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Michel here...just wanted to add a quick thought about yesterday's back of the book segment on black women and obesity. Debra Dickerson's provocative essay in Salon caught our attention. It kinda speaks for itself, but I can't help's titled, "Healthy, My A__" (fill in the blank).

She argues that part of the reason African American women are struggling with their weight are all the cultural messages telling them it's okay — the greasy food, the shout-outs from the brothas who want to see some "junk in the trunk."

Now, it seems to me that women all over this country are struggling with weight issues — whether it's the pressure among Hollywood starlets to be dangerously thin (Hello? Nicole Richie?) or the ballerinas before them, or black and Latina women struggling to keep their weight and blood pressure in check.

We also invited jasmyne Cannick, blogger extraordinaire to give her take. She's trying to lose weight for health reasons.

So, what's your take? Is the culture killing black women by encouraging unhealthy habits? Is the relationship between what's culturally sanctioned/appreciated and what's healthy for you causing you stress?

If you are NOT African American, can you relate?

Please, dish...