY TRUE GOD, and of the one whom you sent forth, Jesus Christ.

Sent by Renee | 5:11 PM | 5-30-2007

Terrance Howard, I really appreciate your heartfelt praise to Jehovah. I remember pouring out my heart to him just like he was right beside me. I had a conflict of interest in my life at the time. I prayed saying I loved my conflict more than I loved Jehovah. I prayed to Jehovah saying could you help me. I want to love you more than my conflict. After that, Jehovah helped me to get it right. That was a honest heartfelt prayer.
Lean on Jehovah, don't think for one minute you can do it alone.

"Don't let your circumstances control your desire. Let your desire control your circumstances."
Your future Sister

Sent by T | 6:19 PM | 5-30-2007

Jehovahs Witnesses absolutely encourage people to study their own family Bible, what ever version they use, and not just the Bible used by the witnesses. The problem with many Bibles is that certain important words were taken out and replaced by the early catholic churches. The worse abuse was taking out Gods real name "Jehovah" and replacing it with Lord. So Jehovah's Witnesses have pain stakingly translated the Bible using the exact translation and meaning of the Hebrew and Greek words. Take the cross for example. All throughout the Hebrew Scriptures people were executed or tortured on "stakes" and the original word used was "stauros". Then in the original
"Greek Scriptures" or "Gospell" the same word "stauros was used to decribe how Christ died. But it was later changed to cross to fit the false teachings of the early catholic church. So where did the cross come from. It came from the pagan god "Tammuz" of the Babylonians & Chaldeans. What did Jehovah say to the Isrealites about Tammuz in Ezekiel 8:13. You can find this on Wickapedia or Encyclopidia Britanica.

But this is what Jehovah's Witnesses do, we study and search for the truth so we can worship God without offending him. So many people are running around wearing crosses and don't even know the origin. They are offending God and Christ with this pagan symbol or idol.

Sent by Micah | 6:38 PM | 5-30-2007

Faith And Works

Faith is the confident assurance of things hoped for, a conviction of the reality of things not seen, Heb.11:1. It is the basis for salvation, Gal. 3:26; 1 Pet.1:5. Works are the deeds men do, whether good or evil, Gal.2:16; Eph.5:11. They are the basis for rewards or punishment when men are judged, 1 Cor.3:11-15; Rev.20:11-15. Men confuse these two concepts; Scripture never does.
A contradiction has been imagined between two passages. Paul wrote,"a man is justified by faith without the deeds of the Law," Rom.3:28. Wrote James, "by works a man is justified, and not by faith only'" Jas.2:24. There is no real problem. Paul was writing about justification before God, Rom 4:2, while James wrote about justification before men. He was dealing with the question of the man who says he has faith, but has no works to demonstrate its reality, Jas.2:14-20. He says nothing to discredit faith, nor to suggest that a man of faith may be lost. Paul speaks of the root of the Christian life; James its fruit.
Faith and workks are put in their proper perspective in Eph.2:8-10. We are saved by faith, not by works, but we are saved "unto good works." This means we are to maintain good works, Tit.3:8, being fruitful in them, Col 1:10, so that God may be glorified when Christ returns, 1 Pet.2:12.

Sent by John | 8:00 PM | 5-30-2007

I feel so moved..not only by the documentary but also by Mr. Howard. I have been suffering from depression for over 3 yrs and just now realized where my depression comes from. I have separated myself from Jehovah and also from my brothers and sisters for about 10 yrs. I am reproved. I go on and off to the meetings/more off than on/ but just to see the love and support that has been given to Mr. Howard has made me realize that I NEED Jehovah and I NEED TO BE RIGHT WITH JEHOVAH. I also need my brothers and sisters support through my fight with depression. For years I have felt empty inside and have wondered and looked for what I need to fill that void I felt. I just understood that the void I feel is not associating with the congregation and more importantly not doing what Jehovah wants and expects each and everyone of us. Today I will say that I am going to do everything possible for not only myself but my children, and my husband to get right with Jehovah and remove my reproved status. Thank you Mr. Howard and Mr. Engardio for my "a-ha" moment.

Sent by Patricia, Chicago, IL | 8:04 PM | 5-30-2007

"The problem with many Bibles is that certain important words were taken out and replaced by the early catholic churches."

What about when modern day religions like the Watchtower add words?
The New World Translation has "all OTHER things" instead of "all things." The Greek does not have the word "other' in the text. The verse simply says that Christ created "all things". (Col 1:16).

Sent by John | 8:20 PM | 5-30-2007

I love you Terrence! Jehovah loves you too. I cannot meet you now, but I look forward to meeting you, my brother, in the new system. I will be the one with tears in my eyes for having made it throught my struggles.

Sent by Lyn?? T Columbia Park Congragation, Portland, Oregon | 9:07 PM | 5-30-2007

We will continue to pray for you and all others struggling to return to Jehovah.. He is the reader of hearts
.Sister W

Sent by Linda | 10:35 PM | 5-30-2007

Read John 1:1 in the original bible and in the new world translation.

Sent by C L from GA. | 11:00 PM | 5-30-2007

I am one of Jehovah's Witnesses, I was baptized when I was 16 and now I am 24. If you want an inside look at Jehovah's Witnesses religion go to the Kingdomhall or interview dedicated baptized Witnesses. We publish articles explaining our beliefs and we offer free home bible studies for interested ones to know the Bible. I guess the PBS series will give a bit of a Witness to us though. I commend Terrence Howard's efforts but he would be a Witness right now with all his family not if it weren't for smoking but if he loved and appreciated Jehovah. You cannot say you do at all if you can not commit yourself to deaden your own desires to serve Him. Jesus left his position in heaven to die for us, that took humility. Humility is also needed to serve Jehovah God. Terrence loves the world and himself too much right now. I hope one day we will get to call him our spiritual brother!!!! But, the race for life like any other race has a finish line, you have to get there before the race is over........

Sent by Latoya Long | 11:19 PM | 5-30-2007

Dear Mr. Howard,
I did not read every post word for word but it is clear that many people have a sincere love for you and admiration for your honesty.
I appreciated what your future sister T said:
Lean on Jehovah, don't think for one minute you can do it alone.

She is so right; serving Jehovah God is only possible if we fully rely on him.

Any relationship in life takes work on both sides. And that is also true with our relationship with God. We need to be relying on him and then he does so much more that match what we do.

He doesn't want robots, he wants our love given in our own free will, but then when we do show real love and devotion to him he rewards us in a huge way.

Psalms 34:8 is one of my favorite scriptures. It says "Taste and see that Jehovah is good, Oh you people; Happy is the able-bodied man that takes refuge in him."
Malachi 3:10 is also a favorite.

I had the privilege of serving Jehovah full time for a period of time and, although I was not well of financially, those were the happiest days of my life.
I will spend my days in the ministry again when my children are older.
You can have that wonderful experience too. You can be that close to Jehovah. Ask him to help you. Isaiah 41:13 says "For I, Jehovah your God, am grasping your right hand, the One saying to you, 'Do not be afraid. I myself will help you.'
Don't try to do it alone. You definitely will be successful in your endeavors to serve Jehovah God if you rely on him.
I look forward to hearing good news about you. :)

Sent by Eva | 1:05 AM | 5-31-2007

Becarefull ot these platforms as forms of informal witnessing. Many different people and spirits dwell here, safegaurd yourself and those around you and refrain.

Sent by Mvz | 5:05 AM | 5-31-2007

I was raised a JW and 10 years ago, I was disfellowshipped because I'm gay. I was a devout one: pioneered in high school, Bethel 3 years, ministerial servant and even an elder. When I left, it took several years for the Armagedon nightmares to cease. Now, I'm totally free from it. I no longer believe it's teachings and I've begun a spiritual journey that's been exciting and wonderful. I knew that when I left, I would lose my family but I made a conscious decision to be free and no longer controlled by men. Mr. Howard, good luck on your journey. No one can dictate spiritual beliefs and that's something we're all continually searching for, even Jehovah's Witnesses.

Sent by Jubal | 2:16 PM | 5-31-2007

Mr. Howard first came to my attention when he was on the Oprah show discussing his movie Crash. At some point the discussion turned to the use of the "N" word and how Oprah wished young people would understand it's history and choose to no longer use it. I recall how quickly Terrance understood and immediately agreed to no longer use the word. At that moment I wondered about his upbringing. I was deeply moved by his account of the unfortunate, ugly race related experience he witnessed involving his dad as a child.

I have frequently thought of him since then. I sensed there was a deeper, thoughtful person there. I just knew it!

What a pleasant surprise for me to hear his very insightful interview.

Sent by KMT | 4:29 PM | 5-31-2007

Dear Terrance Howard I didn't see the documentary but I heard it from some of my friends there older than me I'm one of Jehovah's witnesses and when I was out in field service yesterday they were telling me about it I'm 20 years old and I'm a Baptized sister I've been baptized for almost a year it will actually be a year June 10th But Terrence if you want to accomplish that goal to become one of Jehovah's Witnesses then you should make that choice now because this world isn't going to last much longer but first what you should do is pray to Jehovah God to help you stop smoking and those other things that you do and your prayers will be answered if you try your hardest to help and I think that a talented young brother just remember pray to Jehovah and he will help you the best way he can

Sent by Krista From Memorial Park Congregation | 5:15 PM | 5-31-2007

Why does the Watchtower organization restrict members from reading other religions literature? Why do they automaticly label it as 'hate literature'? Because this group wants to control. Control it's members information input. This is a very dangerous group that trains its members to think that Jehovah has an organization that God runs. It just happens that this group claims itself as the soul distributor of truth for the world. In fact they call themselves the truth. How arrogant.

Sent by James | 6:06 PM | 5-31-2007

It's obvious when Jehovah steps in to make sure his will and/or purpose is done. As witnesses we know it's getting harder and harder to find persons at home, I find that this video Knocking, in a round about way can possibly be a way for some doors now to be opened and also because of Terrance's interview. Jehovah has always used other means to protect his people to make way for his will to be done and to santicfy his name. Only by Jehovah can something like this ever have come about.

Sent by Sis. Johnson | 6:08 PM | 5-31-2007

I was never a fan of Terrence Howard. However, after hearing his comments about Jehovah's Witnesses and how he's not in the race yet, but is exercising, I applaud his honesty. It shows that if a person wants to change they can, that's if they truly want to make a change.

Sent by Harper | 2:07 AM | 6-1-2007

Alex spoke of apostates as if Jehovah Witnesses created them. Jesus foretold that they would come and they have. It is so refreshing to know that Jehovah will also extend His arms for someone who is not associated with or know the truth, through prayer, accurate knowledge, meditation and the like, there is hope for those without hope. My greatest fight was cigarette smoking before studying and getting baptized, I leaned fully on Jehovah and His word along with prayer and I overcame the habit. The final point is this, we manage to do whatever in life we want to do, why not let it be doing the will of Jehovah. It will bring happiness now and a future that we can't begin to grasp the joys of it the future. May we all continue to bring praise and honor the the most high Jehovah and for His son Jesus who LOVED all who recognizes His father.

Sent by Carol -South Carolina | 10:08 AM | 6-1-2007

Truly incredible responses... I'm going to have to set aside time to read them all!

As an active member of the Christian congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses and a working actor I can say it is difficult to maintain integrity in our chosen profession. Difficult... but not impossible. I too applaud Mr. Howard's sincerity and humility in admitting his struggles, struggles a lot of us had and may continue to have. But again, it's not impossible. I'm sure I echo the sentiments of others when I say that, as with all who are sighing and groaning over the detestable things of this current system, we will continue our best to educate, instruct and make disciples.

Oh, and Mr. Howard...? Use your current standing in the Industry to put out some quality G and PG rated movies without sorcerers or demons or witches... I can guarantee you'd have a HUUUGE audience!! You done it with "Pride"... you can continue!! Foward, you witnesses... ever strong of heart!

Sent by Phillip Ramirez | 11:03 AM | 6-1-2007


Ummm, you think that posting this stuff is going to make a difference in JW's beliefs? It goes to show how little you know about Jehovah's Witnesses and their personalities.

Also, how lame is it that you go onto websites and bad mouth people who believe differently than you do?

We're people, and we choose to live our lives this way.

Posting hateful or negative comments on a web page isn't going to change the fact that we have made this decision.

I can't speak for EVERY Jehovah's Witness (because no one can), but I am happy with my decision.

Sent by Sean | 11:35 AM | 6-1-2007

Dear Terrance I most defenetley commend your for your efforts but please don't let yourself go. Although You want to be a witness and there are some things taht are holding you back you MUST REMEMBER this years scripture THE GREAT DAY OF JEHOVA IS NEAR!!! That is something that we are rejoicing and looking forward to. And believe me there is nothing that we want more than to have you rejoicing with us!!! PLease Take the steps and you'll see there's notyhing more fulfilling you can do with your life!! hope to see you in the truth
ivette from winder spanish

Sent by Ivette Lopez | 11:47 AM | 6-1-2007

maybe the brother can become a moonie, or a hare krisna, i am sure some cult would take him in as a cigarette smoker.

Sent by ankoma jelani | 12:52 PM | 6-1-2007

Dear Mr. Howard,

First of all I want to apologize for not knowing anything about you until now. Our family has not seen many of your movies and as you know there is not much out there in the entertainment world fit for True Christian viewing. PBS, Discovery Channel and History Channels are considered "staples" in our family. Since hearing your interview just yesterday I went up to Blockbuster to see what movies you have done. The only 2 that we have viewed and can definitely recommend are "Mr. Holland's Opus, and the "Boycott".

However my real reason for writing this is to thank you for putting into words the reason why we are so proud to be one of Jehovah's Witnesses. Simply put, you showed that it takes effort to bring your life into harmony with God's standards as set out in the Bible. No one can just call up and join.

You see there is a huge difference between man's standards and God's standards. Man has a code of ethics that are generally followed. Most people know that you don't kill or steal or commit adultery. We try to do good to our neighbors and come to the aid of others in time of need or disaster. This "code" is summed up in the golden rule, where Jesus said, "Do to others as you would have them do to us."

However Jesus took it a step further when he said, "You heard you must not commit adultery, but I say, everyone that keeps on looking at a woman with passion has already committed adultery in his heart."

Here Jesus showed that it all starts in the mind and heart. To be a TRUE Christian, we have to remove sinful tendencies from our very core. Your high school friend, Shawn, showed you that it could be done at the tender age of 17. If everyone like him, followed Jesus example, can you see how this will put a stop to the flood of pornography that has saturated our world? And it doesn't stop there.

To remove the tendency to steal, we need to stop thinking about the thing that we cannot have. To remove the tendency to hate, we have to focus on the good in others. This will make prejudice, murder and war a thing of the past.

It doesn't mean that we become perfect. We all need to keep up the fight because this world promotes giving in to our selfish thoughts. Everyone has different vices and tendencies to conquer. Some have multiple. That???s why for some it may take 17 years to "qualify".

Anything that takes that kind of effort becomes a goal and sometimes a challenge. When we meet our goals and challenges we have a good, satisfied feeling of well-being. However, we have an added benefit. We know that we are pleasing the God of this universe. There is no greater happiness and satisfaction than that.

I have listened to your interview several times and I want to thank you for putting into words how proud it is to be able to say, "I qualify to be one of Jehovah's Witnesses, I made it"!

To all those "prodigal sons" who have written in, it is clear that Jehovah knows each one of you and your struggles. Do you know that He has us working hard to reach you? Last year in 2006 is the first time in history that we went door-to-door GLOBALY to invite the public to our Conventions. Who do you think Jehovah is searching for? YOU! He knows you are out there and that you need guidance. This year on April 2, 2007 the Memorial of Christ???s death was observed. This is the first year in history that we went door to door searching for you, to invite you. Here are the facts. In 2006 there was a total of 6,741,444 active Witnesses around the globe. In 2006 there were 16,675,113 who were moved to observe the Memorial of Christ???s death. That means that Jehovah is searching for close to 10 million who appreciate what Jesus did for us.

I for one plan to continue working hard to search for you until Jehovah tells me to stop!

Sent by Karen Halbach - Maryland | 6:21 PM | 6-1-2007

Dear Terrance, I really appreciated how you used the scriptures to explain your belief in the practices of Jehovah's Witnesses. That means you studied the BIBLE. Espeially the points relating to the preaching(door-to-door)activity. Thank you for putting Jehovah's name on high and for dignifying God's Word so eloquately. It is our same sentiments. I hope when asked about my faith, I too, will speak up as you do under such scrutiny. Thank you Michel too for asking the right questions that led to such refreshing remarks from Mr. Howard. I pray that you join in true worship very soon Mr. Howard. Jehovah used you in a very unique way to reach people in territory that few could go to. You already show the qualities that could qualify you, humility, hunger, and honesty. So you are on your way. I feel it's just a matter of time for you. Jehovah reads the heart and he is waiting for you to cone in. Remember that Prince did it too and I'm sure that it was quite a struggle for him as well. An encouraging scripture is 2Cor. 10:4.Please meditate on this scripture. Our prayer are with you. Agape Love

Sent by A sister named Robyn | 6:58 PM | 6-1-2007

As an ex-Jehovah's Witness cult member, all I can do is to exhort TMM to thoroughly examine the terrible practices of social isolation, suppression of abuse (, break-up of families via shunning, death by ever-changing blood policies, outright lies to its membership regarding doctrinal views associated with the United Nations .... well I could go on but this is a good list to start with. The final straw for me was the celebratory reaction to the 911/WTC crashes ... glorying in the deaths and coming retributional payback to all non-Witnesses.

Thankfully I was able to WAKE UP, escape and teach my children a new way to experience love and spirituality.
JWs only encourage you to examine biblical teachings until you have joined their membership. Once in, challenging or questioning teachings is viewed as apostacy and you are immediately disfellowshipped and shunned by your fellow parishioners and family members.

