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DUIs...Your Thoughts?

As I write, Michel is wrapping up an interview on the enforcement of DUI — that is, Driving Under the Influence — laws in America. The discussion, of course, is triggered by controversy surrounding a certain pop culture icon who's been in the news as of late.

...But aside from your personal thoughts on "the life and times" of Paris Hilton, what's your take on penalties for drinking and driving? Too strict, or not strict enough?
How are laws enforced where you live?

And, we hear a lot about celebrity "infractions" on websites like, but with more than a million DUI arrests each year, it's likely that someone you know (if not you, yourself) has had a brush with the law on this very issue.

We're always interested in how people's experiences impact their everyday lives.
So, what about you?...

Ever been arrested on DUI charges? If so, was the punishment significant enough to keep you from repeating the offense. Or, have you ever been affected by someone else's decision to drive under the influence of alcohol?

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