Sent by Kim Mancha | 8:33 PM | 6-1-2007

To Patricia in Chicago: Dear Sister, please be assured that your brothers and sisters love you and will always support you. As a brother suffering from depression myself for many years I have some understanding of the pain you must be feeling. I recognised the feelings in words like "empty" and "void" that you used - words that we depressives sometimes feel we shouldn't even know as part of a people with an assured hope and so much wonderful activity going on around us. Trust me when I tell you it is possible to make a recovery - even from a state of discipline (I know that too well, also). I hope you act on your promise to make things right with Jehovah and to draw close to him - he will continue to draw close to you, and use your brothers and sisters to help you. I will mention you in my prayers. Though my family and I now live in England, we are Illinois born-and-raised. Maybe we'll see you relate a positive account of your struggle and recovery at a District Convention - who knows? Warm Christian Love,

Sent by Your Brother | 9:28 PM | 6-1-2007

Terrance, Thanks for sharing your toughts and talents.

All others:

If you want to know the "Truth" about Jehovah's Witnesses...

I don't think this is the place to debate. Let the Bible (Any translation) be your guide.

Sent by DA | 9:54 PM | 6-1-2007

It is true that the witnesses practice shunning. I was the daughter of a disfellowshipped mother and was treated as badly as her. Even after her reinstatement, the congregation treated the family as less than worthy. The JW's are not open minded and do not encourage learning, only study of their publications. I am thankful that I have opened my mind to all teachings, secular and religious alike, and appreciate those ideas that differ from mine. Good luck to you Terrence - I wish you the best on your journey.

Sent by Carissa-Houston, TX | 11:13 PM | 6-1-2007

Thank you!

Sent by CS | 11:45 PM | 6-1-2007

Thanks for airing this interview, it was refreshing. As one of Jehovah's Witnesses it gives me great delight to hear Mr Howard's heartfelt expressions. I was particularly drawn to the impact on his life and his family's life made by that the young brother he identified. It confirms the powerful impact of being a living witness. My advise to Mr Howard is to continue to read the bible daily and ask Jehovah to continue to draw him to Himself. Be assured that nothing that we give up can come close to the wonderful blessings that we enjoy both now and what awaits us in the not too distant future. In addition, do not be fooled into thinking you need to fix everything before you come home to where you belong, Satan will never allow you or anyone to be completely free from problems, including personal challenges, come home to our loving organization and and be assured of our love and kind support along with Jehovah's powerful active force, this will help you to overcome any and all challenges.
I look forward to seeing you at a meeting one of these days.

Sent by Mark Hemmings | 1:04 AM | 6-2-2007

I have been a Jehovah's Witness for some 35 years and in my time as a JW I have seen a lot both bad and good. WE have to remember though, Jehovah's people are IMPERFECT and HUMAN. They will always make mistakes until the end of the thousand years of the millenium. Does any religion claim to be perfect? Anyone with the ability to think will know that imperfection will always be with us in this system of things. However, Matthew tells us that God DOES have a faithful and discreet slave class ON EARTH who will feed us spiritually at the proper time. So as mistakes might be made, correction will also come along later on. Many people say you can't critisize the WATCHTOWER but that isn't true. Many people have given their opinion on some matters and most have seen that The "watchtower" was right but they have had to reason on their thinking. Sometimes you don't completely agree at first but then later a can see that Satan is the god of this sysem of things and one of his traps is "doubt". In all my time as a Jehovah's Witness i have never doubted and pray that Jehovah never allows Satan to over take me in that area. Satan is a deceiver..hense his name. Just as he lied to Eve, he lies to us, not as a snake but thru the lies of other people who may have committed a serious sin,were not repentant and were put out as a JW because serious sin can not be tolerated in a congregation. The congregation must be kept clean. Our brothters do the best they can. But think of never hear a JW attack anyone in a most hateful and insulting manner. God is Love..why would anyone who claim JWs are so bad attack us in such a hateful way. Insults and hate are certainly not from God's people. They are from those who insisted on doing wrong and were caught up in sin, found out and put out. No one is "shunned" out of hate. Its a disciplinary action that has brought many people who were "shunned" back to their senses. Two of my children are included in that. Because of the so called "shunning" it reached their repentent heart and are now back with Jehovah. They hated Jesus, the beat and killed him. Are Jehovah and Jesus's true followers expected to be treated differently. They hated Jesus, there will be those who hate his people. If we were liked by the world...i would worry.

Sent by Kara Evans | 8:24 AM | 6-2-2007

Mr Howard,

I was made my public declaration just over 3yrs ago . I can definitely understand your struggles mentioned in the interview as I was first introduced to The Truth about 12 yrs prior. My wife who is not a Witness but has family who are is still studying but is also a smoker and has been on Methadone for almost 15yrs now. I was more fortunate, after being on Methadone for 11yrs I was arrested and facing my 3rd felony conviction, all my arrests were drug related. Winding up in jail again at the age of 42 was enough, I knew at that time that Jehovah was my only chance. I watched an inmate several days in a row sitting alone & reading , he had magazines spread out all over the table in the jails day rm. I decided to approach him & saw he was reading the Watchtower. I immediately sat down & asked him if any brothers actually came in to the jail to conduct Bible Studies.
He politely answered yes & promised me that he could have called down that Thursday. The brothers came every Thursday & Sunday without fail. My faith was becoming stronger due to Jehovah's loving kindness and I continued to astudy once released. During the 27yrs I had used Heroin & Methadone I also made several serious attempts at sobriety everything from a 2yr Residential Rehab on Long Island called A.P.P.L.E to hospital Detoxes and short term rehabs .

The outcome was always the same, I would do well for a while & eventually relapse & what seemed to be common with every relapse was my thoughts about life.
I always began asking myself "Is this all there is, there has to be more than this?" I would usually relapse shortly after. Now I return to that county Jail 2x a week and conduct Bible studies thanks to Jehovah making the way for me. It's not very often hat a 3 time convicted Felon is allowed inside a correctional facility twice a week. The administration at that county Jail did make me wait a YR and a 1/2 before I could enter the facility but the wait was well worth it. I pray that you continue studying and growing closer to Jehovah, I don't doubt for a moment that you face numerous obstacles in your profession. One last thing I'd like to share & that is this, because of ignorance re: Jehovah's Witnesses I asked my wife to promise me in 1990 right before we were married, that she would never become "one of those Jehovah's Witnesses" she promised we were married & now I've been Baptized for over 3yrs and she has an extremely difficult time making progress due to the drugs, smoking and a Bi-Polar diagnosis she received in 2002. I continue to pray for her and will add you in my prayers, keep strong.

Sent by Bob Foss | 8:40 AM | 6-2-2007

Though in some cases the Jehovah's Witness religion has helped people, there are cases where people have been hurt by becoming one of Jehovah's Witness. The proper defenition of apostate is: n. a person who completely forsakes his religion, faith, political party, or principles.
It does not mean strictly someone who left the Jehovah's Witness religion like many of the members believe.
By definition, probably half the world (including Jehovahs Witness) are apostate because they left the last group they belonged to.
The word apostate is used often as you can tell from members writing in on this blog. The Watchtower religion has conditioned its members to automatically smear anyone who ends up with the apostate label.
It is true that if you dare stand your ground and true feelings about any difference with the organizations teaching, you will be in danger of disfellowshiping. You will forever be cut off from family, friends and any JW associates. Some on this blog say that you knew what you were doing when you dedicated yourself to Jehovah (and publicly got baptized)and therefore if you leave (or get disfellowshiped) you are the person abandoning the faithful members. Well guess what. People change their minds. This is no different then if a person leaves the Catholic faith or any mainline church for the Watchtower religion. Yet these religions don't cut off their former members with extreme shunning to punish them.
Another fact that is overlooked is that the Watchtowers teachings change over time also. They have been 100% wrong when it comes to their chronology about events that were to take place, they have changed their views on medical issues and other teachings. What you are signing up for today may not be the Watchtowers 'truth' tomorrow. So you must accept whatever comes down the pipes from the few men in New York state that God (Jehovah) communicates to the world through. Though the governing body of Jehovah's Witness is not that visible, they enjoy controling the lives of millions of members. To challenge these men is viewed upon as challenging Gods organization and therefore God himself.
Truely this is a dangerous religion. To those on the outside it is little different than membership with the Mormons. Notice that religions that have unique teachings (that no one else has) always put great emphasis on their own literature. The Watchtower publications are to the Jehovah's Witness what the Book of Mormon is to the Latter Day Saints church.

Sent by Alex | 1:02 PM | 6-2-2007

Many who have commented are witness themselves and others are not witnesses. You are reading two different views. There are always two sides of a coin. If you are reading these posts and wonder what Jehovah's Witnesses are really about, pick up your phone, ask for the neareast Kingdom Hall in your area, go visit and find out. The internet is a fast and easy way to access information, but all information is not correct. Go to the source. Don't give in to the gossiping and what I heard, and they used to be, but now their not kind of mentally. God sees all and and knows all. When people look at a religion, they should look at whether it supports the view of God, thus support the teachings of the Bible. If you look at the people, you'll find wrongs. We are imperfect. No witness will ever say the are perfect in this world we live in. Take you Bible and say show me, open the door and talk, don't shut the curtains and don't worry about who has access to this website. Jehovah God doesn't need the internet to get His point across.

Sent by Max | 1:06 PM | 6-2-2007

Back in the 70s, I, too, remember when I found out that Theresa Graves
had become one of Jehovah's Witnesses and went to Africa as a missionary. I admired her courage to step away from former temptations. I also remember thinking, what a great way to serve Jehovah in peace, without papparazzi following you!! No going out in field service in a limo with body guards for her!! I wish some others in similar circumstances of celebrity had had, and will have, the same level of faith, humility, and love for Jehovah God that Sister Graves had. I look forward to meeting her in the resurrection.

Terrence, please read her life story article in the Awake! from April 22, 1977. May her account and your involvement with the documentary KNOCKING give you great food for thought??? the motivation to re-assess the priorities in your life. (Matthew 6:33)

You have my best wishes for some very deep and spiritually productive soul searching. The choices you make are your own, which we all respect, I'm sure.

Sent by A sister from Long Island who now lives in South Dakota, where the need is greater | 3:05 PM | 6-2-2007

A lovely interview. Terrence displayed an honest heart which is one of the steps required to serve our loving Creator. Not everyone wants to give up something they enjoy to serve God. Especially when we realize others will have no-so-positive things to say about our decision to be associated with a worldwide group of people who put God's will ahead of their own. The world doesn't work that way. But God's son, Jesus said the world would hate those who do God's will. Marcy G.

Sent by Marcy G. | 12:14 AM | 6-3-2007

I just want Terrance to Know that his words touched me and there are many people just like him that are aware of the truths of the bible but aren't able to put action behind what they know to be true. However what he has done is much greater .... because Jehovah God also reads hearts and knows all of those whom love him. I pray that Terrance makes it to the new system of things to come .... as he has been a greater witness .. than he will ever realize! ...Please stay encouraged!


Sent by Tonita Swanigan | 10:26 AM | 6-3-2007

I am not one of Jehovah's Witnesses, but am very encouraged by JWs. Alot of people out there are too quick to judge, and the minute one Witness makes a mistake it's time to pound on them for it. Out of the million JWs out there, how can you assume an organization is faulty when one speaks about in opposition. The one thing people want the most is peace and hope, order and happiness... the one thing they can't stand to do is work for it. Because, it's too demanding, or too hard. They, rather God, is offering "everlasting life" on a paradise here on earth... shouldn't the standards be high? I commend JWs for their bravery amidst all the controversy. I hope that one day, I can be as brave.

Sent by Student of The Truth | 7:51 AM | 6-4-2007

I'm glad some one is trying to clear up the misconceptions about JW's. But as you can see there will always be people like Alex and Glen who would rather spread thier hatred than find the facts. Jehovah's people have always been objects of hatdred and will continue to be so until Satan no longer rules this wicked world. Remember Jesus had enimies as he tried to do his father's will....but he prayed for them because of their idnorance.... as we should pray for Alex and Glen because of their ignorance. Satan uses those who are ignorant to do his will!

Sent by Jackie..member for 32 years | 9:30 AM | 6-4-2007

I appreciate and we should remember, the comment that said:

Terrance and friends, focus on the positive, the encouragement of Terrance.

As we know, these comments can be bring reproach. Love and Encouragement, it's about Terrance and his struggles and desirer to get his personal relationship with Jehovah in order.

This is the most important thing, and the only thing, worthy of time and a response. Please, remember this.

Sent by Faithfully striving | 1:39 PM | 6-4-2007

Terrence, if you want to ruin your life joining a cult that has killed children by refusing them proper access to medical care, stagnated thousands of people's intellectual life by denying them access to college educations, and ruined lives by the process of disfellowshipping (shunnning), then go ahead and do so.

I hope this documentary is objective. The witnesses are a cult, and a dangerous one.

Sent by Jonathon | 1:40 PM | 6-4-2007

This has been one of the better interviews that NPR has aired.

It shows that Terrance Howard is no different that anyone else. Being an accomplished Hollywood actor doesn't change his consciousness for having a good relationship with Jehovah God.

Terrance Howard is a human being just like everyone of us who has to make a choice, as all of us have to when we learn "the truth", to live Jehovah's way of life, or Satan's way of life. There is no compromising on this.

"Knocking" was a good documentary that actually showed the Jehovah Witness religion in a positive way. Not only do Jehovah Witnesses bring a positive message of hope taken directly from God's word, the bible, but they have done great things for all people whether they are Jehovah Witnesses or not.

Sent by A Proud Jehovah Witness (Valencia, CA) | 2:47 PM | 6-4-2007

hey jack I agree

Sent by Gabe F | 11:54 PM | 6-4-2007

What a fantastic interview! Thankyou so much for the interview. It's so lovely to read everyones comments on here. I was on looking at some peoples comments and I must say some were truly horrible. There is gross misconception today about Jehovah's Witnesses, many of which is being spread as truth and people are believing these horrible lies without knowing the truth. Thank you for this interview. Dear Terrance please don't give up. I look forward to the day when I can call you my brother. Hello everyone else on here! I can't wait to meet you all :) We're are all going to have so much fun in the Paradise. I would like to thank the beautiful people on here that put such nice things about J.W. It's nice to know that there are some lovely people that aren't saying horrid things about us. I love you too! I'm in Washington at the Lakewood Centre Congregation.

Sent by A teenage J.W. called Stacey Thomas :) (Lakewood,WA) | 12:07 AM | 6-5-2007

I'm touched by Howard's candid words. The way he spoke about JWs shows that he is a person who doesn't discriminate or judge people based on 'stories' He has spoken what is on his heart and I'm glad for him. I'm a witness and I hope that the truth in the bible that convinced me to dedicate myself to Jehovah will help Howard do the same.

Sent by Nii Oto, Accra, Ghana | 10:52 AM | 6-5-2007

Terrance - do not let biased opinions sway you into making wrong decisions (aka. Alex) Alex - the reason you know so much about apostates is because you are one and your negative thinking and contradiction keeps you where you are. Why would I want to continue associating with someone that clearly opposes what I believe. JW's are trying to hold on to our faith and not allow someone like you to subvert our beliefs. Don't try to discourage others from making their own decisions regarding their spirituality. You apparently have made your choice (BE GONE). Being one of JW's is a personal the end all will know on which side justice will stand, either those for Jehovah or the rest. True Christians show, by their actions, the effects of what they are learning. It is apparent (Alex) that what you have learned (untruth) has only causing pain and bitterness. You need to get some help. Terrance - keep exercising and Jehovah will bless you.

Sent by Sent by a Proud Witness of 33 years (Illinois) | 11:45 AM | 6-5-2007

In response to accusations that Jehovah's Witnesses 'stagnate intellectual lives by denying access to college educations,' I have been active as one of JW's since 1981. I also have a bachelors and masters of accountancy, graduating with honors, as a member of Beta Gamma Sigma, and a McNair Scholar. I am currently working on becoming a CPA. I hardly think my record is "stagnant."

Sent by Teresa | 11:59 AM | 6-5-2007

People like Alex are sitting back relishing the time and efforts different ones are putting into his statements. Please stop. We shouldn't even acknowledge his hatred of Jehovah and his organization. Jehovah is a God of love, not hate. Nothing any of us can say will make him see that. Please do not fall into the trap of negativity he is setting out for you.

Terrance, I was very moved by your candor and appreciated hearing your thoughts. I too hope that you can reconcile your issues and experience for yourself the loving embrace that will be offered to you once you do. Think of your children and how much it would do for your entire family to turn around and repent. I sincerely hope the best for you.

Sent by Debbie | 12:22 PM | 6-5-2007

To James - Sent 5-31-07 (Re: Reading literature of other religions.)

JW's are known worldwide for their preaching from door-to-door. It is their trademark based on Matt 24:14; 28:19,20. They do this because they are convinced that the Bible is in fact God's Word of truth, and that it has a message for everyone who is interested in hearing it.

Because they are unable to answer all the questions, or share everything they have learned on their short visits, they leave with INTERESTED persons Bible literature, with scriptural references to assist them in examining the Bible further, regardless of the translation they use. (This could be compared to using a pair of reading glasses to help us to see things more clearly.)

The purpose of the Watchtower and the Awake for example, is clearly stated on page 2 of the Watchtower, and page 4 of the Awake.

Since JW's know the value of these and other literatures published by them, and because they love their neighbors as themselves, they sacrifice their time and resources to share them with interested persons, regardless of their religious background.

As a result, JW's have a very good idea of what people of other religions believe. Remember too, that many who are now JW's were once members of other religions.

JW's therefore, have no need to accept or read the literature published by other religions.
If persons of other religions believe they have something of value, they should take the initiative to go and share it, and not wait on JW's to call before trying to offer their literature.

Sent by D.M.P | 12:29 PM | 6-5-2007

I have read all the e-mails that were sent, regarding the interview with Terrance Howard. I would like to know when and if the interview will air again, because I would love to watch it for myself.

Sent by Donna Alexander | 1:37 PM | 6-5-2007

I really enjoyed the interview with Terrence,he spoke very honestly about the witnesses.My parents would always tell me to answer the door to the witnesses and say we weren't interested which I did ..until I left home and the witnesses called at my home ..this time I listened.At the time I was concerned about the troubles in the world as I had a young family. I was offered NOT forced a bible study, soon I came to realise that Jehovah would not allow man to completely ruin the earth that in his due time he will step in and remove all wickedness from the earth and wars would cease and peace will reign over mankind. I firmly believe Gods word the bible NOT the Watchtower as my basis for belief. The watchtower is just a bible aid its purpose is to exalt Jehovahs name as sovereign of the universe and to keep us up to date with world events. It comforts people with the goodnews of Gods kingdom in a world that is filled with pain and misery.Jehovah forces no one to serve him.When Jesus was on earth he said @ John 10:27 "my sheep listen to my voice, I know them,and they follow me" I have been a baptised witness of Jehovah for 18 years and I would not be anything else! You have something to gain by listening to Jehovah, that is your life, the free gift he offers us all. Its your life you choose ! But when witnesses do knock on your door remember we are trying to save your life not gain followers.We represent Jehovah and have the responsibility to warn others of Jehovahs day.To Illustrate if you knew a bomb was going to detonate at a certain time wouldn't you do your best to get everyone out of the building ?We know that in the future a figurative bomb is going to go off we don't know the exact time or day so we try our best to warn as many people as possible. So next time a witness comes "knocking" at your door it might be me so please be nice :-)

Sent by Carolynne | 3:37 PM | 6-5-2007


Sent by RITA | 6:38 PM | 6-5-2007

The industry...what can I say, It's a beautifully poetic and addictive poison, in a word, intoxicating. Some years ago, I refused sign a top 40s recording contract from a man whose current artist was #1 on the list. More recently, I've chosen not to pursue a career in the Opera, because I felt it would be too all consuming. In my limited experience with the theater, I cherished having lead roles in musicals and plays. I've been praised for my voice, my talent, my humor, my intellect and my physical beauty, so I suppose, "I could have been a contender". Throughout these years my life has been peppered with two plane crashes, where I lost my Mother and five years later another crash where I lost my brother, a professional pilot, followed by the murder of his son, my nephew. I've traveled and lived in many countries, befriended the richest of the rich and the poorest of the poor. That's just the short list, and when I look back, in many ways I've had a truly rich, diverse and astonishing life, and in a relatively short amount of time. I was taught the truth from infancy, and through it all I have been given the freedom to choose to serve the true God Jehovah and I???ve endeavored to be a footstep follower of Christ. We know the heart is treacherous and wants what it wants, especially so in that case of a passion for which you may be gifted or in the case of addiction, either way they are intoxicating. It's Jehovah???s heart that I fear to break, for this is his day. Later, I will hone my craft and revel in the arts to my hearts content, for all of eternity, for that is and always has been my hope and my trust! The beauty of all of this is that amongst those who truly love Jehovah, I have met the great who???ve chosen to be humble, as well as those who were born with a humble heart. I won???t be the first to say what a privilege it???s been to know and love such a diverse, intelligent, talented and beautiful people, a people whom when you look beneath the layers, beyond the unimportant physical characteristics, you will find the kind of beauty that our God looks for. (Ecclesiastes 12:13,14)

Sent by Trisha Dean | 8:58 PM | 6-5-2007

I saw some comments on here saying that Jehovah's Witnesses are told what to do. That is true in the sense that we are told what to do by Jehovah himself when we follow his principles. These principles are for out benefit and they have never caused grief.

Unlike many out there who are told what to do on Dec. 25th, Feb. 14th, Oct. some of these dates ring a bell??? People in today's society are slaves to these dates. You are told what to are slaved to debt and giving out of obligation! Yet you say Witnesses are told what to do?!? Hmmmmm....

Sent by No Name | 11:15 PM | 6-5-2007

This kind of interview makes us remember the movie "Young People Ask - What will I do with my life?" -specifically, the interview with Levi...

That is a very brave step you made - professing your faith.
I sure hope and with Jehovah God's loving-kindness, you will be able to make it even beyond your dedication and baptism.

2 Peter 1:5-8 provides:
"Yes, for this very reason, by YOUR contributing in response all earnest effort, supply to YOUR faith virtue, to [YOUR] virtue knowledge, ??to [YOUR] knowledge self-control, to [YOUR] self-control endurance, to [YOUR] endurance godly devotion, ??to [YOUR] godly devotion brotherly affection, to [YOUR] brotherly affection love. ??For if these things exist in YOU and overflow, they will prevent YOU from being either inactive or unfruitful regarding the accurate knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ."

Stick to and prove yourself loyal to the only Pillar and Truth, your local congregation.

Pray to Jehovah God to help you endure the race to life.

Sent by Archiel & April Love Flores, Zamboanga City, Philippines | 1:07 AM | 6-6-2007

It's always incouraging when I see positive media about us (jehovahs witness).Our door is always open to anybody wanting to know more about Jehovah God and his standards.Keep praying for truth and he will open your eyes as he did for so many!

Sent by Bruce Keller,TX | 11:33 AM | 6-6-2007

It's great to see Jehovah's name sanctified! Today's daily text sums it up: "...pick up his torture stake day after day and follow me continually."- Luke 9:23

We must remember that as followers of Jesus Christ, Christians have chosen to dedicate their life to Jehovah. And like Jesus, we would be persecuted for it. All apostates are proving the Bible true so thank you. And thank you NPR and Terrence Howard for bringing this to light.

Terrence, I too struggle with the industry as a professional singer but Jehovah has to come first eventually. You'll 'get it' soon and be so much better for it. Much love to you!

Sent by Lysa Davis | 4:51 PM | 6-6-2007

Iam happy that what Mr.Howard say are good.Hope one day that he sit down and have a personal study.In return it will help youstop smoking.

Sent by EC | 7:31 PM | 6-6-2007

Terrance, The answer lies in the title of this poem "Did I Need You Jehowah"

I lift up my very head from death
itself wondering why I am here.

Did I need you to awaken me from
this spiritual death that became so
comfortable that the truth that was
once in me no longer exists.
Did I need to be stripped of all
self-worth, pride, and diginity to
understand once again that the start
of wisdom is having a healthy fear
of displeasing God.
Did I need to learn again the elementary things of God, that no worldly knowledge could ever compare to the truth and knowledge that God gives to us.

I lift up my very head but this time
from my bed no longer wondering why I
am still here, still living, still giving, still loving. Did I Need You Jehovah? The answer lies within the question.

Terrance, In that very day you say
I NEED YOU JEHOVAH then freedom will come and that's when all foolishness will start to leave your heart.
Then you will once again be a man of

Sent by JW/Pamela C. Blanks | 11:59 PM | 6-6-2007

T. Howard, You'll make it, we're all pullin for ya. Come on' you know you can, I know you think of those precious kids of yours and their future. I know you've thought of that many, many times. You as a father would die for your children I'm sure of that, you as a father would give up your whole life for them if you had to, correct? Well, now's the time my friend except your not giving up your life (as you know), your making if better with the hope of the PARADISE with your beautiful children and family! We will all pray for you...RIGHT FRIENDS? LETS ALL PULL FOR T. HOWARD!!!!
Agape Love to you my friend.
A JW in California South Bay area. :)
***TO ALEX***
I'm so sorry you feel the way you do about Jehovah's organization. I'm sorry that you seem to be trying desperately to take as many down with you as you possibly can. I mean, why else do you keep posting your negative comments on here with such panic and desperation. If you just spend some time alone and examined your heart as deep as it goes you will see that, deep down inside you are a good person and that you are being directed by the one and only person who delivers hatred to his people and that is satan. It's ok to be angry for a while I guess but if you pray to Jehovah and ask for a change of heart or ask him to direct your life for the better, he will do that for you. We don't suffer when some one walks out of Jehovah's organization except the fact that a person has strayed and developed anger and resentment and therefore Jehovah does the judging on that and yes it's very sad but anyone who has a change of heart and wants to leave, they can simply walk away and anyone who DOESN'T have a "bone to pick" after leaving Jehovah, knows that all they did was walk out. Come'on now, you know this is not a controlled group however Jehovah is VERY PROTECTIVE of his people (6 million of them and growing) from people with angry hearts. I'm very sorry about your situation though Alex. May you find Jehovah again someday before it's too late :/
Ps. Just remember, hate won't get you anywhere you want to go, you'll just end up where you don't want to be......................alone.

Only love to you.
Sincerely, A JW.

Sent by A JW. | 3:44 AM | 6-8-2007

I TO WAS DISFELLOWSHIPPED and rightly so! I was doing unclean things, PERIOD!
When some one is disfellowshipped it is the very last thing the elders want to do. They are SO loving and work and work and work with you to help you as much as they can and if you don't show Jehovah (who reads your heart anyway) that you aren't repentant and aren't going to change your ways then yes you will be disfellowshipped (with Jehovah's spirit who guides the elders to do so) and when one is disfellowshipped, they cry with broken hearts, it's the worst thing that can happen for someone. It's not like they jump around and yell "yay, it's about time, they were bad people anyway". Of course not. That would not be the feeling in their hearts. It's so saddening when this happens and all they can do is look forward to ones return with open arms. If one don't' return back to Jehovah then all they can do is hope. It's just so sad and all they can do is pray.
I have so much more respect for a religion that keeps CLEAN rather than false religions out there that allow so much crime and immoral behavior in order for the members to (and as long as) they pay up! It's so sad. Oh by the way, I made much effort to return to Jehovah and I showed repentance and was welcomed back with open arms and tears of joy flowed from their faces.
The ones on here who make up false accusations about JW's are the one who simply have a bad attitude and are either embarrassed and angry that they were revealed about their bad ways or simply didn't allow Jehovah to reach their heart after all. It's really quite sad.
I hope they reach out to Jehovah again some day, otherwise they won't make it as the Bible says. :/

Just an added thought
I've always notice to that when (God forbid) a JW makes a mistake, that the whole religion is blamed, not just the person or group who made the mistake. Hmm, isn't that funny?
That really shows how desperate they are to try and make Jehovah's people look bad and hope that they look good because they left this really great organization, they know it's not the religion that is bad but people sometime take matters into their own hands and make mistakes in doing so, instead of trusting in Jehovah and so it's all over the news and the WHOLE RELIGION GETS BLAMED not the individual.

Sent by Happiness is being a JW! | 4:56 AM | 6-8-2007

JONATHON- who posted a comment on the 06-04-2007.

It is unfortunate that you did not get the facts before you expressed yourself. A very good guide to doing so can be found at Proverbs 18:13, "When anyone is replying to a matter before he hears it, that is foolishness on his part and a humiliation."
Allow me please to enlighten you on the points you mentioned, which all educated people who know Jehovah's Witnesses are fully aware of.

Point 1: CULT- A religion that is said to be unorthodox or that emphasizes devotion according to prescribed ritual.

Many cults follow a living human leader, and often live in groups apart from the rest of society. (eg. Jim Jones and his Peoples Temple group of 'Jonestown." Ever heard of a group of Jehovah's Witnesses taking their lives in a mass suicide to get anyone's attention? No, not even during the horrors of the more recent genocides, nor during the Nazis concentration camp era.)

When it comes to being orthodox, however, the standard should be God's word. Thankfully, Jehovah's Witnesses strictly adhere to the Bible, and their worship is a way of life, not a ritual devotion.
They follow no human leader, nor isolate themselves from the rest of society. Instead, they are your family members, your schoolmates, your workmates and your neighbors. Jesus stated that this would be so at John 17:15. Otherwise, how would Jehovah's Witnesses be able to preach and teach the Bible's message by word of mouth and example?

Point 2: KILLED CHILDREN- by refusing proper access to medical care.

I don't mean to be rude, but this is the most outstanding display of ignorance on your part.
Generally speaking, Jehovah's Witnesses take very seriously their responsibility as parents.
That is why they do not take the lives of precious little ones, by means of an abortion, nor by participating in any armed conflict, whether national or civil.
That is why they devote much time and energy into inculcating God's Word in the hearts and minds of their young ones, as instructed at Ephesians 6:4, so they can become self-respecting, law-abiding citizens, and not a menace to society.

So when it comes to medical care, it goes without saying, that they would naturally seek nothing but the BEST as any loving parent would. Hence, they first try to get as much information as possible on the medical problem and all the recommended forms of treatment available, in order to make an INFORMED decision. They believe that their health is their responsibility, and that the role of the healthcare provider is to assist them.

Since you spoke with such authority, I must conclude that your level of education would have exposed you to the knowledge, that when there is severe bloodloss, the body, in order to compensate for the bloodloss, pours large reserves of blood cells into the system and speeds up production of new cells.
The fluid volume needed to assist with this function, can be adequately met by the use of plasma volume expanders that contain no blood. Jehovah's Witnesses accept these as an ALTERNATIVE to blood transfusion.
These have been used, and are being used on thousands of persons the world over, by highly skilled and experienced doctors, who have become pioneers in the field of bloodless medicine, and with excellent results!
If a doctor does not personally know how to handle the case without the use of blood, there are Hospital Liaison Committees in place, to assist in putting him in touch with one who has the needed experience, or in engaging the services of another doctor.

So when Jehovah's Witnesses refuse a blood transfusion, they are not putting their lives at risk as many believe. Instead, they are protecting themselves from the many blood-bourne diseases, such as AIDS, hepatitis, and malaria, to name just a few.
However,the main reason for this stand on blood, is to be found at Acts 15:28,29. The benefits being gained from this stand, is proof that Jehovah truly teaches his people to benefit themselves. (Isa 48:17,18)

And while we are on the subject, Which doctor can guarantee that a patient will not die if he is given blood?
Then too, people are always quick to talk about GIVING blood, but how many, including doctors, are quick to ACCEPT it? Only the ones who are ignorant of its dangers.
The next time you go to the lab for a blood test, notice how it is handled with care, and how the technicians try to protect themselves from it.


The purpose of an education is to instill in one the ability to think and develop good judgement, in order to use the acquired knowledge in a responsible way to benefit both themselves and others.
Jehovah's Witnesses beleive that after securing adequate schooling up to a high school level, any supplimentary
education after that, is a personal choice.
Many have come to appreciate though,
that learning a skill in one of the many service oriented fields, makes one just as capable, if not more, in providing for lifes necessities.
The training received right within the Kingdom Halls, (1John 5:19,20) makes us quite adept at communicating with people from all walks of life. An area of customer service that is in great demand today.

It also impresses on us the need to be honest and hard working in whatever job we find ourselves. And all this, without the high tuition fees, or the stress of the repayment of the loan.
Have you ever wondered if this quest for higher education, and the cost, both emotionally, financially, and morally, might not be a contributing factor to the many cases of crime and violence in these institutions? Jonathon, did you say stagnated? What do you think someone who feels like that would want to do?
That's three strikes Jonathon. Jehovah's Witnesses are the most educated people you will find the world over. We have a university at our fingertips, right in our bookshelves. Why? See for yourself at 1 Cor. 1:17-31.

Points 4 & 5: About RUINED lives due to the process of disfellowshipping and being a DANGEROUS cult, does not need any further clarification.

Law and order is sign of an INTELLIGENT mind. Why do parents take drastic measures to deal with unruly children? To ruin their lives, or to help them get the best out of it?
Why do schools and businesses remove students and workers who refuse to conform to the standards?
If you were in charge of anyone of these institution, whether the family, the school, or the business, would you tolorate indiscipline?
The Bible tells us what to expect from those who promote disorderly conduct at 1Peter 4:4. May that not be so with you.

Sent by D.M.P | 4:01 PM | 6-8-2007

I was never a Jehovah's Witness. That is a lie that people are writing. I said that I have seen what has happened to members who were Jehovah's Witness.


Sent by Alex | 4:18 PM | 6-8-2007

I was ipressed to hear tht Terrence is looking into the truth. He will never know truer happiness until he dedicates his life to Jehovah God. many celebrities like himself have successfully done this. Obviously for Terrence it will mean a change in his choice of films! Perhaps G rated, it would be wonderful to have movies made by talented people who want children and adults to enjoy, and not have to worry about walking out of a theatre because of profanity, violence, or immorality. The truth can set you free Terrence! Whatever you may have to give up i.e.( cigarettes, r rated movies a change in life style) Jehovah will reward you, and you will find no matter how much admiration you may get from the public, Jehovahs' favor will be what makes the difference! I will look forward to hearing about your progress...Prayer, personal study and association with others who love Jehovah will help you. How exciting! Hope to call you "Brother" soon!

Sent by Sister from L.A. | 4:29 PM | 6-8-2007

Wow, am I the only one who heard Terrance say that he wasn't ready, and that he had to conform? I thought that you couldn't clean a fish before you catch it?

In other words - by whose standards are we judged, by man's or by God's? Who is to say wether a person is worthy of being a Christian? Just because a person drinks or smokes doesn't make them ineligible for eternal life. Hear what the word says in Matthew 15:11: "What goes into a man's mouth does not make him unclean, but what comes out of his mouth, that is what makes him unclean."

If Mr. Howard wanted to join, then what is holding him back...a smoking habit? Is Jehovah such an oger that He would not grant a person everlasting life after they have exersized their faith in Christ's sacrifice for all of mankind, and not just for Jehovah's Witnesses...???

And remember, the scripture says it's what comes out of a man's mouth that makes him unclean - and what comes out of your mouth is what is in your heart.

Having rules and regulations is what makes this JW organization more sectarian religion (based on traditions) and not a relationship with the Lord.

Cleaning the fish before you catch it is never going to work - because in reality no one could measure up. Only one man walked the earth who did not sin, and even he was tempted.

I would rather have a relationship based on love than be forced into changing just to be worthy of considered joining. The man dying on the cross next to Jesus was given everlasting life and he was never baptized and never had to answer 120 questions and never went form door to door preaching. I'd like to hear the JW reasoning behind this FACT.

Sent by Terry (Just a beleiver in Christ, not a religion) | 10:45 PM | 6-8-2007

From the news. The reality of what is happening:

A former Jehovah's Witness, whose brother died after refusing blood transfusions, has collected 5,000 names on a petition which calls for doctors to be allowed to intervene medically regardless of the patient's religious beliefs.

Jonathan Lavoie said his brother died needlessly after refusing blood transfusions while being treated for an intestinal tumour.

Jean-Claude Lavoie, 26, a devout Witness, died last December.

Yet we have people like DMP writing things above like this:

So when Jehovah's Witnesses refuse a blood transfusion, they are not putting their lives at risk as many believe.

Sent by Alex | 10:56 PM | 6-8-2007

To James - Sent 5-31-07 (Re: Reading literature of other religions.)

JW's are known worldwide for their preaching from door-to-door. It is their trademark based on Matt 24:14; 28:19,20. They do this because they are convinced that the Bible is in fact God's Word of truth, and that it has a message for everyone who is interested in hearing it.

Because they are unable to answer all the questions, or share everything they have learned on their short visits, they leave with INTERESTED persons Bible literature, with scriptural references to assist them in examining the Bible further, regardless of the translation they use. (This could be compared to using a pair of reading glasses to help us to see things more clearly.)

The purpose of the Watchtower and the Awake for example, is clearly stated on page 2 of the Watchtower, and page 4 of the Awake.

Since JW's know the value of these and other literatures published by them, and because they love their neighbors as themselves, they sacrifice their time and resources to share them with interested persons, regardless of their religious background.

As a result, JW's have a very good idea of what people of other religions believe. Remember too, that many who are now JW's were once members of other religions.

JW's therefore, have no need to accept or read the literature published by other religions.
If persons of other religions believe they have something of value, they should take the initiative to go and share it, and not wait on JW's to call before trying to offer their literature.

Sent by D.M.P | 12:29 PM ET | 06-05-2007

In a nutshell.....every reason why you should look at this high control groups literature and every reason why the Watchtower member should not look at anything that challenges their belief system.

Thanks for the example of a high control groups hold on people D.M.P

Sent by Alex | 11:10 PM | 6-8-2007

Hey Terrence.....want to do some good? How about talking to fellow actors (like Sandra Bullock) about the truth. You will be reaching people that the average Witness can't talk to.

Sent by Mary | 12:39 AM | 6-9-2007

Stop riding the fence.
Stop choosing cigarettes as your savior.

Sent by Mojo | 1:21 PM | 6-9-2007

ALEX- Pride is not a sign of strength, but a sign of weakness. It causes people to try to save face, even when the facts prove them wrong.

Jehovah's Witnesses total well over 6 million worldwide. How many of them do you personally know? And what exactly have you seen happen to them, as a result of their becoming Jehovah's Witnesses?

Do they threaten their neighbors with crime and violence? Do they steal from their employers or neighbors? Do they instigate civil uprising? Aren't these just a few of the things that really make life unpleasant in this world today?

The facts show Alex, that because of applying what the Bible teaches in their lives, Jehovah's Witnesses become better husbands and wives, better mothers and fathers, better sons and daughters, better neighbors, and citizens of whatever country they live in.

Despite all this Alex, none of them can claim to be perfect or better than anyone else. Because the changes made, are not based on any special gift on their part, but based on God's undeserved kindness which he grants to those who truly wants to do His will.
So, if you see a few who claim to be Witnesses do things that you know to be wrong, rest assured that in Jehovah's eyes they are not counted as such. (Isa 43:8-12; Matt 7:21)

If you have a case in court, and the person who offers to serve as your witness fails to defend your cause, but speak in favor of your opponent, would you still consider that person to be your witness? I doubt that very much.

Alex I am glad you mentioned that you were never one, because it takes a Witness to know a Witness. Even if you have friends or relatives who are, or were Witnesses, that would still not give you all the facts. How could I stay on the outside and explain to anyone what goes on in your household, if I have never lived in it?
How could I give a true picture of the kind of persons your family members are, if I have never really lived with them? Even if a member were to leave that household, and speak against it, how do I know that what is said is true?

Alex, even very good friends, don't really know all that happen in each others lives. That is because, it is human to want to hide anything that will make us look bad in the eyes of others.

So even if you were to see or hear something that appears to be negative, that still would not put you in a position to speak with any authority on the matter.

Since that is the case Alex, it would be good to yourself, "What makes me so quick to catch and spread the negative?
Is it really true?
Do I have all the facts?
How will it benefit me?
What kind of person will it show me to be?
What do I hope to achieve?
How will it improve my life?
Am I doing it out of love for God and my neighbor?"

Remember, while mere men sees only what appears to the eyes, Jehovah God sees what is hidden deep in the heart. Keep in mind too, that His ways are higher than our ways. ( Isa. 55: 8,9)

True religion is identified by the fruits it bears or produces, as stated by Jesus at Matthew 7:17-20.
So Alex take a very good look.
What kind of fruits, or conduct do you really see among Jehovah's Witnesses? What kind would you prefer to see, and

Sent by D.M.P | 2:53 PM | 6-9-2007

Hello and kindest greetings from the seaside of Canada. I greatly enjoyed this interview with Terrence Howard. Michel Martin has a beautiful way of drawing people out. Terrence's sincerity is so compelling and his way of speaking really reaches the heart. I'm sure it would be impossible for people not to stop and listen as he speaks from his heart. I'm sure he will be blessed and helped to reach his goal.(Malachi 3:16) -- (Nahum 1:7) -- (1 Corinthians 8:3) -- (2 Timothy 2:19a) Thank you for sharing this fascinating interview.

Sent by Gina in Canada | 5:07 PM | 6-10-2007

Someone said something earlier about how the Watchtower Society is "dying a slow death," and I must confess, it made me laugh out loud.

This gentleman must not get out very much. If he did, he'd know that the organization is absolutely flourishing - we're up to over 6.7 million in membership and we're doing Jehovah's will all over the world.

How is this "dying"....?

Sent by Alexandra | 6:53 PM | 6-10-2007

I have not seen Mr Howard's interview as I live in England, but to Alex, Jonathan, Janet and all other opposers of JWs I would like to say the following:
1. Jesus' disciples were directed by a Governing Body of older men in the 1st century who were responsible for making decisions that were passed down to the other disciples - would you have found them scary too Alex? I notice that in all of your negative comments about JWs you have not quoted one scripture or said anything positive to encourage anyone. If JWs do not have the truth, as you obviously believe, why are you not showing love to people by witnessing to them about what YOU believe to be the truth? What do you have to offer them as an alternative and why are YOU not taking it door to door if it's so good? Opposers never seem to have anything good to offer in return, do they?
2. Janet says that JWs do not focus on Jesus. This is totally untrue - you have obviously never been to a meeting at a Kingdom Hall or had a meaningful Bible discussion with one of Jehovah Witnesses or you would realise this. You are obviously not aware either of the theme of JWs forthcoming 3 day Conventions around the world this summer - "Follow the Christ". The entire programme focuses on Jesus and how we can do our best to imitate him and what he taught.
3. JWs do NOT allow their children to die by refusing them medical treatment. We love our children dearly and want the BEST available care for them. Doctors around the world, especially in the USA, are gradually acknowledging that blood transfusions are NOT the best method of treating people and they often use JWs as "guinea pigs" in their research into bloodless surgery. Our reason for refusing blood, however, is a spiritual one based on God's Word the Bible, not a physical one.
4. We do NOT break up families, on the contrary we encourage love and loyalty among family members. We do not believe in divorce for example, except on the scriptural grounds of adultery. My parents threatened to disown me when I became a Witness (not the other way around). Fortunately, they came to realise that they were mistaken in their opinion of JWs when they got to know them better and they eventually accepted my new beliefs. In my 27 years' experience, whenever there has been any disagreement it has ALWAYS been the non-Witness family member who causes the problems because they refuse to accept the new Witness' beliefs - usually because they don't want their own way of life to be disturbed by someone who now wants to practice Christianity.

Mr Howard, I hope you will continue your association with Jehovah's organisation. You obviously have a lot of Bible knowledge and I encourage you to continue with your studies (and, to those who think otherwise,the Watchtower publications are only an AID to study, not a replacement for the Bible in anyway). Above all, continue to pray for Jehovah's help and He will not let you down - just don't leave it too late!!!

Sent by Jane Booth | 8:49 AM | 6-11-2007

Yes Alex, unfortunately it is a very sad fact that sometimes, despite all other acceptable medical treatment, Jehovah's Witnesses DO die because of their refusal to have a blood transfusion and it is obviously very tragic for all concerned when that happens. We are not suicidal maniacs (as some might suppose) and we all hope that we will never have to face such a situation. BUT it should be remembered that JWs firmly believe in a future earthly resurrection and ANY death we may have to undergo in this life is merely a temporary state. If a baptized Witness of Jehovah makes a decision to obey Jehovah's command to abstain from taking blood into their bodies (whether by mouth or intravenously) then no doctor or family member has any right whatsoever to overrule what is a personal and very carefully considered decision which will not have been made lightly. The decision not to take blood, whatever the consequences, is entirely a matter between the person concerned and his or her relationship with Jehovah. In the case of a child, Jehovah holds parents entirely responsible for both their child's spiritual and physical welfare and He expects them to uphold his commands, however difficult this may be. I fully appreciate that to a person without faith this may seem extremely harsh, but are we to suggest that JWs have no right to raise their own children according to their religious beliefs? Would this be acceptable to a Catholic, a Jew or a Muslim? Of course not, so why should JWs be treated any differently? Faith is not something that you bring out of the closet on a Sunday and put back again until next week - it is a way of life that involves everything we do, otherwise what is the point of having faith in the first place? Supposing Jesus had decided to renounce his faith in his father Jehovah at the last minute? He would not have given his life for us and we would have no hope of everlasting life.

Sent by Jane | 1:10 PM | 6-11-2007

In reading all the negative responces i realize that many hate what they don't know or listen to the negative things that they want to hear. The one's that make the negative comments are behind the doors, and close the curtains and are saying they are not interested in something that they don't know what they are not interested in. these are ones who have never opened a watchtower and has never planned on doing so. THIS INTERVIEW JUST PROVED THAT THERE ARE PEOPLE WHO ARE NOT JW. THAT WANT TO LEARN BUT ARE BEING HELD BACK FOR ONE REASON OR ANOTHER. No one can make you serve Jehovah, no one drags you out of the house to make you go to the meetings, when you go there is no security to make you sit untill the meetings are over, it is by your own wanting that you are there, many dissagree with our teaching, many slam doors and even have spit in our faces, but one thing that has never stopped is our persistence in preaching about God. The day i turn on the news and i hear that there has been total peace and that there has been no killings, shootings,no war, no sickness, no death that is when i will take a breath but until then Jehovahs name will be preached and followers will grow and grow and grow.

Sent by Eric Indianapolis | 1:24 PM | 6-12-2007

I am a sixteen year old Witness in Indiana and was thrilled to hear this interview. Thanks to you Mr. Howard for your bravery. Remember that these "critical times hard to deal with" will not be here long, and please APPLY your knowledge!!! And to Alex, as was clearly stated in the interview, all teaching comes from God's Word THE BIBLE. With this in mind, consider that disagreeing with any counsel printed in any publication (not just the Watchtower) would therefore be contradicting the Bible. All beliefs of Witnesses can be backed by multiple scriptures, not just one or two taken out of context. Jehovah has not yet reached your heart so I pray that you remove your prejudice and change your heart condition and will soon see the truth!!! Also, I never do understand why people say we are a "cult" cults do rituals and MOST OF ALL- it is secret. Jehovah's Witnesses are not quiet about proclaiming the good news of the kingdom!!!!!

Sent by Nicole Adams | 3:33 PM | 6-12-2007

i applaud you Terrence. i'm a baptized witness and you gave a better witness than i think i could...(smile). Jehovah knows the heart my friend. if you really want to be a Jehovah's Witness it will happen.
thank you for your candor. made me stop and think about my own struggles. May Jehovah continue to bless your efforts!

Sent by Natalie-sister from Trinidad | 1:03 PM | 6-13-2007

Terrence seems to have the best of intentions though he isn't ready to commit to becoming a devoted follower. And so long as he does not do any real reseach he may well not be dissuaded from becoming a JW. But if Terrence does do a simple search there are a few links he is going to come across that may well alter his views. Here are two examples: 1)

Sent by TruthSeeker | 2:23 PM | 6-13-2007

Goofiest interview ever. All of these people who believe in the twisted version of Chrsitianity know that there is no middle ground when it comes to being a Witness. This guy is no more of a Witness than say Michael Jackson, or Prince. I am not exactly sure what mental illness it is that draws people to becoming, or even considering this cult as viable belief system, but I suspect it is easy to think some god is going to come down and solve all your problems. As well, ask a Jehovahs Witness what will happen to all the other people at their "Armageddon". You could be the kindest, most god-fearing Christian on earth, but if you do not believe in their version of god, you will die. PERIOD. As well, pick up their literature and you can tell that they have no respect for other religious beliefs. It is their way or the highway.

Sent by Travis Bush | 2:55 PM | 6-13-2007

Alex- Thank you for the information about the 5000 names collected, to petition for doctors to intervene medically, REGARDLESS of the patient's religion.
Which other religion take such a stand on the issue of blood transfusion?
Could this be a case of religious intolerance?
I thought you were against MIND CONTROL groups.

Please let me share with you some information that you will not get from your news source:
One reason they die is because, in a number of cases, the attending physician(s) are so determined to administer blood, and are so blinded by their own prejudices, that they REFUSE to administer any further medical care to the patient who refused the blood transfusion.
Another reason is that due to PRIDE, the attending physician(s) fail to seek the help of other doctors who have more knowledge and skill in the use of bloodless medicine.
Still another reason, is that due to the TERMINAL nature of the illness, the patient's chances were quite slim, and would not have improved even with a blood transfusion.

Remember, despite the marvelous work done in the field of medicine,doctors are not infallible. Do you think any of them have never lost the life of a patient, a family member, or even their own because of making a wrong decision or diagnosis?

Alex, a refusal to take a blood transfusion does not mean less treatment, no treatment, or cheap treatment. It is simply a request for an ALTERNATIVE form of treatment without the use of blood.
This can be compared to a cancer patient refusing chemotherapy, due to the related side effects, in favour of another form of treatment. Such a person would not be considered crazy, nor would chemotherapy be forced on them, because the doctor felt it was the best form of treatment.

Alex, why not share your knowledge of the BENEFITS of taking a blood transfusion, as opposed to using bloodless medicine?
Would you also inform us of the RISKS involved, in the use of both blood transfusion and bloodless medicine?

Only then can you justify your objection to the stand taken by Jehovah's Witnesses, which they take out of respect for God's command.

To assist you in your research, may I suggest you go on line and look up BLOODLESS MEDICINE. You might also want to take a look at the work being done, in the field of bloodless medicine, at the University of Miami, Jackson Memorial Medical Center.

From MY experience Alex, refusing a blood transfusion, is not a priscription for death. To the contrary, accepting one, could very well be!

Sent by DMP | 4:57 PM | 6-13-2007

In an age of communication, and a deep looking into all things in the world, it was about time that there was an in depth look at what J.Ws are all about. What is important to me is that Jehovah has been the greatest helper to me in helping me to know just what is important in life, I came from a very disfuctional family, and was so refreshed to see what a real family was, and how good people acted. people you can trust even with your life. I recently encountered a very heartbreaking situation in my biological family, in which I was disinherited by my father after taking care of him in his old age. (supposedly for being a witness). It was a shock to say the least. It could have been the straw that broke me, but, I had my faith and God to lean on. And I was without a doubt helped by Jehovah though it all. I don't know how people with no faith do it, or should I say a faith without works. Anyway, thanks Mr Howard for educating people to what Jehovah's about. And hope you can rely on him too.

Sent by P.G | 6:45 PM | 6-13-2007

Hello, Well contrary to what Mr. Alex has written, when someone is shunned, it is not because we decide our self or because the person disagrees with our beliefs, it is there choice... It happens because God being our father, has the right to punish us. He made us and so he can destroy us! But apparently him being a god of love, he has decided to let us live in sin and repent by reading his word, his guidance, The Bible... Just like your parents punished you as a child, or the law punishing a criminal, god has the power to punish us as his son's and daughters... And when some one get's shunned for something really, really seriouse, it is like removing a rotten apple from the fresh bunch.We all make mistake's, sin and we all have the choice to come bak and repent... It is our personal choice if we will fix our life or just sin. Another thing, about our Bible studies. It is not true that we only use our publications or our bibles. If a JW goes to your door, and you say you want a Bible study, we will gladly let you use your own bible. Why? Because the point of us going door to door is to help people read and understand the bible, which is god's word. We do not go speaking of religion or our own ideas, we go to your door & speak of the truth, The Holy Bible...

Sent by La Chef | 2:24 AM | 6-14-2007

So much goobly guck written oh here by the Watchtower people. Same old stuff that you will hear 10 years from now.

For those who want a fair balanced view of the Watchtower religion, read their material, check out their website, but don't end there. That is what the Watchtower wants you to do. This organization wants a stranglehold on your flow of information. There are many good websites and books giving the information that will never be available to people through the Watchtower organization.

Sent by Alex | 6:04 PM | 6-14-2007

I just want to thank you Balaam (a.k.a. Alex) for drawing attention to the bible-based practice of disfellowshipping (See 1 Corinthians). By attempting to slander the witnesses, you have unwittingly stirred the interest of many who normally would have no contact with us, to ask us questions regarding this practice. After being shown the basis from God's own Word and how the Apostle Paul required it in the first century congregation to protect the congregation, these people will undoubtedly have more questions and might even begin to study the Bible with Jehovah's Witnesses, who will always be happy to do so free of charge unlike Christendom. Since you are obviously not a student of the Bible, please feel free to consult Wikipedia concerning the story of Balaam. Thank you again Alex.

Sent by Murray | 7:06 PM | 6-14-2007

Terrance I truly commend you after hearing this interview. You have defended the truth & belief me Jehovah is happy for that. Don't stop there though, pray to him for strength & he will help you strip off your old personality & put on a new one..of course not literally speaking, just those things that you feel within yourself that you need to work on. I personally know what its like to struggle with something; its not easy, but that is why we need to stay focused & not give the devil room for anything (perfect example..emails like Alex's, I only sympathize for him..he got some serious issues, he need to work out..Alex baby, try praying to JEHOVAH, you know the one that created you & can take your life right now if he wanted to, but he's giving you a chance, therefore it is your choice if you want to take it or not)
back to Terrance...Thank you once again for speaking the Truth, not your mere thoughts , but what you know & what is "fact" from Jehovah God's word the bible, by listening to you this evening has encouraged me to hold on & keep fighting against evil. Terrance you are in my prayers, thats real & I have hope that one day I will be able to meet you in paradise if not in this system of things. Take care of yourself, don't give up..Stop exercising..the end is near & remember what 1 Corinthians 9:24 say - "Do you not know that the runners in a race all run, but only one receives the prize. Run in such a way that YOU (TERRENCE HOWARD) may attain it" Please let yourself be one of many who will win that prize of everlasting life..please. AGAPE!

Sent by Your future Sister, I'm certain of This! | 12:08 AM | 6-15-2007

Being a JW is one of the best things that has happened to me in my life. I gree it was all that easy to make all the neccessary changes in my life but I can assure Terrence that it is worth it. you can do it too. just get up one day and say " from now on i will go for it and never look back. Rely on Jehovah's strenght and He will see you through. You will never regret it.

Sent by Mina Wilson | 2:15 AM | 6-15-2007

Please everyone...lets leave Alex to Jehovah...with some help who knows he may have a change of heart.
Lets concentrate on the positives.

Christian Love

Sent by NY | 8:57 AM | 6-15-2007

It is sad when ones try to influence others by bringing charges against their beliefs that just AREN'T true.
Terrence obviously has had enough contact with the Witnesses to KNOW it ISN'T them who needs to change,but,he
,himself.HE is a well spoken intelligent
man who appears to be STILL wanting to make the necessary changes to bring his own life in harmony with Bible teachings.It is a worthwhile fight.(And,just remember,Terrence,NONE of us STAYS on top and young FOREVER while we are in this imperfect state,so,why not
give GOD your BEST,while you can)?Invest the money you're making and forget the fame part of your life,
but,associate with ones who ARE willing to conform their lives to GOD'S values and principles.YOU too will find it much easier to do the same with good associates who LISTEN to what GOD'S wordhas to say,and,take it to heart.

Think about your future......

Sent by One who cares | 11:11 AM | 6-15-2007

Thank you Terrance Howard for your straight forward responses to the questions being asked. I realy admired you for your honesty to your own shortcomings. We all have shortcomings that we have to deal with and before becoming a witness I too had the bad habit of smoking but I chose to let that part of my old personality go. Thanks to Jehovah and the help of his love and spirit I overcame it. I am one of Jehovah's Witnesses and have been for over 14 years and I would never exchange it for anything this world has to offer. May Jehovah bless your efforts and decision to one day be a "Jehovah Witness". If not in this system I'll see you in Paradise. Remember Jehovah is the hearer of prayers (Psalm 65:2) Camden Congregation in Arkansas

Sent by Sis. Thelma L. McMillon | 1:38 AM | 6-16-2007

Dear Terrance, I found your interview very encouraging and thought provoking both personally and spiritually.

As with your interview, I am sure those who view the documentary "Knocking" will gain a better understanding of why it is Jehovah's Witnesses come knocking at their door's when it is obvious that most have beliefs of their own, be it christian or otherwise.

If someone had not come knocking at my parents door many decades ago I might not have been given the opportunity to make the truth my own. I too needed to make changes in my life in order to live according to bible principles and Jehovah's standards, one of which was smoking!

It appears that some people have very definite opposing views to the truth of God's word the bible & even who he is! For anyone who is truely seeking the truth, they will find it because Jesus Christ himself made it possible when he shed his own blood on behalf of us all.

Faith is not something we are born with, it is a free gift of Gods holy spirit, bestowed on those who seek it and apply it and follow Jehovah's laws obediently and all that it entails.

It is very easy to be judged by man when we seek to understand the bible and apply it, but as Jehovah is loving, patient and merciful with us how happy he must be when we willingly and volunterally worship and praise him in the way he requires and approves.

Remembering that Jehovah's Witnesses all volunter their time, their efforts and their interests freely and willingly is what makes us his witnesses our dedication is between Jehovah and ouselves, with baptism a public declaration and outward symbol of this.

There is no greater happiness than giving, of our time and energies to preach the good news of the kingdom to those who will listen and to those who want to share it in return. As for me and my household we will serve our God Jehovah together shoulder to shoulder as long as we will live.

Terrance, may you to find the peace and faith to be able to set yourself free from anything that may keep you from your spiritual goal to serve Jehovah.

Sent by DRG | 5:44 AM | 6-16-2007

First and foremost, thank you NPR for
allowing JEHOVAH'S organization to be better
understood for those who may have misunderstood our religion and for the ones who may have had a lack of knowledge and went according to what they may have heard of the Witnesses. To you Terrance let me say that their isn't one of JEHOVAH'S people who are not struggling with imperfection. But what I will ask you to keep in mind is that as long as we don't make a more positive move towards showing in our actions that we want to be on JEHOVAH'S side, satan will always put an obstacle in our way to make sure we never serve JEHOVAH. (the cigarettes is one of satan's tactics). We must show by our works what we really want and it's JEHOVAH that makes it grow. And never stop praying every single day. A speaker at one of the conventions put it this way Terrance: If you can count the amount of times you pray a day, your not praying enough. You have touched on it already and expressed it in a very heartfelt and loving way that no one is ever "brainwashed". It's allowing and opening yourself to learn what the Truth really is. Thank you Terance for keeping it real. A scripture I keep in mind when faced with decisions in life is Proverbs 27:11. Out of all the things that JEHOVAH has done for us, is now doing for us and will do for us in the very near future this is one of the ways we can show our appreciation.

Sis. Johnson

Sent by Sharon Johnson | 9:24 AM | 6-16-2007

Thank you NPR so much for this interview. It was wonderful to hear how Terrance spoke about Jehovahs Witnesses, but more importantly Jehovah and his word the Bible. I'm a recent baptised member, but was brought up in the truth. I cant explain exactly what made me finally decide to dedicate myself. I think just knowing that its the truth, and a growing love for Jehovah, to please him. I sincerly hope and pray that one day Terrance will have enough love for Jehovah to get baptised and follow his principles. James 4:17 'If one knows how to do what is right and yet does not do it, it is sin for him.' Terrance have faith in Jehovah, he will bless you for your efforts. I know it must be very hard surrounded by the glamoruos life of films but you know that this world is passing away and EVERYTHING with it. Everyday I try to correct myself, to have a balanced view, be it entertainment, marialism, work etc... but its really hard. We really need to lean on Jehovah more so than ever to fight against any immoral thinking. Terrance I would love one day to call you a brother. Put Jehoah first and he will provide everything else for you.
I was amazed by your knowledge of the scriptures and your easiness in speaking, just image how fantastic you could be on the ministry. Anyway, thank you for your honest and heartfelt interview. All the best.

Sent by naomi drean | 1:25 PM | 6-17-2007

i am inpressed i always loved your films and seen you in misic videos but it is true to say if we ever open our hearts to jah it is because our hearts are good jehovah is the one that picks us he feels we are special and wants us to serve him because he wants to protect us. you are a beautiful looking guy and i am sure your heart is also but if your thinking about jah this means you want it you will know when to make the right discision materials things are of no inportance they come and go and so easy to come by well to some of us anyway thank you for letting the brother hood know that of jah and really you have given a witness about jehovah i bet you are not aware of that
kind regards
sis iris morris
manchester, london

Sent by iris Morris | 6:11 AM | 6-18-2007

Alex-I was REALLY hoping to hear something NEW from YOU!
I may be wrong, but there seems to be a strangle hold on YOUR flow of information?
What would you do if your local newspaper carried the same story everyday?

Please, share some of the information you gathered from the good books and website? What information would you recommend, that will better help people to develop peace of mind and self-respect, and to love their neighbors as themselves?
Show us the better way you have found, and reasons why you believe it is a better way?
Please do not send us to find the information for ourselves, before you give us sound reasons as to why you are convinced it is a better way. We must have your expressions of convictions, in order to make comparisons.

Also, I hope you did not overlook the request for the information you found on blood transfusion? You challenged it, so you must have some information to share. Now you need to respond and clear up the lack of knowledge, so please don't divert before doing so.

Oh, one more thing, please translate the phrase 'goobly guck'. Exactly what does it mean?

Sent by DMP | 6:59 PM | 6-19-2007

From todays newspaper:
Jehovah's Witness shuns blood, dies
OSAKA (Kyodo) A member of the Jehovah's Witnesses died last month after giving birth by Caesarean section and refusing a blood transfusion, officials at Osaka Medical College reported.

The hospital said it had agreed with the woman before the surgery that it would not administer a transfusion.

Although she bled a great deal after delivering the child, doctors only took steps to arrest the hemorrhaging. She died several days later, the hospital said.

"We briefed her about the danger (before the surgery) and we repeatedly urged her family to accept a blood transfusion. But in the end we respected the patient's wishes," a hospital official said Tuesday.

Jehovah's Witnesses' officials said the hospital acted appropriately in treating the woman in accordance with her wishes.

Members of the denomination refuse blood transfusions as being against the Bible, citing the section in Leviticus that reads: "Whatsoever man . . . eats any manner of blood, I will cut him off from among his people."

Sent by Alex | 10:47 AM | 6-21-2007

i just wanted to say that i really liked your inter-view with howard it sounds like this is something that he really takes to heart and truly belives..which is pretty funny becuase i am 18 years old and i have been raised as a J.Ws as well and my parents are J.Ws..but just like howard i am trying to be one of J.Ws or get baptized as one..soon i hope.

Sent by jennifer Rodriguez | 4:23 PM | 6-21-2007

I had to listen to the interview twice in order to actually understand Terrence's spiritual conviction on himself... The reason is because I felt as if he were me explaining myself to those who choose to judge me and my beliefs; or those who really do not understand.
It is very hard in these days to walk on the side of the righteous due to the judgement of others. But I might add that we really need to be realistic with ourselves. We can blame crucial spiritual injuries on others who are willing to accept the blame or not. But we need to assert responsibility to our own demons that we have yet to address.
I am studying to become a witness and the heart is sometimes more willing than the flesh and the cares of this world. So do we as a person choosing this life just say that what they don't see can't convict me? No we have to overcome the lures of this mighty mighty world and try to overcome. It is hard but like an addict of any kind we have to live one minute, hour and day at a time.
Why some ask? As you all know this world is capable of swallowing you up and spitting you out regardless of your worldly pleasures and the time you put in here on earth. With that being said we have to give ourselves and children something more greater to believe in. A conscience and a peace of mind because in the end it is not the swift that wins the race but the slow and steady. Due to the fact that they are more cautious in the choices they have come to make. Have we as studying or practicing Witness's made the right choice in this way of life? I always said I rather do this and be wrong than not do this and wish I had.

Sent by Shanequa Aaron | 4:41 PM | 6-21-2007

I admit that the interview was a fine witness. But did anybody sense that Terrance Howard may have been a baptized and dedicated Jehovah's Witness but is now disfellowshipped. He first heard the truth at about 17 years while in high school yet his Ex-wife and children are witnesses. Unless she married an unbeliever -- it sounded to me as if his struggles were with problems that the elders may have been working with him on. If he is in fact disfellowshipped - in spite of the well meaning comments by "brother" and "sisters" - should we not leave the spiritual assistance in the hand of the qualified elders that dealt with him?

One comment above alluded to the fact that he was a witness and is no longer because he is in fact disfellowshipped. Could this be a possibility? Please give this some though.


Sent by Concerned in The Bahamas | 11:14 PM | 6-21-2007

I have been a victim of "the knockers" for years. I did my time in organized religion for the first 18 years of my life and my children have a much broader and more profound integration of spirituality than what my husband or I experienced as Christians. The knockers need to go volunteer where they are needed. In Savannah the people and places that need volunteers are without end. But it is not in my neighborhood. Like Scientology, this is a self soothing experience, but the outcome has little to do with helping others. It is very frustrating to see this waste of energy when the needs are so great here in Savannah esp. among low income children.

Sent by Marie in Savannah | 7:26 AM | 6-22-2007

Sou portuguesa e estou comovida quem a sua entrevista Terrance.Continue a aumentar seu amor a Jeov?? e conseguir?? ultrapassar montanhas de dificuldades.Por experiencia falo...
"I'm portuguese and you really touched my heart in that interview.Terrance continue to develop your love to Jehova and you'll pass all the problem and will have courage to do the changes you need to do.Things may seem mountains but with Jehova's help and our brothers love we will cross it.I feel it by experience...Regards

Sent by Sofia Ferreira - PORTUGAL | 9:21 AM | 6-22-2007

"You have to qualify to run in the race" For Christians, all it takes to "qualify" is a willingness to accept Christ. His grace is sufficient. The great so-called "Christian" cults like Christian Science, Jehovah's Witness, Latter Day Saints, etc., all have their own spin on what it takes to "qualify." They are wrong. Please put down the JW literature and simply read the New Testament.You'll see Jesus does not exclude anyone.

Sent by Mimsy811 | 10:09 AM | 6-22-2007

Thank you Terrance and NPR for your words and giving all praise to Jehovah.

Sent by Ginger Dee | 11:20 AM | 6-22-2007

I just heard this interview now. I myself am a witness living in Germany (originally from ehtiopia). I hope I find the right words to express how much this interview has touched my heart. I hope Terrance will read this "you are fighting the fine fight". "You speak with wisdom" I felt like I heard the truth the first time. Remember we are the light of this world. I am more than sure that Jehovah, Jesus and the angels have enjoyed and appreciated you expression as we all do. I will pray for you that you will be among those who will inherit the earth. Like it is stated in Lamentations 3:27 "Good it is fo an able bodied man that he should carry the yoke during his youth" You way of expressing the truth is a testamony to this. Heart warming to know, we are going to live in paradise with people like you. I send you and your family my christian Love.

Sent by Chuni Derese | 12:24 PM | 6-22-2007

When is this system of things going to end? The Watchtower has been saying the same thing for 120 years. "Just around the corner", or "The end is at hand".
Jehovah's Witness people are really quite frustrated. One JW person said to me in 1985 that Armaggedon was going to happen probably within 5 years, definitly within 10. Now before all you people writing in say that that person is not to give dates, you can't honestly say that you have not given latest dates even if it is to yourselves.

Sent by Alex | 10:06 PM | 6-22-2007

Mr. Howard, thank you for sharing your experience and how you were witness to the real truth among your family(s) members.It's true that, Jehovah our Heavenly Father is the only way to ever-lasting life. I'm sure you know this already. Keep praying to Jehovah and he does hear our prayers if we are sincere and ask for his guide & directions. Because we're living in this wicked world that Satan the Devil has blinded all humans, its NOT to late to serve Jehovah now... Only Jehovah can protect us, his knows our hearts. Just look at the systems of things now, it hasn't gotten better, it just got "WORST" I'm looking forward to the new paridise that Jehovah has store for us. People are to busy or just don't care of hearing the truth. I'm proud to say that I'm very, very grateful,& appreciate to know Jehovah, he allow us & he wants us to get closer to him in walk with the true GOD.By sharing the good news among others,our heavenly Father has a purpose for all humans to live forever, ever in the new paridise on earth. Because, "Jehovah" God is "LOVE" Keep on praying to Jehovah for his help, he knows his sheep. You will be bless as long as you keep your faith & serve the only true God the CREATOR of ALL THINGS, along with his Son, Jesus Christ.

Sent by Sary | 11:26 AM | 6-23-2007

Dear Mr. Howard,
With all do respect in your personal experience & comments that you've shared with us all, its great to know that its NOT only us normal(Unfames people) are going through some struggle in life. Because, from what I have learn from the Bible, I'm now studying student of Jehovah Witness. I have only this to share with you, my life has change & got better and, I'm much happier then before. I have a wonderful, supportive husband, beautiful kids who is also studying as well. I do believe and will always have faith in Jehovah as long as I serve & do his work, I know that I will have hope in the new paridise on earth that Jehovah has store for us the faithful ones. Because we are living in this end & wicked world of this system,that Satan the Devil & his Demons who has blinded all humans, I put my trust, my prayers, my faith, my loving devotions, & whatever it will take for me to please Jehovah, I will do what he wants & his commands I will do to please his heart. Jehovah knows his sheep, he knows that you & knows us ALL... We need to start realizing that this Gov'tment will come to in end, because Jehovah did not put us earthly human on this earth to be destroy, no, he wanted us to have a ever-lasting life on earth forever. Please, don't get to caught up with material things when, we all know that when we die, we can't take it with us... I've choosen to serve our only TRUE, & GOD of lOVE, "JEHOVAH" as my life saver. I'm sure you'll make the right decision in life. And, you will be bless by Jehovah.

Sent by Sary | 12:47 PM | 6-23-2007

As a Witness of Jehovah and listening to the interview with Mr. Terrence Howard regarding his connection with the Witnesses, I was reminded of the Apostle Paul, who also had a struggle with being apart of false worship and that of then connecting with true worship.I only hope that Mr. T. Howard will make the same transition that Paul, and wholeheartedly embrace the one true worship God Almighty accepts. The teachings, the actions, and the trueness of what he see's all bear witness to Jehovahs' Witnesses as Christ's true followers.

Sent by Marvin Foster | 8:22 PM | 6-23-2007

First of all I would like to say to Terrance to keep up the good work, do not allow people to influence your thinking negativly,continue to make progress and keep praying to Jehovah to help you to come back to the truth. Jehovah promises that he will poor out blessing until there is no more want. If we remain faithful to him he will bless us now and in the new order. For those of you who say that Jw's are a cult you need to go and look up the definiton of a cult. JW's have been around for century's and this religion will never die because we have Jehovah's backing not some man!!!!!!!

Sent by bridget | 9:43 PM | 6-24-2007

Dear Alex

On 22 June you asked "when is this system of things going to end?". Jehovah's Witnesses don't know the answer to that, only Jehovah and Jesus Christ know the exact hour. But Jesus DID give people signs to look out for and those "signs" have been around for a very long time now and are getting worse. When someone has been promised something wonderful (as Jehovah has promised us) they naturally look forward to it happening and it is only human nature to speculate, as individuals, on when they think that time is likely to be. Many of Jehovah's Witnesses have personally done that. But the important thing to remember is that Jehovah's Witnesses have stayed spiritually awake and look for the "signs", as Jesus told his followers to do - how many other religions can honestly say they have done that? Yes, we've made mistakes (Jehovah has always had to work with imperfect people right from the time of Moses) but we have always allowed Jehovah to correct us in His own good time and have not stood still. By and large, the churches of Christendom are still entrenched in the traditions of men that they have followed for centuries. 2 Peter 3:3 & 4 says "there shall come scoffers, walking after their own lusts, and saying Where is the promise of his coming? . . . all things continue as they were from the beginning of the creation (King James version). Alex, it seems that you (and others like you) are fulfilling this scripture and proving it to be true.
We must also remember that human beings can only relate to time as it relates to the earth we live on, but Jehovah is an eternal God and operates within a completely different timescale that we humans cannot possibly comprehend - the Bible says that with Him "a 1,000 years is as but one day" and that He is not slow respecting His promise, as some people perceive slowness" - perhaps you are one of those people Alex?
And to Travis Bush, I can assure you, sir, that my husband and I (or indeed any of our friends) have never suffered from any form of "mental illness" or had any desire whatsoever to belong to any kind of "cult". I was 33 years old when I became one of Jehovah's Witnesses and did not make the decision lightly. I like to think that I'm reasonably intelligent. I am also a natural cynic and not the sort of person who is easily led, but I DO know when I have found the truth about God and Jesus Christ. If anyone can offer me anything better than the life I have now as one of Jehovah's Witnesses and the wonderful hope for the future which He holds out to obedient mankind in the future then I would sincerely like to hear it (but, given past experience, I won't hold my breath!!!)

Sent by Jane, England | 6:31 AM | 6-25-2007

The above statements that have flooded this blog are part of a method called bulldozing. Keep flooding anyone and anything that says anything about the JW religion and everyone comes out with prepared canned 'talks' that have been practiced a thousand times.
None of you are really that convincing though I am sure you think you are.
The Watchtower has truely brought much pain and suffering to many families no matter what kind of drama production is presented by the Watchtower actors.


Sent by Alex | 7:19 PM | 6-25-2007

"Alex, it seems that you (and others like you) are fulfilling this scripture and proving it to be true."

Jane from are so smug and arrogant, while at the same time you probably think you are full of humility. Keep pretending.

Sent by Alex | 7:23 PM | 6-25-2007

I did not see the interview, but instead, read the article. I noticed in the caption that Mr. Howard stated that ...He WANTED (as in past tense) to be a Jehovah's Witness. Please, Mr. Howard, change that to I WANT (as in present tense) to be a Jehovah's Witness. You're not giving up in your heart are you? I realize and understand your struggle. My family, friends and I had great hopes that I would be a classical or opera singer one day for which I took training for years. However, there were other problems in my life that made reaching that goal less certain. While those problems were occuring, I came in contact with Jehovah's Witnesses. Like everyone else, once I began to understand God's standards I realized I had to make (and wanted to make) major changes in my life in order to serve the TRUE God, Jehovah. I've been a servant of Jehovah now for more than 33 years. I raised two children (a son and a daughter) with Jehovah's help and the help of my spiritual family. I'm sosooo grateful because I don't know where my children would be today had I not stopped and taken the time to also teach them about Jehovah and pray that the Truth would reach their hearts and that they would make it their own. They did. With unending thanks to Jehovah they stayed out of trouble, took sides with Him and are productive servants of God today. I said all that to say this...yes, I could have gone on to a very lucrative and infamous career...maybe. I could have provided all that I and my children would ever have needed in a material way, but I could have also very well have lost my children and myself to Satan's world in the process. I was a young mother with 2 small children. I'll never forget the sister who told me (when I first came in contact with the Witnesses) the account about Noah and the fact that no children survived the flood. She stated to me "your children can't get life without you". She then shared Dueteronomy 30: 19 and 20 with me which validated her statment to me and opened my eyes to the responsibility I had to my children. Soooo, instead of reaching for material gain and fame, I chose to remain poor (in a worldly sense)in order to gain the riches of God which is everlasting and in His New World shortly to come I will still be able to fulfill my desire to sing perfect health, peace and happiness. I look forward to that and Jehovah has promised that none who place their trust (and hope) in Him will be disappointed. Please think about that, Mr. Howard. NOW is the acceptable time.
You have nothing so grave that can't be overcome. And, plus you have a world-wide brotherhood waiting to embrace you and your family and love you throughout all eternity.

I hope when I hear your name mentioned again you can thus say your are 'my brother'.

Best to you,


Sent by joyce jones | 12:10 PM | 6-26-2007

Terrence Howard
You need to quit smoking for yourself.
It is killing your body.

If you want to join a religion later fine but you need to stop killing yourself. There is more than one issue here.

Sent by Janet Springer | 3:57 PM | 6-26-2007

We as JW's are a little short of 7 million strong so just like in Jesus day we are in the minority. Jesus said, If you were part of the world then the world would be fond of what is it's own but I have taken you out of the world and for that reason the world would hate you. A slave isn't greater then his master but take courage I have conquered the world.
So we know that most won't except us fulfulling the scripture at Matt 24:14 To go thereforth and make diciples.
For Terrance your interview was outstanding giving great praise to our God Jehovah. I don't really have any advice for you because as we heard you are very rehearsed in God's laws and soon we hope to be calling you Brother. If I could wish anything for you it would be for you to be able to return back home to your lovely wife and beautiful children and most of all back to Jehovah.

Sent by JW/Pamela C. Blanks | 9:15 PM | 6-26-2007

The Watchtower religions love is the most conditional in the world. Since Mr. Howard is not baptized he is getting attention and focus that any prospective person would get.
But watch out after you sign on the dotted line (become baptized). This religion can make up any new teachings it wants and you will never have the right to say I disagree. The Watchtower teaches that a small handful of old men get all of the truth from God and the other billions must come to them.
You may not know them but they still have put themselves in the position of being without question, gods themselves.
This is a high control structure.
It is an open cheque one signs when joining.
Very frightening.

Sent by Alex | 9:01 PM | 6-27-2007

Some of you "witnesses" on here almost make me embarassed to be one!
Thank NPR and Terrance and GET OFF! he doesn't need the Bible thumped on him!
And why are you arguing with people on here?! You will never change their minds, isn't that obvious? so why address them at all? You just sound silly and aren't even following counsel!

Sent by Nina in Oregon | 11:13 PM | 6-27-2007

I have to say I can relate with Mr. Howard. I too have issues that prevent me from getting back into the witnesses religion. They have an outstanding study of the Bible, knowledge which is just now being embraced by other religions of the world, which amazes me. They have such a knowlege however, seem to miss the mark by their levels of heirarchy and exclusiveness. I personally believe that God has much greater mercy than they give him credit for. I do admire their knowledge of the Bible, just not their omittance of some scripture in favor of others that fit their beliefs more to their laws, which governs how they are with non-believers that don't accept their beliefs, that these are doomed for ultimate destruction. There are alot of good people in the world, and I believe God looks upon these with mercy and love too. All have a chance, who believe in Jesus Christ as Lord & Savior. They are not exclusive.

Sent by Patricia Hayward | 1:23 AM | 6-30-2007

First off: Great interview.

Second: How entirely predictable that the minute anyone, anywhere whispers "Witness" that all the witness-haters come running. They sit at their computers night and day waiting for their chance to strike. God forbid anyone in the media should say anything truthful or positive about JW's, like PB has allowed to happen here. You can gauge the truth about what's said about Witnesses by how mad the apostates get. That is certainly evident in these comments above. Therefore, there must be a lot of truth in these interviews and documentary.

Sent by Rod | 9:50 PM | 7-1-2007

All one has to do is read the posts above to see the hate that the Watchtower religion encourages.
Say anything against this man made religion, and many of them come out with their spiritual guns a blazen.
Hate, hate, hate, is all they can show.

Sent by Alex | 4:43 PM | 7-4-2007

Hey Alex, you actually know nothing about this religion, except what you want to hear. How many people die that have had transfusions? how many people that do something wrong and believe that that are innoccent (like visit a prison) are there in the world. if you have never been a witness how come you "know" so much about them and are so determined to put them down. They are different, does that make them wrong, has anyone claimed to be infallible? What is your problem? before you reply to that - what do you actually know

Sent by Ben B | 7:30 PM | 7-5-2007

Alex in my reading of your comments about the JW's and the organization in cluding the way they carry out Jehovah's requirements, it seems that you are in a battle with yourself. One thing I must say to you and maybe congratualate you on is that you LOVE READING so continue reading the possitive comments about the interview and HOPEFULLY the Good ASSOCIATION that come through those GOOD and ENCOURAGING COMMENTS will some day reach your heart and allure you right to light that all of US true CHRISTIANS has already seen for the many years we serve Jehovah.
Alex, I assure you that if you just continue doing to READ,READ,READ and DO more READING most of all GOD'S WORD THE BIBLE IT WILL HELP YOU TO UNDERSTAND JEHOVAH'S WAY IN DOING THINGS.


And to Mr. Howard Continue keeping Jehovah close to your heart, and in your prayers. He will answer you if you truely desire his favor.Proverbs 27:11( "be wise my son and make my heart rejoice" just remember that and hope to see you in parsdise.AGAPE

Sent by Sandra (JW from BVI) | 9:02 AM | 7-6-2007

Give praise where it is due. Jehovah's Witnesses have set high standards for themselves. Though they too are imperfect individuals they do try to maintain these standards in this chaotic world.

I am afraid though that I find much inconsistency in this religion, as I do in many others.

I admire the position on Neutrality in worldly conflict.. I find they have weakened their stance on Blood transfusion to the point that I am totally confused.

My recent encounters with them have been around Colossians 2 v 14-16 in relation to popular celebrations. I just do not understand some JW reasoning... how can you praise God for a marriage, wear a symbol on your finger of dubious origin and yet excommunicate a person for giving thanks to God for the birth of your child. I have tried discussing this with several JW's but just cannot understand the Talmudic approach their religion has evolved to this and several other matters.

Admiration? You have mine in many respects JW's but you appear just as legalistic and weighed down like any other "Christian" movement I have encountered.

Keep knocking though, and we will all get there. So, overall, Thank you.

Sent by Graham | 1:52 AM | 7-7-2007

Just to let everyone know that may be considering becoming one of Jehovah's Witnesses prepare to be shunned by the world. Jesus was shunned and he told his faithful followers at John 17:14-16 he was no part of the world and he was hated for it. Satan continues to blind the minds of unbelievers so that the light of the truth can not shine through (2corinthians 4:4). For someone to learn something that make perfect sense and for you not to act on it because of imperfect human hear say would not be wise on your part. In a world where you can kill your fellow man in war and be taught that your prayers are heard from God there is something wrong. Witnesses are followers of Jesus Christ and he was "THE FAITHFUL WITNESS" (Revelation 1:5) of Jehovah. We share what we learn from the bible with our fellow man out of love of Jehovah and love for our neihbor. If you learn of something that is benefical you would share it and not selfishly keep it to yourself. Many don't understand how self sacraficing witnesses are and the persecution that the deal with daily but because of what we learn about Jehovah in the bible we don't let it get us down and we won't stop until Jehovah says its enough. As for Mr. Howard it is very commendable that you are concscience of your spritual need the bible says "Happy are those conscious of their spiritual need, since the kingdom of the heavens belongs to them." (Matthew 5:3) So continue to fight to get close to Jehovah (James 4:8) to gain his love and everlasting life shun those who shun Jehovah because they are headed for destruction you must surround yourself with those who truly love Jehovah becuase they will strengthen your faith.

P.S. All of these scriptures mean the same in any bible.

Sent by Chandis Davenport | 9:25 AM | 7-11-2007

Listen to the star struck jehovah's witnesses. Most of them missed the whole point of what Terrence was saying. So let me amplify it for you. He said if it were not for smoking cigarretts, he would be a jehovah's witness. It is quite obvious that he has chosen smoking over becoming a j.w.
You can't see this because in your minds he is larger than the big screen. That is no different than anyone else saying they can't become one because of addictions with alcohol, drugs, sex, gambling or even food for that matter. If you haven't noticed there are people who are so addicted to there food that they blow up to 300, 400 and even 500 pounds. Your addictions are killing you and most of you don't even know it. You are so hungry for validation from your leaders and your groups that you starve out your ability to see the obvious. The world is full of leaders, there are political leaders, religious leaders, mental health leaders and medical leaders-just to name a few. Interestingly, the masses are mentally, physically and spiritually sicker than at anytime in known history. The bible has an account about Noah who was a great servant of the most high. During the flood, Noah and his family's lives were spared at a time when every religious group on earth was destroyed along with everyone else living during that time. Isn't that amazing, he had no religious leaders. He followed his own heart and god saw that Noah's heart was good. Noah knew the truth and the truth made him free. Most of you religious people are in boundage so strong that you will never be free and you will not even know it..

Sent by Plippy | 1:00 AM | 7-15-2007

Michel Martin, what can I say? You directed a fine interview. I don't spend much (if any) time on reading or listening to interviews of any sort, especially on the Internet (it wastes my time). But this one caught my eye. It CAUSED some debate. You are good.

Sent by Mary | 1:27 PM | 7-18-2007

I just recently had the pleasure of listening to the interview and reading over the comments made by some of my brothers & sisters and by some who are not. I personally would like to say to Mr. Howard that you did a good thing by openly acknowledging your "tribulation" and acknowledging that Jehovah who is a God of Love, Compassion, wants us all to live better lives, does set guidelines we all must follow. He allows us to make choices but we ourselves must suffer the consequences of such choices. I pray that you continue on your quest to gain "accurate knowledge" of God's word The Bible that by doing so your heart will be fully ready to accept the love Jehovah has for you which will move you to give up the things which are keeping you from a God you obviously want to love with your "whole heart, mind, and soul and who "First loved us." Keeping knocking..searching Mr. Howard while the time is given! You are in our prayers as well as you the interviewer,broadcasting stations,those behind the scenes and NPR for sharing food which most people would die to have. Spiritual Food. No matter what anyone says..We all learned alittle bit of somein..somein to chew over. That's what its all about. Taking in knowledge of Jehovah!

Sent by cindy | 12:48 PM | 7-20-2007

I say ditto

Sent by Jess (from Buenos Aires) | 2:05 PM | 7-24-2007


Sent by CARLY HICKS | 3:01 PM | 7-24-2007

To say that Mr. Howard's case is an example of how the JWs do not always tear apart families when non-believers are involved is a horrible misrepresentation. Mr. Howard WAS NOT BAPTIZED, so he didn't get disfellowshipped. It is that simple. Imagine how his story would be different if he had made that life altering decision as a teenager and then was bound to it for the rest of his like many JWs are. The choices that underage kids make are not even LEGALLY binding for the rest of their lives because we as a society understand that kids don't know enough to be held responsible for all their actions yet. So why are children allowed to make such a permanent decision about their religious beliefs before adulthood?

If he had been baptized he would have certainly been disfellowshipped for something by now. And then he would be viewed as a worldly sinner, indulging in a Hollywood lifestyle, destined to die at Armageddon. But because of that one little technicality of not being baptized, the Society will instead use this propaganda to their advantage.

Sent by Please Listen to Alex | 11:42 AM | 7-26-2007

when i was 9years old [1980 my sister used to take me to the KH,i
din't like it. when i was 15we move to new york from brazil. i star it doing things that i never dream of doing.we stop going to the kmhall. i use to party like crazy,i had so many ''friends'' i remember one time we went to miami for a fashion show, that time i did like 7 show for different designers, i remember when i got my money like $10,000, !man! i spend that $ in 2 day doing drug and clubing.i was in top of the future was colorful,i have money,my own place,traveling around the world.
but in all this JEHOVAH was always in my heart. is hard when you have so many [fake people] pleasing you,doing wherever you say, doing everything for you.but in all this i was feling empty inside of me,i use to ask my self why!? you have everything.
everything but at the same time i have time in the middle of a fashiong show in briant park [new york]i told my manager ''i got go, i have to go''. the next day i went lookingfor the witness in the street, i got the addres of the KH, and after 18 years there i was for the firts time at the KH, cring like the prodigal son.
i got baptize in 1999. [no looking back] i am eternally grateful to JEHOVAH,and his son JESUS. i dont care what people say about us. i found funny that you can say i'm catholic or wherever in people dont care but !when you say i'm jehovah's witness! uuffffff
listen, nobody, goint to take away from me the oportunity of eternal life.
fame,money,inmoral thing,apostates,you can call me braingwash, noooo.....body.

Sent by manuel | 1:21 PM | 7-26-2007

I doubt that "Knocking" is going to be that good or comprehensive as a film on the Watchtower religion. When you get all the support that members have given it, the result is it discredits the content of having any value when it comes to dealing with the tough issues.
Too bad. PBS did a great job with "The Mormons" along with Frontline and American Experience.
"Knocking" will I believe fizzle out and will only be a serious reference for the members of this Made In America religion.

Sent by Alex | 8:00 PM | 7-26-2007

I think that it a great thing that he has not decided to dedicate himself to Jehovah knowing that he is not at that point in his life. Jehovah respects honesty. This should be an encouragement to all of us(witnesses and non servants of Jehovah).It shows that we all have difficult beginnings and struggles that we have to deal with. However, Jehovah will bless our efforts.

Sent by Chriseal Walker | 9:15 AM | 7-30-2007

To the person 3 posts above:
Thank you for your post. You will notice all sorts of knee jerk reaction from the Watchtower members above in their posts towards anyone who disagree's with them.
If a member is strongly encouraged to attend 5 meetings a week, then go door to door, read only Watchtower religious material and only associated with 'the brothers and sisters' then there is a strong chance that you become very limited in your views. Exactly what the older men (the governing board members) in New York state want. What people must realize is that the Watchtower publications preach organization which if you read the scriptures is not the message that the bible puts stress on.
In a nutshell, members are constantly implored to believe that the few men who run 6 million members lives, are the chosen ones who God (Jehovah) communicates to the world with. This is so full of high control, that any member who disagree's witht he organization, is considered going against God himself. But if the members of the governing body are wrong....then they are only human is the excuse.
The Watchtower is full of 'Truths' that have not come true. But members are so scared that they dare not challenge the organization.
Just remember those are were supposed to be reading the bible, but instead you are studying the Watchtower.
Why is Gods word not enough? Simple. Because it doesn't support the Watchtower doctrines.

Sent by Alex | 3:23 PM | 7-30-2007

Howard, what would these people be saying to you if you had been baptized and now you were smoking?

Sent by Jeff R | 11:46 AM | 7-31-2007

The Watchtower does not want you to study the bible without their books.

Translated from the German 09/07 Kingdom Ministry (an inhouse publication only for members)


Question Box

Does the faithful and discreet slave approve of Jehovah's Witnesses independently getting together to examine and debate Biblicial topics?

No. Nevertheless, some who are associated with our organization have taken it upon themselves to arrange meetings in order to independently examine Bible topics. Some are occupied with the Biblical Hebrew and Greek, in order to examine the accuracy of the New World Translation. Others investigate scientific topics which have to do with the Bible. Websites and chartrooms have been furnished so that opinions can be exchanged and debated. Also public conferences were held and books where made in order to supplement our meetings and study materials.

Gods people receive plentiful Bible training and encouragement through congregation meetings as well as publications from Jehovah's Organization. Jehovah ensures that all of his servants under this arrangement are given his word of truth, so that they "may be fitly united in the same mind and in the same line of thought" and "built up in him and being stabilized in the faith" (1 Cor 1:10; Col 2:6,7) We are certainly grateful for all of the spiritual food Jehovah has given in these last days. Therefore the "faithful and discreet slave" does not approve of any literature, websites, or meetings not under its direction. (Matt 24:45-47)

It is praiseworthy that someone might want to learn more in order to help the spreading of the good news. But personal efforts should not divert away from that which Christ Jesus provides for our direction. The Apostle Paul warned in the first century about "questions for research rather than a dispensing of anything by God in connection with faith." As Christians we should avoid "foolish questionings and genealogies and strife and fights over the Law" because they are useless and futile. (Tit 3:9)

If any would like to study the Bible in more detail individually they can use the book ???All Scripture Is Inspired of God and Beneficial???. They may also want to consider other publications of ours that deal with prophetic prophecies such as Daniel. Contained in them are more than enough material for an in depth Bible study, by which we may be "filled with the accurate knowledge of his will in all wisdom and spiritual comprehension, in order to walk worthily of Jehovah to the end of fully pleasing [him] as YOU go on bearing fruit in every good work. (Col 1:9,10)
IP: 5YWwCuTpTe0A4Jge 31-Jul-07 11:44 by drew sagan: Correct formatting
31-Jul-07 11:46 by drew sagan: Correct formatting

R.F. Re: German KM 09/07 Translated! Watchtower cracks down on study groups. 31-Jul-07 11:49

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23 y 30 d

United States I wanna hurl!!
drew sagan Re: German KM 09/07 Translated! Watchtower cracks down on study groups. 31-Jul-07 11:49

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24 y 11 m 27 d

United States and here is the original km article:

IP: 5YWwCuTpTe0A4Jge
JeffT Re: German KM 09/07 Translated! Watchtower cracks down on study groups. 31-Jul-07 11:50

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Jedi Master

United States, Washington A flat out contradiction of scripture.

Acts 17:11 (New International Version)
11Now the Bereans were of more noble character than the Thessalonians, for they received the message with great eagerness and examined the Scriptures every day to see if what Paul said was true.

Note: this says clearly that they were independently confirming what they were being told by one who had been designated by God as an Apostle. And they were praised for it. Maybe if the F&DS slave had a better message it could hold up to a bunch of people checking it out.

Thanks for the translation.

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FadingAway Re: German KM 09/07 Translated! Watchtower cracks down on study groups. 31-Jul-07 11:50

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Junior Member

United States Wow, Thanks Drew! Appreciate your effort in doing that.
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startingover Re: German KM 09/07 Translated! Watchtower cracks down on study groups. 31-Jul-07 11:54

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United States, California So is this different that the US version?
drew sagan Re: German KM 09/07 Translated! Watchtower cracks down on study groups. 31-Jul-07 11:55

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United States I found it amazing how they actually make it seem like studying the Bibles original languages is bad.

This really shows how 'staved' their flocks are. They want deeper material because they aren't getting it! Then when they take it upon themselves to go out and find it they are doing something wrong in the WTS eyes. How stupid.
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Meeting Junkie No More Re: German KM 09/07 Translated! Watchtower cracks down on study groups. 31-Jul-07 11:56

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Newbie What tripe....

Reading the suggested "All Scripture is Inspired" is exactly what got me thinking and ON THE WAY OUT ...that book is so out of date and filled with inaccuracies, I am surprised they are still suggesting it be used. Still, they may be shooting themselves in the foot with this advice...AGAIN. Hopefully, it has the same effect on others as it did on me!

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United States, Hawaii


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BizzyBee Re: German KM 09/07 Translated! Watchtower cracks down on study groups. 31-Jul-07 11:57

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United States, California the "faithful and discreet slave" does not approve of any literature, websites, or meetings not under its direction. (Matt 24:45-47)

If I didn't know better, I'd think this was one of deaconbluez' parodies.
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drew sagan Re: German KM 09/07 Translated! Watchtower cracks down on study groups. 31-Jul-07 11:57

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United States So is this different that the US version?
To my knowledge the US version has not made its way to the net yet.
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DeusMauzzim Re: German KM 09/07 Translated! Watchtower cracks down on study groups. 31-Jul-07 12:01

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19 y 4 m 13 d Hahahahaha o m g

They are right though... Witnesses that learn the original languages are NOT good for the watchtower :) How could the elders discuss anything with them? :P

Deus Mauzzim

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the dreamer dreaming Re: German KM 09/07 Translated! Watchtower cracks down on study groups. 31-Jul-07 12:03

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Junior Member Jehovah is providing---- but is he?

by limiting study to only things the WTS provides you will never know for yourself if they are doing what they claim...and that is the whole point, aint it?

remember-- shepherds are predators who fleece and slaughter sheep!

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United States, New York "They may also want to consider other publications of ours that deal with prophetic prophecies such as Daniel."

Can anyone say 607 ?


P.s. Thanks for the translation Drew.
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53 y 7 m 3 d

French Polynesia, Society Archipelago (including Tahiti) Makes me glad I am out
OUTLAW Re: German KM 09/07 Translated! Watchtower cracks down on study groups. 31-Jul-07 12:09

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Supreme One

Canada, British Columbia The WBT$ dosen`t want anyone Studying the Bible!!..The WBT$ wants you to study literature,the WBT$ has Written about the Bible...OUTLAW
IP: S/7+WVA/Kx9HZ2PM 31-Jul-07 12:11 by OUTLAW: Correct formatting

blondie Re: German KM 09/07 Translated! Watchtower cracks down on study groups. 31-Jul-07 12:10

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Norway Sounds like an official response to Greg Stafford's works and Jehovah's Witnesses United's website.

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United States, Pennsylvania

Frightening when you can't recognise the visegrip that's placed on the minds of those still inside.

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United Kingdom, England Love the first sentence.


Just in case you didnt read the rest!

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drew sagan Re: German KM 09/07 Translated! Watchtower cracks down on study groups. 31-Jul-07 12:18

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United States Frightening when you can't recognise the visegrip that's placed on the minds of those still inside.
I can so picture people in the congregations talking about those who are 'running ahead' and how we need to make sure we don't get caught up in all of that.

What is most interesting is how they are able to attached negative labels and ideas to rather plain and ordinary things.

Look at how they describe the Study of Hebrew and Greek. They link that kind of study with challenging the New World Translation, something no witness would ever want to do. By connecting that negative act of rebellion with Greek and Hebrew study the WTS is able to make it seem like this ordinary act is a form of rebellion!
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There we have it folks.
Control, control, control.
Is this what Jesus would tell people?

Sent by alex | 8:12 PM | 8-2-2007

In Reply To A Comment Above.

The Watchtower Society is not using Terrence Howard case as any kind of example, like the person above tried to imply. The peoples comments on this site, including my own are completely independent of the Watchtower Society. They would not have anything to do with this discussion. Terrence doesn't matter to them one way or the other. If he wan't to become a witness he's welcome if not, thats his business too.

As for the comment that persons are too young to make a decision to be a JW, don't you other religions get baptized at birth before you can even read or study or decide anything for yourselves. Alot of witness children leave the religion when they become of the age of independence. But many stay because they know that it is truth. And many come back on their own as adults when they find out that there is nothing out there that is real. You can stay or leave the choice is totally up to you. You people who have left, why are you so angry. If you are out there and having so much fun and it is so much better, why are you still obsessed with it. Your not really happy out there are you. This is what it is like out in the world.

2Tim 3:1

3 But know this, that in the last days critical times hard to deal with will be here. 2 For men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, self-assuming, haughty, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, disloyal, 3 having no natural affection, not open to any agreement, slanderers, without self-control, fierce, without love of goodness, 4 betrayers, headstrong, puffed up [with pride], lovers of pleasures rather than lovers of God, 5 having a form of godly devotion but proving false to its power; 7 always learning and yet never able to come to an accurate knowledge of truth.

Sent by Micah | 12:02 AM | 8-5-2007

Most religions (there are some like yours) don't hold their family hostage with extreme shunning. It would suggest to me that there needs to be more leverage to keep people in this group.
Thanks for the usual bible verse to judge anyone that is not in your click.
Remember Micah, don't study or read the bible (especially ones that are different than the NWT)just like the Kindom Ministry counsels. Put the focus on your version of the Book of Mormon....the Watchtower.

Sent by Alex | 8:24 PM | 8-6-2007

I really understand how he feels. I took more than 15 years to make up my mind as well. Because I wanted to fully dedicate my life to Jehovah without looking back to what I left. May he pray for an obedient heart and take the road to life.

Sent by B. Womack | 1:37 AM | 8-8-2007

Debunking the Jehovah's Witnesses beliefs:
A) They are at your door to recruit you for enslavement to their watchtower corporation,they will say that "we are just here to share a message from the Bible" this is deception right off.

B) The 'message' is their false Gospel that Jesus is ruling in heaven already since 1914.The problem with this is it's not just a cute fairy tale,Jesus warned of the false prophets who would claim "..look he is here in the wilderness,or see here he is at the temple"

C) Their anti-blood transfusion ban has killed hundreds if not thousands

D) once they recruit you they will "love bomb" you in cult fashion to also recruit your family & friends or cut them off.

There are many more dangers,Jehovah's Witnesses got a bad rap for good and valid reasons

Sent by Danny Haszard | 4:29 PM | 9-1-2007

I enjoyed the interview. it was nice. we as Jehovahs Witnesses dont try to offend anyone and we dont condem anyones religion. why should other people do it to us? there is no such thing as a love bomb. we dont shun people. we dont control people. everyone has free will. disfellowshipping has a purpose and its not to shun or hate anyone. when people do things agaisnt the Bible and are un repentant they get disfellowshipped because obviously they dont want to do all the Bible says. the blood issue has acutually saved lives and has not killed a single one. people dont die from choosing not to have blood transfusions. the "issue" has actually opened up medicine so that people can recieve help without disobeying the Bible. acts 15:28-29. the best way to find the truth about Jehovahs Witnesses is to speak with one of them. And most of all Jehovah is God and we can look at the oldest Holy Scrolls and see it there. Research is how we found it. not on the internet but in person in looking and translating the scrolls. you can even do that now and see it. at a musume. thank you. good day.

Sent by Dallas | 4:41 PM | 9-5-2007

giving people more room to go against what the Bible has to say will not make anything better. only worse as it has been proven.

Sent by Dallas | 4:43 PM | 9-5-2007

Those who become inactive in the congregation, perhaps even drifting away from association with fellow believers, are not shunned. In fact, special effort is made to reach out to them and rekindle their spiritual interest. If, however, someone unrepentantly practices serious sins, such as drunkenness, stealing or adultery, he will be disfellowshipped and such an individual is avoided by former fellow-worshipers. Every effort is made to help wrongdoers. But if they are unrepentant, the congregation needs to be protected from their influence. The Bible clearly states: 'Remove the wicked man from among yourselves.' (1 Corinthians 5:13) Those who formally say they do not want to be part of the organization any more are also avoided. What of a man who is disfellowshipped but whose wife and children are still Jehovah's Witnesses? The spiritual ties he had with his family change, but blood ties remain. The marriage relationship and normal family affections and dealings can continue. As for disfellowshipped relatives not living in the same household, Jehovah's Witnesses apply the Bible's counsel: "Quit mixing with them." (1 Corinthians 5:11) Disfellowshipped individuals may continue to attend religious services and, if they wish, they may receive spiritual counsel from the elders with a view to their being restored. They are always welcome to return to the faith if they reject the improper course of conduct for which they were disfellowshipped.

Sent by the truth about disfellowshipping | 11:12 PM | 9-6-2007

Hello Terrance,
I recently returned to Jehovah's organization after being away for many years. I just want you to know Terrance, you were truly an inspiration for me returning to the true god Jehovah for leadership and guidance in my daily life. I can relate to many of the things people face that are just wandering out here in this wicked world. Without a purpose and without a peace of mind, life becomes a huge challenge. I am now actively serving my wonderful god Jehovah with a clean mind and concious. What a wonderful feeling.
Terrance, I urge you to have a regular bible study with Jehovah Witnesses and realize that with Jehovah's holy spirit, all things are possible. He can really help you overcome the things that you may currently practice that are not in harmony with the holy scriptures. Don't give up!!! Your future spitural sister, Jacqueline, Detroit, MI

Sent by Jacqueline Parks | 8:44 PM | 9-8-2007

Hi this is the best interview that i have see.I am a witness my self and i cant believe how well this interview went.

Sent by Adrianna Vazquez | 7:13 PM | 9-16-2007

Dear Mr. Howard,
Your regard for spiritual things is commendable. Don't wait to long to run the race for life. The acceptable time is now and any sacrifices you make for the kingdom will be rewarded by our Grand Creator.

Sent by Join us in the race | 3:27 PM | 9-20-2007

My family is involved with the Jehovah's Witness religion. It has resulted in pain and suffering for the family. Truely this is more of a hex than a blessing.

One who knows the real truth.

Sent by One who knows the real truth. | 2:55 PM | 9-27-2007

Terrance Howard said in another interview that he has not joined the Organization because he doesn't like the restrictions on sexual activities.
Nothing obout smoking on that website.

Sent by Brenda | 12:17 PM | 10-2-2007

I to was raised around the truth, Meaning: I was raised in Jehovah's Organization as a child and young adult but never dedicating my life to Jehovah by water baptizim. It's really encouraging to me to have an opportunity to sit and read so many of the loving and warm comments. I am currently battling to find my way back to Jehovah and let me tell you, "it's no walk in the park", Sometimes I get so afraid when I hear loud noises (maybe a plain flying to low) because I always feel that at any moment armaggedon will be upon us and I'm not ready. I think about my children and all of the horrible thoughts that comes along with it from knowing that I have not done all that I should have to keep them close to the truth. They're weakness is me and for that I have deep pain and sorrow. I tell myself all the time, "All you have to do, is get yourself to a meeting, make a start somewhere and the rest will follow. I say these things to myself constantly, but I take no action. If I go my children will go as well and I know this. I to have a problem with smoking and the really sad and scary part of it. I just started smoking apprx 2yrs ago... I say it's just another one of satan's snares I allowed myself to get sucked into (Obviously). I get so angry with myself because as much as I despise everything satan's stands for, I allow myself to fall victim to his trickery. I'm very spiritually weak (as you can see) but I do love Jehovah's Organization and I say that because I just can't bring myself to say that I love Jehovah because of guilt. You don't hurt the people you love (at least you shouldn't)

Anyhow: "On to the topic at hand, I thought the documentary was excellent and I was really surprised yet shocked that they allowed for an honest portrayal of Jehovah's Witnesses to be heard without distortion.

To Terrance: By all means whatever you, continue in your quest for righteousness and truth and it will most certainly lead you to Jehovah.(My words, not a bible quote) :):) I'm noticing how clear we need to be with our words on this website.

Sent by TMac | 5:53 PM | 10-18-2007

The above by TMac is so opposite the what the bible teaches. This person is putting faith in themselves and a religion, when the scripture is focused on faith in the blood shed by Jesus.
Read any book of the Christian greek scriptures and you will see.
TMac has only read the Watchtower.

Sent by Mike | 9:18 PM | 10-31-2007

I knew Terrence Howard personally and because of him I was re-introduced to this faith. As of recent I was not aware Terrence was pursuing the faith of being a Jehovah's Witness due to his recent films (ex: Hustle and Flow).

Sent by Nina | 5:44 PM | 11-1-2007

Terrence was never baptized as one of Jehovah's Witnesses (I know this personally) but he has a two brothers who are baptized witnesses.

Sent by Nina | 5:47 PM | 11-1-2007

I left the group 4 year ago and it has been a struggle to shed the brainwashing. Two others have left my old congregation and we are starting a support and education group.
Please send us best wishes in our calling.

Sent by Janet G | 5:59 PM | 11-1-2007

Jehovah is not the proper name of God.
It is Yahwah. Kind of funny a religion that pretends to like to be accurate on detail, is caught up in its own tradition of men, when it comes to not using the accurate knowledge of Gods real name.

Sent by Mike Weber | 6:57 PM | 11-7-2007

Actually it's Yahweh. Based on the four letter tetragrammaton found in the original consonantal Hebrew Bible text(YHWH).Yahweh is the Hebrew way of pronouncing it. When those letters are transliterated JHVH is the english version. Jehovah is the english pronunciation. Just like other names are different in different languages...Matthew in English = Mateo in Spanish. I'm sure you can come up with your own examples. I'm not a witness myself, but when you are trying to put a group down based on their accuracy....perhaps you should avoid sounding ignorant and make sure YOUR statements are accurate.

Sent by In response to Mike Weber | 5:42 PM | 11-8-2007

I truly believe that Jehovah is the correct pronunciation of Gods name. Even though the Jews no longer use it because of superstition, Jesus used it and his apostles used it. And the first Christians were Jews and they continued to use the name and passed it on. Also consider words like Manischewitz where the W is pronounced like V or Youseph and Joseph. Jehovah said that in the time of the end his named would be made known in all the earth. Well we are definitely living in the time of the end.

Sent by Micah | 1:47 AM | 11-22-2007

How can a religion ever be wrong if "the light always gets brighter"? Why do witnesses always say bad things about other religions, when if they too believed the light was getting brighter would clutch at straws in their own religion and obviously not leave.

Witnesses can be nice people as individuals, but the love is conditional. Once you leave for personal and educated reasons you will probably have no or little contact with those you left behind.

It is so refreshing to be loved by imperfect "mortal" people unconditionally.

In the case of Terrence and others, Smoking is a bad habit, nothing to do with ones choice of religion. Remember it was "Judge" Rutherford that introduced a lot of man made rules into the organisation as a typical beaurocrat does. The whole concept of an organised religion being the only means to salvation with others being destroyed is wrong. The bible says man was created in his image, not that of an organisation.

And in regards to disfellowshipping which if you read through the actual biblical account you will see that sitting at the back of the hall for 6 months to a year is not what the apostle was suggesting, nor the offence something light, as sometimes happens within the witness judicial process where you dont have any representation. Even recording devices are prohibited and the organisation not subject to Freedom for information rules.

As I noticed Randall Watters had said well:

The Watchtower is dying a slow death, and no one cares anymore. They are reaping what they have sown.

Sister ME made a comment about lies, well I ask you this Sister ME, if the orgnisation you "belong" to you makes the statement "millions now living will never die" and they do, in my book, without bias, that is a lie. And of course we all know who the father of the lie is?

The problem is JW's are biased and continually self justify, as to why a lie is not a lie etc. See the words Cognitive Dissonance, it affects share traders as well and that has NOTHING to do with religion.

The best thing JW's could do now is to be honest with the millions of long suffering and loyal "subjects" is be honest with them, and stop all this mystical rubbish about the 144,000 (I asked several of them why they thought they were going to heaven, years later they all but one renounced that "privelege".

The current administrative body needs to apologise to memebers for making them emotionally dependent on a society that claims to be Gods earthly representative.

Dont get me wrong, there is some good that comes from the JW's in terms of moral guidance etc, but that also comes from other groups, but JW's are led to belive they are unique in that regard. There is good and bad in EVERYBODY, its all about how well you restrain the bad and practice the good. Fear is a powerful motivator which the JW's use well, but if you are a dilligent person this will probably lead to some form of emotional disturbance and possibly Post Traumatic Stress Disorder if you try to please everybody all of the time and be someone you are not.

And in terms of Christianity itself, I see one issue that causes problems straight away - Jesus was a good man yes, but guess what guys and gals, none of us are Jesus, we are you and me, individuals with unique and special attributes. Yeah sure if I could resurrect people and heal them I would too, but guess what, with the present knowledge of my abilities I am unable.

The witnesses always use the apostle peters quotes relating to "lord who else can we go away to" representing the organisation of JW's. God exists independent of any organisation, and if I were God, I would be a little embarrassesed right now of what mankind has said and done in my name.

Suffering pain and agony, what kind of lesson does that teach your 5 year old? Be honest JW's justify everything for doctrinal sakes, and even refuse to look at old publications if they go against the grain.

The witness always has a "point" about being right "all the time" even if they pretend otherwise under the guise of being "humble servants". There is always a theme "burning" in the back of the witness mind, its like going to a Multi Level Marketing Conference.

Its amazing the measurement of sprituality that witnesses use is that of "how many hours" one does in the field service (door to door and informal / phone witnessing) when you could be an adulterer, giving the best talks etc and getting good hours.

Another favourite of mine the elders often perpetrate is " how is your relationship with God going" - well let me ask you this - if you gave your newly married wife a book, told her she could talk to you but you would never communicate with her in either verbal or written form - how do you think your relationship be? The next time you are asked that by an elder ask him how his lovelife and relationship is going with his wife...

Relationships are very personal things. And it seems from my perspective that Religion is used amongst mankind to divide humanity and not unite it (in terms of other religions). Next time you meet a JW you can actually feel sorry for them, since they dont know the real meaning of unconditional love, or how to integrate properly into a dysfunctional or otherwise society. It takes a lot of courage to let go of the reality of what you are born and raised into. Its like the book how to win friends and influence says of a man observing a particular lady suffering delusions - "it was kinder not to tell her than to wreck her dreams on the sharp rocks of reality".

When you are lying on your deathbed - what is it you wanted to be known as and having accomplished. Your reputation is one of your fine assets, and the Witnesses practically own it and can destroy it overnight, right wrong or otherwise. Enjoy lifes journey (its not all about the destination), dont beat up on yourself so much, dont be so apocalyptic. Just imagine if the Jews when persecuted and killed in the concentration camps had spend their whole life worrying about this event, they wouldnt have had a life. Stop worrying over things you have no control, and dont be afraid to be part of an "inperfect society" it is what it is.

If you arent strong enough to "go it (life) alone join a group or find some quality friends) but please have the forsight to think for yourselves regarless of which group you join! We all need each other to some degree in the end.

In summary in the end, I think ego, predujice and the "need to believe" affect us all, you me and everyone. The question is are we rational enough to accept that somethings we dont know, and somethings we will never know, even if we are searching..

As for me, well I belong to the "human race". I can tell you it's nice being back depsite the good and evil in everyone, its largely what you make of it. Enjoy life, develop yourself, discipline yourself, educate yourself - in the end the journey is only with yourself.

Sent by Xterminator | 7:31 PM | 11-22-2007

That's funny...if Yahweh is not english, then why can I say and print it in english? I think you need to stop fooling people and check it out next time you are at the library trying to show someone else that Christmas is pagen. They are both in the same set.

Sent by Alex | 10:02 PM | 11-24-2007

Bad news again folks. First Howard says that he is not a JW because of the smoking...yet in another interview it is because he likes to have too much fun with women (if you know what I mean) now the producer of the movie is in the paper. He is Joel Engardio and he was grew up in a JW home but did not join (by baptism) and he lives a gay lifestyle. He said that he wants tolerence for everyone whether they are gay or muslim or whatever. This won't make the Watchtower folks too happy.

Sent by Alex | 10:14 PM | 11-24-2007

I have just checked my home computer for emails and found the email with the link to the interview with Terrence Howard. Needless to say I was quite delighted to learn some wonderfully refreshing things about this fine actor. There was something about him that seemed very different from the Hollywood type and now we know why. I was especially impressed by his candor and COURAGE to speak about his faith and conflict. How many people have the courage to say what he said to millions of people. How many people can define their faith and ongoing conflict so clearly and humbly? How many people can admit "I would be a Witness?" How many people have the COURAGE to read the Bible, study it and then live by it? Obviously, Terrence Howard is one of them.. I have been listening to NPR for 30 years and this interview in all its professionalism speaks loud and clear to your standard of excellence in journalism. I listen to NPR because I learn so much about things I would never know otherwise. THANK YOU NPR for your COURAGE to report. We are LISTENING!!

Sent by Selena Jackson | 1:12 AM | 11-25-2007

The Encyclopedia Britannica (Micropedia, vol. 10) says:

"Yahweh-the personal name of the [El] of the Israelites ...The Masoretes, Jewish biblical scholars of the Middle Ages, replaced the vowel signs that had appeared above or beneath the consonants of YHWH with the vowel signs of Adonai or of Elohim. Thus the artificial name Jehovah (YeHoWaH)came into being. Although Christian scholars after the Renaissance and Reformation periods used the term Jehovah for YHWH, in the 19th and 20thcenturies biblical scholars again began to use the form Yahweh, thus this pronunciation of the Tetragrammaton was never really lost. Greek transcriptions also indicate that YHWH should be pronounced Yahweh."

Sent by Alex | 5:33 AM | 11-25-2007

Xterminator | 7:31 PM ET | 11-22-2007

Thankyou for the breath of sanity that you bring to Jehovah's witness people.

Sent by Alex | 1:54 PM | 11-30-2007

Thank you airing the interview and for your endevour to present the facts.

The work and unity of Jehovah's Witnesses is admirable. No doubt the unity and harmony is the product of high moral standards. This is not a crowd pleasing religion yet their members keep increasing.

Sent by NPR Listener | 10:30 AM | 12-8-2007

You could definitly say i am "exercising" just as he is. It's not easy. I admire him and can strongly relate.

Sent by Ashley | 11:19 AM | 12-11-2007

The Jehovah's Witness religion is declining in developed countries. The internet provides hidden information about the Watchtower religion just as the founders of the reformation provided the bible for the flock.
This must be very frustrating to the governing body members.

Sent by Janet | 5:37 PM | 12-15-2007

I'm sad for all who feel they must shoot down the belief of others because it is different from their own. But of course history has shown how that applies to everything from religion to skin color, almost always leading to disastrous consequences.

All who have commented negatively about JW really should examine the history of their own religions to see if it was free of problems and controversy.

Sent by Lori | 7:37 AM | 12-28-2007

One day a small group of J.W.s came to my door with the usual literature. When I answered the door I told the J.W. followers that we are Jewish and not interested. One of them said "so". It was obvious that they did not have respect for another person's religious preference and would have gone into their Watchtower sales pitch if I would not have shoed them away. I have seen people very traumatized by this group when they have decided to leave and I have seen children ostracized at school because they cannot celebrate Halloween or birthdays with their peers, for example. The J.W. religion is no more than a cult that discourages any signs of individuality. Someone who wants to join the J.W.s should examine why they want such an organization to exercise power over their existance. Why can't they live and think for themselves? Why do their personalities crave such mind control?


Sent by Linda | 11:19 AM | 12-28-2007

If any one wishes to know more about those who have become involved with JW's, I suggest one search the web and you tube for info. In particular, the "ex or former" sites.

I am surprised by Howard's desire to return to the Watchtower Society.

They are discouraged from critical thinking. They are taught "the thinking has been done" by the leaders in NY. To not conform or follow strickly, one will begin to be ostracized and then possibly disfellowshiped.

They are discouraged from seeking higher education.

They tout that they are "bible students" when in fact, they study almost exclusively from their own publications.

They are taught ONLY JW's will survive "God's wrath", ALL others will be destoyed.

Members are taught to spy on each other, to report even spouses who dare stray from what is officially allowed in the marital bed. In short, they are a CULT.

I frel sorry for Terrance and all others caught in the JW web.

Sent by Anikay | 10:30 AM | 12-29-2007

If you were interested in military service, would you be more interested in talking to an ex-soldier who met with courts martial or dishonorable discharge, or would you prefer to talk to a decorated veteran?

If considering a law career, will you solicit the opinion of disbarred lawyers, or will you talk successful ones?

Suppose you want to enter medicine, do you suppose the best person to ask about it is the guy who dropped out of med school because he couldn't cut it?

If interested in life as a Jehovah's Witness, should you really seek out the ex-Witnesses who couldn't stand to keep the code of conduct expected of them and have turned bitter, or is it more logical to talk to successful and genuinely happy witnesses who can share why they keep it up after so many years even when it is a struggle at times?

Like most people who choose a highly demanding career with strict moral and ethical standards, most Jehovah Witnesses will have thought a great deal about why they are doing it and what the alternatives are, and you should find them highly educated, articulate, and reasonable in sharing this with you. There are of course exceptions, as they are a group of imperfect humans like anything, but you won't have to look hard to find someone who can make it very clear and relatable to you why they make this choice, and help you see why you might consider it for yourself.

Sent by Tyler | 7:32 PM | 1-10-2008

Why do JW's seem to be the only faith the world pounces on?? This alone would make me curious and want to find out just what they believe in.

People, do you never question anything about your own faith?

What about the Baptist, the Catholic's, etc? So different from each other, yet no one says a thing about them. Tell me, how can both be 'right'?

At least JW's do not 'seperate' as most other faiths do when some in the congregations get their tail feather's ruffled, then run out and find a preacher that will tell them what they want to hear!

It appears JW's are the only ones who are preaching the same thing all over the world ... and who really believe in the bible and it's truths.

Pick on one that really deserves it. You certainly have a wide range to choose from!

Sent by vof | 11:48 AM | 1-14-2008

"If you were interested in military service, would you be more interested in talking to an ex-soldier who met with courts martial or dishonorable discharge, or would you prefer to talk to a decorated veteran?"~Tyler

Probably both Tyler. Then maybe you can sort out something realistic about what happens in an organization. I have never heard a non JW say don't read their material. However it is the active members that try to hide the other side of the story.
You folks should be learn more tolarance.

Sent by Alex | 4:27 PM | 2-10-2008

"Why do JW's seem to be the only faith the world pounces on?? This alone would make me curious and want to find out just what they believe in.

People, do you never question anything about your own faith?"~vof you [non-Jehovah's Witness] never question anything about your own faith?
At least those religions let you, unlike the high control Watchtower organization.
I would also suggest that you take notice that your JW publications constantly attack every other religion.
How out of touch can you be?

Sent by Alex | 8:52 PM | 2-14-2008

i am sorry about all the negitive comments about jw if you want to really know the truth about what jw beleve talk to them next time the come kncking on your door. thanks for all the encouraging comments and know that jeh will reward you.

Sent by someone who knows what they are talking about | 3:37 PM | 2-25-2008

Dear "someone who knows"
The so called "someone who knows...." doesn't need to be sorry. They only know what the Watchtower tells them and wants them to know.
For complete information talk to those who have been there and back.

Sent by Jeff Garlfield | 7:31 PM | 2-28-2008

Run Terrance, Run! JW is a cult. you are way too smart to get sucked in to this.

Sent by josie rogers | 8:09 PM | 2-29-2008

Mr. Howard, go for it. You won't be sorry. Please continue to look in to the "Jehovah Witness" Religion. It was refreshing hearing a positive review of the "witnesses", I happen to be one.

Sent by Billy Cole | 8:58 PM | 3-1-2008

He knows God can read hearts. He is off to a good start!

Sent by Bree Harris | 8:51 AM | 3-25-2008

Sure thing Bruce Harris
If God knows hearts then why does man (through the Watchtower) say that Gods children must go through a man run organization?
This religion is just a sham. Over 120 years of nothing coming true.

Sent by Alex | 8:00 PM | 3-29-2008

In all honesty, no matter your religion, you should be careful of posting in on the internet where it can be misconstrued and warped. Yes JW's are increasing by great numbers, thats because they are honest with what they say and do, but it is NOT for everyone.Some don't believe the way they do, and thats alright.

Sent by t | 1:20 AM | 5-1-2008

"they are honest with what they say and do,"

Some are dishonest in what they say and do. I have know members of this group.
Some act very different when they are not in view of another member or not at the Kingdom Hall. I have seen some cheat on their marriages, do drugs, drink till drunk and other 'worldly' actions.
There are good people there to of course.
I find it disturbing that they paint everyone else with a broad brush when they are not too different from those they judge.

Sent by Janet | 8:06 PM | 5-10-2008

'Millions Now Living Will Never Die'

This was a Watchtower publication from 1925.

Just one of the many Watchtower flops.

Sent by Frank | 6:40 PM | 6-18-2008

When I exited the Jehovah's Witnesses in 1992 EVERY Jehovah's Witness around me,was convinced in their heart of hearts that they would NOT see 2007 in "this old system" Many had NO retirement plans for old age.

JW are a spin off of William Miller second Adventist.

Staying Alive Until 1975 Danny Haszard story of growing up Jehovah's Witnesses with severe ulcerative colitis in the Watchtower cult

Sent by Danny Haszard | 6:06 AM | 7-7-2008

I enjoyed the interview with Terrence Howard...very classy and upfront.

I have heard for awhile that Terrence was associated with Jehovah Witnesses and happy to hear it will be a matter of choice for him to become a Jehovah which it should be that way.

I didnt have a choice and instead was "forced" into becoming a Jehovah Witness and my 16 years of attending the kingdom hall doesnt have the full appreciation as it should.

My upcoming book..."The Kingdom Hall No More will be out in late August or early September 2008 and it discuss my 16 years experiences.

It's good to see that Mr Howard was allowed to see for himself that it isnt right to be "fronting" or living a "double Life".

I commend Terrence's Parents for not pressuring Terrence into the organization ...knowing he wasnt ready and was allowed to live out his dreams....

Sent by Daniel J Chamberlayne | 5:00 PM | 8-18-2008

Terrance I am very proud of you for your courageous stance. I know Jehovah will bless you. Jehovah never said it was going to be easy. It was not easy even for Jesus Christ our exampler.

Sent by Theresa Isoa | 2:58 AM | 8-23-2008

Terrance doesn't want to be one of Jehovah's Witness because he like to have sexual relations with different women. Read the other interviews he does. If he really wanted to join he would have by now.

Sent by Josh | 8:13 PM | 8-27-2008

Here is what someone wrote on another blog after reading about Howard, his sexual behavior and the JW religion:

Oh, plEASE! After he gets his peep in his pants, is he going to go out and knock on doors to convert people along with the rest of the Witnesses?

Enough said?
I think so.

Sent by Alice | 8:23 PM | 8-27-2008